Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nerovivo @ Bukit Ceylon

I am turning twenty two (22) on Thursday (*hint* *hint*)..

To me, birthdays are a very special occasion when you turn sweet 16 but somehow guys dont get the same treatment as girls do because somehow they appear to control their parents by the wallet and demand a party and guys being guys, blowing a birthday cake is deemed to be too embarrassing.

Then its 18, when you are of the legal age to drive and drink at different times. Smoking is also legal too and infact almost everything is legal except entering into Zouk or Velvet if you are guy. Again, girls seem to have preferential treatment in this area.

Obviously the next age when one can really celebrate is 21 when you are considered old enough to venture the world without squeezing your parents dry and taking every single penny along the way.

So what is 22? Another year and another reason to celebrate that 3-0 is very far away..what else is there to look forward to?

Back to the restaurant and review as it will do it no justice if i continue to tell the whole world my birthday is coming soon. Now being a very important person with lots of friends (take note that i am still available from now till my birthday and after my birthday), my girl friend decided to book me way in advance last Saturday to have a romantic dinner in Nerovivo. She wanted El-cerdo but i would have to shout on top of my lungs to say shes so sweet and etc etc etc (just like the King in "the King and I")..Accompanied by rather loud but soothing music, i was greeted by a long hair presumably Italian with a strong accent which reminded me of my Maths teacher who would torture poor souls by spitting at them while talking rather loudly during our Maths lesson. Needless to say, i was afraid for my food throughout the night.

I was served by another slightly chubby italian and was introduced to lobster, a special of the night. After some confusion on whether i could turn it from a starter to a main due to the plenty terms used throughout the blur 3 minute conversation that involved words like entree (which i understand is a starter but could also be used as a main), i ordered a half lobster with linguine tossed with olive oil and a 800gm T-Bone steak. If the kind soul had not told me how big the serves were, a beef carpaccio was meant to be on the way as well.

Starting off with a glass of Nero D'avola IGT Vino Rosso Tenimenti 2003 at RM 22, it was a rather smooth and pleasant wine to drink with a hint of spiciness as an aftertaste. Not to mention my still water that cost me a whopping RM20 for a litre, but who is to complain when one is staring at their loved ones and soaking every second of that atmosphere?

A pita like pizza bread was served next and immediately we wished we were at their sister outlet, Neroteca having their freshly baked focaccia instead.

Looking at the lobster claw, one would have think of plenty of meat and lobster chunks. Unfortunately, i thought one step back about being warned about a 500gm half lobster which is to be honest rather skinny. So what i had was shreds of meat as opposed to the chunks which i was thinking of. The linguine was on the hard side despite understanding the meaning of al-dente and the sauce slightly on the salty but tasty side. (RM110 for the whole plate).

The Grilled Angus T-Bone with stewed fagiolata (which was chick peas) from Fiorentina i presume weighed at a mind blowing 800gms for RM88 was served shortly after the pasta. The thick slab of meat cooked medium is a dream fantasy for meat lovers and i am pretty sure by the end of the steak, i wouldnt be surprised if there was any orgasm involved.

By the time we finished off all the shells and bones, dessert was the top priority and the recommended warm dark chocolate flan with white chocolate sauce (RM20) was chosen. Despite the mishap of serving my dessert half an hour later then the promised 12 minutes cooking time, i was having fun chit chatting with my girlfriend and it didnt cross my mind to give them a lecture (mainly because the spiting man image was still fresh)..

Back to the dessert, i was mesmerised by the rich chocolate cake that couldnt decide it was custard or not. I like the fact that it was confused and was accompanied with white chocolate sauce that was not pretentious and overly sweet.

Such a beautiful ending to a well less then flawless night (the bad decision to call the lobster and waiting for the dessert). Thanks darling for the wonderful and memorable meal.

Address and contact details:

3A, Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03/20703120
fax: 03/20703100

Website: www.nerovivo.com
(The menu and prices are available)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Apparently very halal with no hint of pork served.


ling239 said...

the lobster claw is so tempting...
but no meat ah ? >.<"

such a sweet loving couple ~ ^_^

Seaqueen said...

I love the dessert. Anything to do with chocolate makes my mouth water.

Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance!! Wishing you first just in case Streamyx decides to go down on Thursday again. Been happening way too often at my place.

zewt said...

eh, u moved to sentral already or not? was thinkjing we do lunch thursday... maybe u can take an LRT to kompleks antarabangsa there?

lovegoddess said...

wahh.. all the foodies in yr blog making me hungry (esp d lobster) and its midnite already ! i'm trying so hard not to eat anything late at nite!

hey man, you'll b turning 22 very soon and you're so young! and guess what ?? i'll be turning 30 in a few days time and i'm feeling damn old!

thanks for dropping my blog joe, and corrections are always welcomed !! ;)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to u in advance! wah, u are only 22 years old..?

tigerfish said...

