Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Loaf @ Pavilion KL

As the mystery uncovers to why people flock new shopping centers like pigeons swing towards food, Joe decides to venture further to what food offerings Pavilion got to offer.

[Something sweet with orange peel RM3plus]

Now, bread to many is like a necessity, in essence the western version of rice, the carbohydrates to keep you energetic and at the same time sleepy during lunch. I remember growing up to Gardenia, hardly classy but classic and at RM1.60 a loaf, it was a savior to many poor people as they live on affordable bread. Recent times, a whole different story is being revealed. No more is bread a cheap thing but its a chic thing. Bakeries has mushroomed all over, from Bread Story to Bread Talk selling chicken floss buns, expensive savory and sweet breads which costs more then a bowl of noodles to say the least. From RM1.60 a loaf that will probably last you a good 3 meals, i would always end up paying more then Rm10 for 3 pieces of bread.

[Pumpkin seed and cinnamon roll RM9.80]

Here comes a new competitor, famed for its bread and so well branded that people can recognise its name despite it being hailed from Langkawi. One of the many brain childs of the Malaysian ex PM and the fact that he stills enjoys the bread even though he is sick in hospital, the bakery definitely has a reputation which i was so eager to try. I randomly picked three pieces of bread just before it was about to close at 9pm on a busy Saturday night, took pictures and tried it the day after. I find it ridiculous when bread started to sell for RM18 a loaf, but never did i imagine paying almost RM 10 for a piece of bread that could pass for a baseball or a stone.

Infact i was confused by the different sizes they had of the same kind of bread. The story goes

"Rm17.65 please"

"17 what? for that 3 pieces of bread? Did i get you correct? I looked back at the price of that pumpkin bread and saw RM2.60"

"The pumpkin one is RM9.80. RM2.60 is for the petit one"

At this point, Joe runs to the basket, frantically looking for a small one. Indeed it was small and in the same basket. Once again he was conned legally and in defeat he took out the money and paid.

As he bites into that piece of bread, pumpkin seeds spill and the strong infusion of cinnamon is evident although a bit blunt and strong. It was a pity because it was real solid though. The sweet one with the orange peel was good, but then again buying at night and leaving it for the day after is not a good idea as it was yet again on the hard side.

[Red bean bun (RM3 plus)]

The last and probably the better one was the red bean bun. The walnut added a contrast to the smooth red bean paste but then again i didnt like the hard piece of dough surrounding it.

As Joe lets the pieces of dough digest in his system, he wonders if it was a good idea to forgo that long queue at J&Co where he could as a natural glutton took away a dozen of calorie bursting donuts. Well, theres always tomorrow. Anyone interested? Thursday night around 7.

Address and contact details:

The Loaf
Lot 3.13.00 & 4.12.02
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-21453036

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars, i think i had enough of expensive bread, seriously is it better then a nice hot steaming bowl of noodles? Top floor apparently is for fine dining but after the fine bread i had, maybe i better not.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kampachi @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

"You look gorgeous, tonight" As he waltzed his way towards his dream.

A sweet but meaningful reply "Thanks, but its my first time"

In which as what any gentleman should reply "Dont worry my love, i shall be gentle and lets enjoy the time"

Where did he waltzed his way though? Who was he waltzing away with? Has Joe suddenly fell in love again?

"Dont be stupid, readers. Take a look below where and who he waltzed with. If there was any human being he had to waltz with, it would be his girlfriend thus the only non-human he can flirt with are places that sells Japanese food."

The night of tenderness..

The name "Kampachi" is not an unfamiliar name to most of those people who would love Japanese cuisine. In fact its as if you seen that gorgeous lady somewhere but somehow cant pin point where or when you saw her. Shes that elegant lady that seats in Equatorial Hotel since the longest of times, from a young girl to a matured one and since expanded, not horizontally but multiplied so that more of us can enjoy, just like the one you are seeing with your own eyes, seated in Pavilion KL.

It takes two to tango, and as we sip on a cup of tea (RM1 a cup) we soak in the new minimalist concept that they had to offer and the growing crowd that wanted to compete with us on the stage. Apparently famed for their soba noodles, Japanese expatriates claims that they make the best soba noodles, it would be stupid to believe otherwise. So it was..

