Thursday, October 18, 2007

I ponder and I wonder..

Sometimes i ponder and i wonder, just like my cousin is pondering whether how i would torture him by asking him to do an impossible amount of push-ups and not feed him enough rice. Where do i wander away in my dreamy gaze? Is it where i shall get my overdoes of calories? How come my bank account is always empty? Or am i just wondering what is my contribution to life?

I guess its the time of the year, when you dawn upon your achievements and contributions to life because before you know it, another year has passed by; a whole year of eating 3 meals a day, 21 meals a week equating to a grand total of a thousand over meals a year, massive amounts of gas you passed out, thousands of dollars spent on a thing called "food" that you excrete in a matter of hours, a year of working aimlessly without knowing what next year is installed for you and another year older and some say wiser.

So lets take a look of what my colourful life was like this year..(no this is not a meme unless you want to turn it into one)..

My holiday is coming up soon and i must say i have holidayed quite a bit this year so i can safely say Australia should be the last destination for the year. I have gone all the way to London and flew back into time to Adelaide and i dare say this must be one of my proudest achievements.

I have known a group of floggers that i can call upon to tell me where i can eat and get directions from..

Spinning off from that i started to "blog" about nothing other then food, i write and people read what i write; before this? I write and the only people to read are the lecturers marking my assignments..

I have failed to lose weight and in fact putting on weight towards the 2nd half of the year..

Which reminds me; i have been officially off the "available" market for 3 years despite my crap ways; its about time to reflect myself for next year it seems..

Its been almost two years into my first job; its kind of ironic that i find my boss a good person to work with when everyone seems to either be staring at the devil or just pisses their pants when his name is mentioned..

I have been poisoned into buying a DSLR camera instead of saving up money for another watch..

I got my PR and some say a ticket to green pastures that will be the pathway to heaven..

I have grown wiser and been religiously buying the Edge and keeping up with the news..come to think about it; a couple of years ago, i will probably read the comics and the Aunt Thelma section where young and old innocent girls and women seek advice for dumping their boyfriends or getting dumped only..

Dear me, i got no idea why i am even writing this and this is suppose to be a food blog, haha. I shall leave it as it is i suppose for now. So tell me readers; do you ponder and wonder? Help me ponder through out this weekend as well and i shall add it on to my ponder and wonder list..Happy Weekend all!


Big Boys Oven said...

I wonder why things can turn out so unexpectedly? Something life really sucks!

babelearner said...

always ponder and wonder ...starring blankly up into the sky and looking for my goal in life ... i am losing my grip for target and live life aimlessly on a daily basis ... =P

zewt said...

got holiday... cant complain right? dont think i have had any this year... sigh.

only 0ct... and you're already talking about achievement? well, this blog is one of them, dont u think?

JingFei said...

Joe Chen, how come your achievements don't include "still has a gf!". With the amount of holidays you have been taking and the amount of money spent on yourself, you should be grateful, she is still there! haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbo: well if not then its not called life rite?

babelearner: haha well do you feel inspired to do somethin about it?..ok la maybe my next post is to inspire instead of gettin people to day dream haha..

zewt: its for ppl who realises they havent achieved anything dis year as of now, so they can better buck up bcoz theres another 2mths to go mah..

girlfriend: yes yes..i have added it in my updated come you are awake @ 2am!!??

Ginger said...

so will we be seeing you blogging on the food scene in oz soon? =)

Seaqueen said...

Wow. A bit early to sit and reflect on what you've achieved this year right? New Year's not even round the corner but I can hear bells a-ringing I think. Hahahha!!!

What you've done or accomplished over the months and years is no mean feat I believe. As long as you're learning from it and don't have regrets, that's the best antidote for life.

Just enjoy the weekend. Dun fret.

AngryYoungChild said...

wahaha..*-* did u just get commented by gf? xD

What do you mean by poisoned into buying dslr! Shud be thankful! it serves u more than a watch.. =p

I always wonder and ponder when i'll get my own dslr.LOL..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ginger: haha i might..who knows?

seaqueen: thus im pondering n wondering till the bells come..

angryyoungchild: trust me..u dont..the amt of money u spend is just unbelievable.

Cynthia said...

Joe, it is always good to ponder and wonder and like you said, it happens as we realise that the end of the year is hurtling towards us and yet we feel as if we've just woken up and started a new year. Gosh, that has me pondering and wondering too :)

AngryYoungChild said...

Hahaha i can see me spending thounsands and hundreds over a camera..>.> thus my mommy trying not to make me buy! heh..

Maybe i should set up a donation thing for myself.. " Donate for the angry young child's dream "

you wanna join? xD " Donate for Joe's neverending cravings "

aaesya smith said...

Hi Joe, When have you scheduled your next trip down under? If you're going for Xmas / NY then it could coincide with mine. That's if you're going to be in Melbourne!

Have a good weekend pondering!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

cynthia: haha at least this post serves its objective then! happy pondering!

angryyoungchild: yeap thats alot of thousands u r talking about too! donation for me? it should be Marie France for Joe to give him stomach space to satisfy his neverending cravings!

aaesya: its 1st wk of nov..tats a pity eh..maybe i shud go n visit u and the sheeps another time..

teckiee said...

so fat having mid life crisis meh. Eat first... keep the thinking till later ;p

Jun said...

ur cousin takes after u in terms of looks i must say, fr the pic u put up ;p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

teckiee: haha yea fast fat wat..wat to do..

jun: hahah dear me does he look like me ar?..

celine said...

So, just come out with a proper plan for year 2008 then.

Jackson said...

hmmm.... that's life!! HEy...u r consider lucky to hv yr DSLR and yr coming holiday!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

celine: easier said then done, dont you think??

jackson: hahah im definitely lucky with those two babies!

leo said...

haha reflecting on life now?

=) I think we'll have to do Nero Vivo after I come back from my trip (leaving this Saturday).


wmw said...

Don't ponder and wonder...too much analysis leads to paralysis. Just go out there and ENJOY LIFE!