Monday, October 1, 2007

Ethics caused by a rainy blue Monday

*Food posts coming soon, i promise*

Why ethics? some may ask, especially it is a serious issue to read and digest on a disgustingly gloomy Monday? Its because its my blog.

Wait a minute, am i going to be talking about ethics on Malaysian politics? stock markets? accounting policies? Oh no no, its way too big for my small humble brain to digest. I am talking about ethics on food blogging.

It has come to my attention, infact several people's attention that there maybe some sort of ethics to follow. What ethics may one say? Is it written in some law? guideline? rulebook? Well, it comes from your heart.

Before i go rambling on because i refuse to blog about food after stuffing myself with a big fat home made hamburger, if you feel offended dont read on.

Ok here goes, ethics is like the dictionary says, a system of moral principles. With food blogging, it was never an issue until the we saw the effect of advertising food on blogs. A good rating given to a place would cause a domino effect on readers scrambling over there and try the food. If it was really good, thumbs up, and this blog would have garnered the trust and establish its reputation as a independent food guide, something Malaysia has been living without for some time as we often find food guides filled with sponsorships, not to say there are no independent ones. The opposite is also true, whereby a good rating is given to a rather mediocre place which would also cause a domino effect in readers deciding this person has a rather strong tolerance for unpalatable food.

So what ethics as food bloggers, do we have? Are we to blog as independently as possible and that being said not review places whereby we have the slightest relationship to the owner or chef of the place? Or is accepting gifts from the place acceptable such as free food because after all gifts under 200 dollars are allowable under certain accounting guidelines? Blatantly omitting facts about the place and the crappier food, is that acceptable?

Well to some, this may be very well acceptable, after all alot of businessmen work differently with contrasting levels of conscience but still flourish under the economy. To some, its a OMG no no because well its just simply not acceptable.

End of the day, everyone has a different set of ethics even in food blogging but we can choose to voice our opinions or seat back and just ignore such actions simply because we dont want to get involved.

So another question asked would be, what kind of ethics would i have? Equipped with a business-like mind, getting free food is about the best deal one can get. A necessity of life not costing a single cent, an avenue to practice my food photography and best of all, first class service, how could i say no to this?

But as i take a step back and gave the saying "theres no such thing as a free lunch" another thought, i ponder what is the price i would pay for a free meal. Would there be an obligation to write? If so, is there pressure to write possibly skewered ideas into the post? But if the food is shit, it cant be nice to write its shit simply because i was given the honour to try their food for free, would it?

End of the day like i said before, sponsored food tasting is a good idea but i would like to just voice out that what may seem to be a harmless idea of blogging, could lead to the credibility of other food blogs being affected and allow the posting of not so truthful things for the readers. So what do you think, my readers? Would you be happy if i had sponsored food posts?

On another note, one of my winning pictures in an internal firm photography contest with the theme of "memories in the old office or rather"..

I won something! Wow! But i am putting it right back into my camera..*Smacks forehead*

Lets hope the rain and the clouds go away..


ling239 said...

i guess i understand what you meant...
i personally prefer to be honest, free food or not, but sometimes when you are being invited to try out the food at certain restaurant to a certain degree you are obligated, like it or is just our nature of being nice and polite when others treat us ~
so i prefer to pay for my food and write what i want, at least for the mean time hahahaaaa... :p

zewt said...

i think it's ok.... so long as you're objective and not out to please your sponsors.

team bsg said...

its perfectly all right ! but don't do it too often ! then becomes "significantly unfair" as you accountants would call it

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: precisely same thoughts..its just the nature..and another thing to note is, we are all arent exactly food experts per se, just ppl who enjoys are we really the right ppl in the 1st place?

zewt: end of the day, how subjective can one be? especially if you are influenced towards that. Its the same with every day sure if ur boss treats u makan, you have the tendency to work abit harder wouldnt u?

team bsg: haha how often is often then?

team bsg said...

haha means you dun do it every day lah !

cirnelle said...

But you should already know what I'm going to say as a reader looking for honest food reviews, don't you? No, wait. Could there be people out there who would read your blog for long if you told them those delicious looking mushrooms were heavenly and they should spend their heightened-by-semi-value-toll money to taste those one of a kind wet fungi? Hmmm... maybe there are. But I don't think they read blogs.

Apologies for Monday blue blabbers.

Seaqueen said...

I'd like to say, it's a free country so speak your mind but then again it's wishful thinking. So as long as it's not too drastic I guess it's save to leave a comment on certain things.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

team bsg: haha i do once every 2 days ok?

cirnelle: well i shud apologise haha..after all i started the blabbers.. haha..

seaqueen: hahah wishful thinking it is..

New Kid on the Blog said...

Sorry, I dont quite understand... probably my head my mind is full of numbers that needed to analyst. Anyway, free food to blog? Errr.... I guess I dont, I rather pay for the food and blog, after all, readers wants a genuine review? right? Or, I catch the wrong thing again?? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: spot on..haha

zewt said...

nope... i am very objective... my boss can do that but i will still work according to my salary.

check out my post later tonight and u will know what i did recently.

msiagirl said...

Hey Joe - great pic! Captures the casual relaxed bustle - wish I could feel like that in the morning!! Having some kopi like that man in the pink shirt.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: fair enuf, you maybe objective, but in this world how many of them are truly objective without emotions seeping through? read ur post and commented..

msiagirl: Thanks!..i was actually trying to spot that guy..haha hes right there!..

Anonymous said...

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