Chewy and springy as you dip it in the cool soya based sauce with abit of wasabi, I realise all this while i have been eating a soft and limp version. Even the version at Iketeru now seems to be a shadow of this one. Now their soba noodles sets comes in generous portions to satisfy everyone. With it comes even more delights as shown below at a steal RM28.

When my sister doesnt offer you a piece, it means its too good to share as evident i didnt even get a chance to nip at that soft shell crab properly. A mini chicken katsudon completes the meal but i feel it might be an overkill should you wish to waltz here with a proper lady who doesnt eat unlike a growing boy.

"It was her first time and i kept that in mind but shes taking forever, should i speak out my feelings? She might be offended or would she take it in stride?" He contemplated as he waited, patiently as the minutes ticked. He hesitated and finally blurted out "You coming yet?"

She apologises profusely and he thought he might have broke her heart but that would be the only way to get his Chirashi Sushi. After all it was her first time, maybe it might be quicker the next round.

After a while, the beauty of a gem waltzed her way towards his growing appetite (RM45). Thick slices of sashimi were beautifully displayed on top of a bowl of sushi rice. It stands out like a sore thumb as it is at least twice as thick as what you would find in other places. The salmon, tuna and butterfish along with the big prawn is definitely worth another wait, this time without asking i hope.

The Kampachi Maki snaked its way towards the waltz, hopefully not disturbing him and her enjoying themselves in their world of their own. Instead of getting rejected, it joined in a very happy threesome. Creamy slices of unagi, red chunks of tuna and prawns with a bit of mayo is exactly the ingredients to a very happy man. Not exactly the cheapest of makis at RM48 but what price can you put on happiness?

To get every lady's heart is only through one item, not diamonds but desserts (i think). I digress as i let the black sesame ice-cream linger in my mouth, letting the flavours come out, the creamy nutty taste. My saliva is drooling as i dream back of the night of heavenly pleasures (mind the pun). RM16 was all it took to seal the deal, i reckon although the red bean and the tasteless flat cousin of tong yuen seemed abit out of place, like an elegant dress with shiny diamonds at every available corner.

Address and contact details:
Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang

Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608


Ratings: A good 4 stars out of 5 stars. The wait is akin to waiting for a lady to dress up, long but well worth the wait. After all it was the opening day that we went, the captain was running up and down, the staff were abit blur but friendly nonetheless. Give the lady abit of time to start going through her daily routines and she should be up and running in no time.

On another note, if you are reading out there, oh noble President of the Japanese Kawan Association, where are thou membership??

Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Made Burger, Well Almost..

Well i must admit that i am very smart at digressing, on one hand i feel a tremendous urge and itch to blog and on the other i am restricted to Pavillion because i said so. Between promises and wants, which one would you choose? I am a man of my words but i would like to choose the later as for now.

It has almost been two months ago, when i stepped inside Gardens, another shopping mall that co-incidentally opened up around the same time as Pavillion. Immediately, falling for the upmarket offerings as opposed to the more common things found in the main Mid Valley shopping mall, the first place that caught my eye was Fogals Meat Market, a place i visited awhile ago in Plaza Damas. Essentially a high class butcher without the foul stench of fresh raw meat getting chopped and sawed infront of young innocent eyes, the burger patties above shone like a sparkling big carat diamond.

Priced at RM4 but packed in 2s, i innocently asked is RM4 for a patty or 2 patties? After all, what if i wanted 3 patties? Recognising the boss, he answered oh, for a pack! Wow i thought, what a steal, RM2 a patty, man thats a deal mate. Hold and behold it wasnt as direct as it seemed as i found myself sweating as i spied from the corner of my eye, the worker alerting the boss and whispering something that sounded like they were conspiring something against me.

"Boss, i think its RM4 a patty.." As i casually opened up my wallet to discover only RM10 and having them packed 4 patties, i dread the idea that i would have to for go those diamonds for not applying for a credit card.

It was as if something striked him, as he realised what a fool he was made out of but he gladly honoured the deal somehow. Dont ask me, i aint no magician and i dont exactly charm guys.

