Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am alive!

Fret not my readers, i am very much alive and running, infact kicking and punching the keyboard as i think what i shall write for this post.

It striked me that i found a rather amusing pattern with deadly sins and life. Although sins were born to destroy you, they somehow work pretty well together with humans before they do. Dont understand? Just look at the greatest musicians create some of the best music while they are intoxicated with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, such a talented writer, Hank Moody in the show "Californication" succumbs himself to tobacco, alcohol and sex while me? Good food will do thanks.

I must say its been awhile since i had good food and thus the long break i had with food blogging, more like proper blogging. It all started with a very innocent call..

As you all know, work balanced with social life is very important to me. To see me beyond light at my office, with Same Time switched on is a rather rare sight. I am often packed up and ready when my body alarm rings at 5.30. Then came the innocent call..

"Joe, can you come up here with the laptop and a note pad? Thanks"

"Ok, everyone listen here. This is a very urgent assignment that will involve a lot of brainstorming here. Due date is Monday, and we would most probably need to span over the weekend"

"But..But..*Thinking of my weekend Penang Char Kuey Teow* I got the Treasure Hunt to attend this weekend!"

"Well, i am afraid it might have to be put on hold. I would like to see you in to help the team out during the weekend"

Thus the start of a second half of the week, where i was disappointed in having to pull out from the hunt, missed a floggers dinner and drained my brain juice every night. Worse still, i received a call to be informed that our team won a prize of RM2,000 (which is alot of food basically) and of course because i pulled out, all i have is nuts.

As Joe types out his feelings about how horrible he feels over his weekend ending, little does his readers know that determined he was to not disappoint his stomach, he headed for Pavillion, the new shopping mall and stuffed himself silly. Stay tune for his adventures in the spanking new shopping mall!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Shit happens. Hang in there. Looking forward to your stories of your "adventures" in Pavilion.

Cheer up. :-)

ling239 said...

levelmind lar still got nuts mar hahahaaaaa..... XD

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: yeah it does..haha

ling239: what nuts?

ling239 said...

dunno, tats what u said ~ XD