The burger patties were packed, undressed, cooked and forced to sleep in a bed of lettuce and squashed with a nice fried egg and a whole meal bun.

Last i knew, they fixed the sign and my burger patty will never be mine for RM2. Darnit!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am alive!

Fret not my readers, i am very much alive and running, infact kicking and punching the keyboard as i think what i shall write for this post.

It striked me that i found a rather amusing pattern with deadly sins and life. Although sins were born to destroy you, they somehow work pretty well together with humans before they do. Dont understand? Just look at the greatest musicians create some of the best music while they are intoxicated with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, such a talented writer, Hank Moody in the show "Californication" succumbs himself to tobacco, alcohol and sex while me? Good food will do thanks.

I must say its been awhile since i had good food and thus the long break i had with food blogging, more like proper blogging. It all started with a very innocent call..

As you all know, work balanced with social life is very important to me. To see me beyond light at my office, with Same Time switched on is a rather rare sight. I am often packed up and ready when my body alarm rings at 5.30. Then came the innocent call..

"Joe, can you come up here with the laptop and a note pad? Thanks"

"Ok, everyone listen here. This is a very urgent assignment that will involve a lot of brainstorming here. Due date is Monday, and we would most probably need to span over the weekend"

"But..But..*Thinking of my weekend Penang Char Kuey Teow* I got the Treasure Hunt to attend this weekend!"

"Well, i am afraid it might have to be put on hold. I would like to see you in to help the team out during the weekend"

Thus the start of a second half of the week, where i was disappointed in having to pull out from the hunt, missed a floggers dinner and drained my brain juice every night. Worse still, i received a call to be informed that our team won a prize of RM2,000 (which is alot of food basically) and of course because i pulled out, all i have is nuts.

As Joe types out his feelings about how horrible he feels over his weekend ending, little does his readers know that determined he was to not disappoint his stomach, he headed for Pavillion, the new shopping mall and stuffed himself silly. Stay tune for his adventures in the spanking new shopping mall!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The "5" Things..

Just when i thought i had no time to do even do a post..someone decides to save me from boredom..and present me the tag of 5 things..or thats how i inteprete it..

Here's my answer:

5 things found in my room

1. My bolster
2. My laptop
3. My cK underwear
4. My cologne
5. My ripped off RM100 medicine for my stupid toe..thats ridiculous..

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

1. Drive a Ferrari 430
2. Drive a Ferrari 430 with the hottest woman on Earth
3. Drive a Ferrari 430 with the hottest woman on Earth and jockey park at the hottest hotel on Earth
4. Drive a Ferrari 430 with the hottest woman on Earth and dine at El Bulli and also jockey park at whatever jockey they have.
5. Then ask the hottest woman on Earth to pay for my dinner because i didnt bring my wallet and also pump petrol for the car because its rented

5 things found in my bag (Pockets more like it, if you want my camera bag)

1. A blower
2. Receipts
3. Photos
4. iPod Nano
5. Err my usb thumb drive?

5 things found in my wallet

1. Money
2. Lots of useless cards
3. Receipts
4. Crap nothing else already, its all defined in (2)
5. And because i spent all my money on the wallet itself!

5 things I’m currently into

1. Earn money from my blog, duh!
2. Trying to lose weight and gain a 6 pack before i die, at the moment this dream seems bleak, wait more like pitch black
3. Eat till you drop
4. Eat till you drop and preferably dont pay for me, that doesnt happen!
5. Eat till you drop everyday before i have to drop for good..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Madam Kwan @ Mid Valley

If you ask any Tom, Dick or Harry and of course Mary and Jane as well, what is good about Malaysia and half or maybe more will say, the cheap food of course! It only makes sense because where else in Australia, Europe or the States can you find breakfast for RM2 ? Keep in mind, you have a mind boggling variety with RM2; a drink with nasi lemak, roti canai or economy mee hoon. You will be happy to find a sandwich and a juice in London for anything less then 3-4 pounds = RM21-RM28 or a decent breakfast meal in McDonalds for 6-7 australian dollars = RM18-21. A clear winner or it doesnt seem to be so?

For those old time readers, you will probably notice that food that i review tend to be on the more expensive side of RM2. It is not because i am sensitive to cheap food or i am too snobbish for a RM5 meal but the fact is cheap food isnt exactly everywhere in Malaysia, right in your face or will keep you alive for long. For starters; cheap food tend to be more carbs then protein, cooked with lots of oil and in less then hygenic situations. Bear in mind, we are living in a country where we have cases of daily heart attacks and diabetes cases in the newspaper or heard by ear; we dont exactly want to indulge in a heart clogging breakfast every morning.

Then again, i am contradicting myself because we also tend to spend money on cholesterol bursting food that costs alot too. Just take a look at your foie gras and chocolate molten cakes; scoops that costs bowls of noodles and yet contributes inches to your pants. But wait a minute, i think i might have digress too much, so without further ado what i want to say is food is cheap but very often people are willing to pay plentiful more to have the same food in a better environment. Maybe its me, but i like to enjoy myself in a place where i dont like i came out from a sauna after a meal or share my food with flies, cats and dogs. Is ambience everything?

Places like Madam Kwan has flourished on dishes that would cost a quarter if eaten in a hawker place. Instead, ignorant people like me choose to pay RM19.90 ++ for this Nasi Bojari because its situated in a shopping complex with air-conditioning. It is probably cooked in a very "clean" kitchen and i can also continue to shop after downing the meal.

Presenting a Nasi Bojari with a big chicken drumstick, prawns sambal and beef rendang..

To be fair to this place, this signature dish tastes very good and they are pretty generous with the serving as well but i am still clueless why people are willing to fork RM20 for this even if they consciously know that they can pay half the price for food that will taste the same if not better.

Since i dont even have a full set of pictures of their other signature dishes like their assam fish, curry chicken, beef rendang, i leave you guys to ponder and wonder again; why do people pay so much more for the same?

Somehow i am in the mood to ponder and wonder and focus less on food..Sigh..What is becoming of me? Have i lost my Mojo??

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday Blues Part 8

To be honest, i have been comfortably eating at places where i have reviewed recently. Its as if the word "adventurous" has been omitted from my dictionary and when i ask myself what i want to eat; i can only mutter the same old places that i have reviewed. I know it doesnt sound like me and lets hope after reinstalling the words "try something new; you dumb git" i can hopefully take my new Canon DSLR to snap pictures of food that i have not eaten before for you all.

So what can i present to you fellow readers on what will usually be a dark and gloomy Monday with not enough sleep and droopy panda eye bags and to boot; a long stack of outstanding work? Yes, its time for more pictures of the few stooges that came all the way from Jakarta. Its sad to know that they have gone back but refreshing to know they will be back even longer and bigger (oops mine the pun) in December.

Its even sadder to know that my new memory card so quickly failed on me at the most crucial time; half way loading pictures of the three stooges. If not i would have enough pictures to last till they come back but oh well, lets ration and see how it goes..

You bugger, i pose so many different styles for you and you didnt save a copy???

Lets smile for the camera ok? The two sisters in stripes..

Cant you give me a break? I am eating here!

Snap away photographer, i am clearly posing for you..happy?

Lastly, the eldest stooge and probably the best poser..

You know, the phrase "kids says the darnest things"? Well, when i fetched the stooges today, i individually carried them up and asked them, so will you miss KL? If you have to choose Jakarta and KL, which would you choose?..Ellen just nodded and shaked and probably only was thinking of Jakarta because of the huge area she can run around, Scott obviously was wanting to go back to school and play but Nat answered well..I want to sleep in Jakarta at night and be at KL in the day!..Well what can i say the darnest things..

Happy Monday blues and let me see if i have some old dingy handphone photos i can post..


It is indeed a bloody rainy Monday, how true can my wishes be? To add to that blues, i am wearing all blue, left my office tag and my car park tag in my other car. Luckily to sneak into the car park because the parking attendants are probably still napping away and had to ask people to tag me all the way to my desk, what luck again! Now i am racking my brains to see how i can escape the parking fellows when i leave work haha!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I ponder and I wonder..

Sometimes i ponder and i wonder, just like my cousin is pondering whether how i would torture him by asking him to do an impossible amount of push-ups and not feed him enough rice. Where do i wander away in my dreamy gaze? Is it where i shall get my overdoes of calories? How come my bank account is always empty? Or am i just wondering what is my contribution to life?

I guess its the time of the year, when you dawn upon your achievements and contributions to life because before you know it, another year has passed by; a whole year of eating 3 meals a day, 21 meals a week equating to a grand total of a thousand over meals a year, massive amounts of gas you passed out, thousands of dollars spent on a thing called "food" that you excrete in a matter of hours, a year of working aimlessly without knowing what next year is installed for you and another year older and some say wiser.

So lets take a look of what my colourful life was like this year..(no this is not a meme unless you want to turn it into one)..

My holiday is coming up soon and i must say i have holidayed quite a bit this year so i can safely say Australia should be the last destination for the year. I have gone all the way to London and flew back into time to Adelaide and i dare say this must be one of my proudest achievements.

I have known a group of floggers that i can call upon to tell me where i can eat and get directions from..

Spinning off from that i started to "blog" about nothing other then food, i write and people read what i write; before this? I write and the only people to read are the lecturers marking my assignments..

I have failed to lose weight and in fact putting on weight towards the 2nd half of the year..

Which reminds me; i have been officially off the "available" market for 3 years despite my crap ways; its about time to reflect myself for next year it seems..

Its been almost two years into my first job; its kind of ironic that i find my boss a good person to work with when everyone seems to either be staring at the devil or just pisses their pants when his name is mentioned..

I have been poisoned into buying a DSLR camera instead of saving up money for another watch..

I got my PR and some say a ticket to green pastures that will be the pathway to heaven..

I have grown wiser and been religiously buying the Edge and keeping up with the news..come to think about it; a couple of years ago, i will probably read the comics and the Aunt Thelma section where young and old innocent girls and women seek advice for dumping their boyfriends or getting dumped only..

Dear me, i got no idea why i am even writing this and this is suppose to be a food blog, haha. I shall leave it as it is i suppose for now. So tell me readers; do you ponder and wonder? Help me ponder through out this weekend as well and i shall add it on to my ponder and wonder list..Happy Weekend all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mr Ho's Fine Foods @ Mid Valley *CLOSED*

It is kind of ironic when i was just whining about getting a detox on one hand and out of the blue, i decide to blog about my favourite meat; pork. When it comes to such an obscene yet delicate animal, you tend to trust only those who are fame for managing such a complex animal. One of the places that my friend trusts is Mr Ho. In fact, i never thought much of them, it is in a big shopping complex and they serve rather forgettable pork dishes until one of them ask if El-Cerdo was comparable to Mr Ho. Now that got me to wonder, if my friend had not seen enough of the "piggy world" or was my palate getting kind of numb. So i decided to take a taxi with a couple of friends, one fine day during lunch time to Mid Valley.

Now Mr Ho is famous for their pork, so it was their signature pork knuckle that we tried along with roast pork aka "siu yuk" which was served with rice or spaghetti. True to his words, the siu yuk was shiny and it was as if i was hallucinating and hearing it call to me. Just looking at the plate of siu yuk fan, which featured rice as a side dish rather then a main dish; i couldnt imagine how my pork knuckle would turned out. While i was busily fantasizing, i noticed a strong protective aura over the plate and true enough, i didnt get an offer to try a piece. What luck!

Now apparently when one speaks of fusion; they mean east meets west and one day decides to copulate resulting in a mixed offspring. So Mr Ho did just that and mixed spaghetti with siu yuk and it turned out to be a in-demand kid with lots of attention. Now i wonder if i can make things work with steam fish with ginger and soya sauce accompanied with some ravioli perhaps? By now, i was getting abit agitated with all the pork surrounding me. They all seem to be taunting me that i am still carrying my big fat camera; being to see but unable to eat. Then my dish came..

The one good thing that Mr Ho does is give you the flexibility to try what is meant to be a dish for two by giving you a portion of it. The skin was crispy and the meat tender bordering chewy; very well balanced i must say. I have heard stories about one pork knuckle turning out hard and the other soft but i was glad mine turned out just right. So there we were enjoying a good hardcore meal of pork and i must say i feel sorry for my halal readers for reading this but hey, i am sure you guys wont be salivating at it right?

Address and contact details:

Lot LG-060A, Lower Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: 03-22841330

Verdict: Because it is one of my favourite animals; this has got to be at least a 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Pricing aint cheap with set lunches going for around RM20++ and the single pork knuckle lunch set for almost RM30++.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I think i need to detox..

As a frequent visitor of my blog, i know one thing is for sure, you love food, whether you like to eat or see is another separate issue. One question i like to ask is what do you do when you get sick of food? You feel bloated and its as if your breakfast, lunch and dinner has yet to leave your body and you are seating down to chew on your supper but you eat because your clock tells you its time to eat.

Do you ever have the problem? Or are you one of those rare species whereby your metabolism rate chews at anything you swallow or you have some worms inside to make you hungry every 2 hours and still leave you with a flat stomach? Well i dont, and after an indulging weekend, i must say i feel bloated and wanting to detox. So how do you guys detox? Let me know, if not i have to resort to that RM15++ bottle of detox that Teckiee ordered..So did you err detox the day after?..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ricks Cafe Casablanca @ One Bangsar


For most of my fellow readers in Malaysia, Monday will be a public holiday instead of the usual dread of dragging your heavy feet to work thus theres no need for the usual cute moments from my cousins, i guess she can finally take a break from my constant flirting to get her to pose for my bulky black camera that takes forever.

Instead, what i have got is finally a review that i voluntarily want to do instead of being in that lazy foul mood when i wrote a short post about teasing and getting teased. Word of warning, if you plan to read this before any meal, you read this disclaimer properly and understand the consequences for i am a person who trys not to be half hearted. Since i have teased all of you long and hard with snippets here and there, i shall present to you guys, Ricks Cafe in full gear.

I was first acquainted to the place after i heard about the place from the floggers forum. It seemed like a perfect formula, a new place with an established chef trying out in a dying area. Just the place that i could negotiate for a decent deal for my company's function. So the first time i visited, i met the manager and the chef. It was kind of funny as i saw the manager take his time training his new staff, from greeting to taking orders and speaking English, i didnt know whether they were prepared for a crowd that have been getting picky with their food especially with so many restaurants out there or it was just because there were opened barely 2 months ago. That aside, i was also greeted by the chef who was coicidentally taking pictures of his own creations for the kitchen's reference and thus the extensive set of pictures. To add on to that extensive set of pictures i had, we had a floggers gathering which i attempted to get everyone salivating with a beef tartare picture.

So without further ado, lets indulge in a nite of Casablanca.

The menu that greets me..

I have always had a soft side towards Illy coffee, to be honest its far superior to those mass produced coffee that sells you the brand and not the coffee..

What looked like smoke salmon was indeed close but not quite, as it was cured ocean trout wrapped with cream cheese, onion and asparagus..Light and refreshing and truly the way to enjoy the saltiness of the fish

Then came grilled beef skewers that were abit soft on the inside but served with a refreshing sauce that was slightly on the mint side..

Maghreb Lamb Patties with Tomato Relish was another fabulous tapas that would be wolfed down if you love lamb..with the meat slightly on the gamey side but not as bad as meatballs, served with relish that was abit heavy with their olive oil, i found myself lapping out the relish with whatever i have left, bread or on its own

I managed to capture the BBQ Seafood Salad that just looked so simple yet elegant to eat for dinner if you are looking out to start losing some weight to prepare for Christmas..

Fresh white bread was served, for what? Lets have a look..

Chicken Pate is probaby as sinful as foie gras but when chicken liver is used, i find the taste abit revolting if i spread too much on my bread. Then again as someone who definitely plays the role as someone who enjoys fine cuisine, i guess i have to nod my head to pate isnt?

Brandade of Cod was served up next looking like a creme brulee.. What seemed to be like mash potato with anchovies, turned out to be salted cod with cream beaten up to a potato puree texture..well not bad for an amateur? Some sour faces told me it was too salty but then again i googled it and its meant to be salty. A sign of authenticity but versus local palates, this may take the chef some time to get used to..

Ocean trout belly with a piece of bread and tomato pickle..The piece of belly chunk meltd in my mouth and made me realise why i loved Japanese food in the first place, a nice fatty piece of salmon belly sashimi..

I always liked my calamari to be chewy but this were fried to crispy..didnt like the texture when i bit into it..but thats just me..

Garlic confit, was essentially roasted garlic with olive oil and herbs.. A simple dish that you may order with bread to get a very mild healthy version of garlic bread..

The wild mushroom soup that was served was rather watery but that meant it was full of mushrooms rather then cream which resulted in a more pleasant meal without thinking of calories..Very nice..

I managed to snap a picture of the Sea Bream which was latered described as an earthy fish aka muddy fish i reckon, which was taken away after they couldnt seem to appreciate the fish being fishy..It was kindly taken away and a replacement was called for..

A venison shoulder with filo pastry which was rather dry to me but exude a strong whiff of red wine.. I was glad i stuck to my guts calling for beef..

The sirloin i ordered was served medium eventhough i requested medium rare, but then again i had no other complaints. The meat was juicy and rather fatty for a sirloin or as FBB said "I think this is a rib eye disguised as a sirloin but i rather go back to the basics and say whether it was good or not.. What turned out to be smoked duck instead of bacon (slaps face for not thinking that this place is pork free) was wrapped around fried crispy french beans was regrets ordering..thumbs up

I also managed to snap a picture of the sea salt mackerel served with an escabeche on my first visit but managed to taste it during our 2nd visit..the acidic sauce was good and matched the mackerel eventhough this was the 1st time i had it differently from getting it grilled with sea salt.

Ricks offer a variety of burgers, probably to offer people a variety of food or maybe its because its the new gathering to watch Arsenal kick ass every weekend, so burgers are the easiest to sell to a hungry and chanting crowd..The beef burger with mushrooms and bacon was mouth watering although some complaints that the meat was too lean and tough..I think some fats would solve the problem..

The dory fish burger was simple and rather tasty, juicy pieces of dory fish fried in a light batter..definitely a league or make that 2 leagues above your ordinary fillet o fish..

As i realised, i am torturing your internet connection as well as your stomach, i end things with a vegetarian dish that i got a bite off, A mushroom souffle which tasted vegetarian but the cream and cheese all over would have got me lapping all the sauce if i had the chance to..

Now for desserts,

A creme brulee that tasted pretty well with the sugar coated almonds.. Not the best i had but tasty.. after all what sugar isnt tasty?

A chocolate banana cake that went fancy and turned into a banana souffle with chocolate icecream.. The souffle was very light and virtually melt in your mouth with a light hint of banana but the chocolate ice cream didnt seem to have a strong enough hint of cocoa either..I dont know, i seem to be undecided..good or bad..

A preview of an experiment recipe of a Red Velvet Cake from Just Heavenly.. The cake was loose and not dense but the cream cheese had melt and was on the verge of turning watery.. complimented the cake very well..The layers of cream going through the cakes makes it moist which is always a plus point because you dont go rushing for water for every bite you take..Cant wait for this to be on sale..

Address and contact details:

Rick's Cafe Casablanca
One Bangsar
63C, Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22871618

Verdict: They have got their ambience spot on, the pricing is rather reasonable with tapas going from RM9-15, starters from RM20 plus and mains also from RM18 to RM70 plus for a tenderloin steak coupled with good food presentation and good food, of course..some hits and misses which is rather standard for a new place, i shall try them again in 2 weeks time for my function..Then again, with so much food around i cant see myself going back unless its to watch an Arsenal match

A good 4 stars out of 5 stars..

Friday, October 12, 2007

Results coming out in 2 hours time..

Just a short note before i fall asleep from a heavy lunch, the results for my paper is being released in 2 hours. Prior to yesterday's alert email, i almost forgot about it and the enjoyable flogger's dinner helped me forget about the dreadful moment. Its about time to start experiencing sweaty hands and an itchy butt to move around, i am dreading the moment. Lets see what happens, to all the readers out there, my usual moment to say Happy Long Weekend! and to my halal readers, Selamat Hari Raya! (i do mean selamat, so remember to drive safely and also use protection ar haha!)

2 hours has passed and i realise i got already 2 "pat kua" that are concerned with my result. This time around, i didnt succumb to nicotine or also known as cigarettes. Infact, i had some skipped heart beats and i had the usual walks to the toilet but that soon passed. An offer for a cigarette came at 3.59pm and i refused because it was any second before the result was released.

Then i saw, PASS for non-exam component (which i knew already in advance, but i need to pass the exam component also) and PASS for exam component. Now the excitement doesnt stop there as i saw PASS WITH MERIT for module!!!!..

This is sick..The first paper i thought i would fail, i pass. This paper was way harder and i thought i was doomed and wouldnt stand a chance at all, and i pass. Does this mean if the next paper is easy, i m going to fail?? Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


To be honest with all of you, i am starting to get abit sick of writing about what i have been writing about for the past year, food. It is not that i have lost total interest of food, i still love my grub whether i am sick or not, hungry or full. The question i would like to ask is do you have this feeling whereby you just realise, wait a minute, its about time i treat my fellow readers to another straight forward review and post photos that will make them drool all over their keyboard but cant give a ****? What was once a hobby has turned out to be a standard routine and you cant do anything to fix it. Especially i am not exactly a Shakespeare or JK Rowling, i cant just snap my fingers and turn a food review into a masterpiece or a fantasy story, so what can i do?

I have already started to write my ranting posts but that wont make the cut because i am sure my readers out there are probably slaving at work and cant bear to read another crap story about another tom,dick and harry, now possibly mary and jane and their screwed up life. So what can i do?

So just when all is lost and my life is doomed, i realised i will get to meet my fellow floggers friends in real flesh and blood tommorrow! Now thats what i call a life, meeting them face to face instead of leaving comments on their posts as a way to say hi how do you do.

Before you guys realise that i have just turned around the bush round and round with enough time to take a piss in between the 360 degrees, i am meant to tease you readers, well thats the whole purpose of the post isnt? Although i am no sexy chick that will create any growing pants by taking off my clothes, nor can i scroon any boy bands songs to make your knees weak but i can take photos. With my temperature bursting confidence, i would like to tease all of you, especially those who will be going to Ricks Cafe in another 24 hours, may i present you with this..

Beef Tartare, some call it barbarian food, now it looks like dog food, but trust me, raw chilled beef tenderloin has never tasted so good..

See you guys tommorow, and yes i hope i have achieved my task of teasing you to the screen, saliva drooling all over your keyboard without boring you to the last sentence.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

1A Crispy Puffs @ Tesco, Cheras

I realised how addicted i am to the internet, the web where i can surf the net, blogging, blog hopping and facebooking. It has been barely 12 hours since i was online but my body is tingling as if i had just got my fix of drugs. I was stuck in a client's office without any connectivity to civilisation except for a phone where i can call my liaison for documents. With no internet, i actually worked so to speak, and pretty productive too. I had managed somewhat do the impossible and read through tons of stuff that i could never cover given on a normal day with all the blogging i did. The mere fact that i could only update my blog know and read the comments that went through hits me because my greatest addiction is going online. So as i dread that i have to live another day without the internet, i shall blog with gusto and present you with these..

I spy what you are eating, i demand that you give it to me..Or Else...

Ok la, i think i had too much of my cousin dose recently..Ok no more delays, as i would like to introduce you to this..below..

My two pair of eyes spotted this place that recently opened up in the refurbished Tesco in Cheras. Now the area nearby my house is always full of cars which brings me to a love and hate relationship; food nearby my house and traffic jam..

Crispy Curry Potato and Chicken Puff

The big fat new Tesco in Taman Midah, you should be able to see it from the Cheras Roundabout, the one that goes to Yu Lek, Billion, Leisure Mall and Tmn Midah.

Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars, i paid RM2 plus for it to only see it being sold for RM1 on their website , i wonder why [EDIT: Its actually one bloody singaporean dollar!]. The puff was not spicy enough but the outer shell was not oily and infact very tasty too!.. The durian puff was full of fragance and was pretty much on the decent side. I realised that WMW blogged about before, but i didnt know she was referring to the chilli crab and chicken one, oh well its only a 3-5 minute drive..See ya soon curry puff..