Happy birthday! You are so young.
Nothing beats celebrating with your beloved. :)
Just forget about the lobster.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: thanks and yeah..not much meat at all unfortunately..

seaqueen: haha thanks for the advance greeting..lets hope it lasts until thursday ok?

zewt: sure no problem..whats there to eat over the area?

lovegoddess: haha u dont look a day older then me lar..u sure?

anon: thanks thanks

tigerfish: thats true..best wish u can ever have eh?

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, you so young ah!!! happy b'day in advance ah!!

the lobster claw looks tempting, but no meat!! ai ya.....

Coketai said...

Happy 22nd Birthday. No wonder you mentioned time is at your disposal.....So enjoy your coming 22nd birthday party. Eat more...blog more!!!!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: haha tempted me also..yes unfortunately or fortunately im young..

coketai: thanks thanks..need to take a break from eating hahaah..

Christy said...

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!May all your wishes come true!!
Have a great blast of a time,haha, can FedEx some goodies from Penang for you, any request?:D

And you have such a darling of a gf, really wonderful and sweet of her:)

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday! And what a sweet and charming girlfriend you have!

Elizabeth said...

Geee... you're younger than me!!! haha.. although one year only la.. hehe.
Happy birthday in advance! Hope you have a great day on thursday and dont eat too much :P~

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

christy: thanks thanks..hmm penang? CKT can fedex ar? hahaha..

cynthia: im sure she must be blushing by now with all the pleasant comments

elizabeth: thanks thanks..younger then u? haha age doesnt matter for friends wat..

lovegoddess said...

hey joe, cross my heart in a few days time i'll be turning the big 30 !!

mayb photos can be abit deceiving, wait till you see me in person.. you'll see wrinkles, eyebags..;(

KampungboyCitygal said...

Nicole is so sweet..haha kgboy u n me are same age, but me being the oldest among u n him..kekekeke..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lovegoddess: haha i shall continue to be deceived by ur fotos then..

kbcg: haha really ar..have to call u jie jie lor?..

fatboybakes said...

goodness, only 22. i'm old enough to be your father.

"guys being guys, blowing a birthday cake is deemed to be too embarrassing."???

i think we should get tips from jackson kah, who can write a book, "how to have prolonged birthday celebrations over a period of one year and not be embarrased by blowing candles on birthday cakes".

Big Boys Oven said...

Happy birthday to you in advance... are you gonna invite urs to a birthday dinner? lol

Honey Star said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JOE!! May everything you wish for comes true and many many more great years of eating great food to come.

Jun said...

oh wow! u hav the same bday as my fren! now i'll never forget! happy bday to u!! enjoy tml to the max ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: which makes u 40 lor..no surprise then..i dun mind a god father..especially since he makes so damn nice cakes..yes i think jackson is an exception dont you think?

bbo: haha might? i havent got anything planned though..

honeystar: haha food is definitely part of the birthday wish..

jun: thanks thanks..but its a working day..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I think I wan FBB as my godfather oso.

Happy 22nd, dear. N is such a sweet person. :-)

ai wei said...

happy Birthday~
what a nice and sweet meal u had!
the desserts look really nice for me ^^

Kok said...

You're few months younger than me?? haha! I never know that. :P

Kok said...

sorry sorry. Click the "submit" button too quickly. 3a.m. now. Forgive me. hehe. I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday in advance! Hope you have a great one. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: haha lets set a time and go knocking on his door asking for a god father..though ur abit tough to pass off..unless he decided to start the production of offspring at 12-13?

aiwei: thanks..hope 1 day u get to try it..

kok: haha i guess so..sigh i wish i am still studying like u then..and thanks alot for the wishes!

leo said...

I'm sorry you didn't quite enjoy Nero Vivo... =)

We should go there together, this time let me order.

Happy birthday dude!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: lets set a lunch or a wkday dinner..after u r back from ur big europe trip..

daphne said...

Happy BiRTHDAY! 22 is a great age to be at. Have lots of fun and stuff yourself with great birthday food! ;p

i feel old now!

teckiee said...

Happy birthday!

Jackson said...

happy birthday!!! The lobster claw for RM 110? my god!! rich child nowadays really know how to enjoy life!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

daphne: haha thank u thank u

teckiee: thank you thank you

jackson: u sounding like fbb d..hahaha..its half a lobster..but for pic purpose i took the claw on to my plate..

lovegoddess said...

happy birthday joe !! where r u celebrating tonite ?? there'll be lotsa foodies i'm sure !

MeiyeN said...

happy birthday, joe! may all your wishes come true and omg, you are so young... am so envy!!!!! :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lovegoddess: haha tonite is just a simple plain dinner with my family..obviously the fancy bits have been done in advance ;)

meiyen: thanks!..nothing to envy..nothing at all..

babe_kl said...

happy burpday joe!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babe_kl: thanks dear!.. burp!

Seaqueen said...

My streamyx's fine today so I can personally wish you again today. Hehehe!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Love your reviews!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

seaqueen: haha have hope thats all i can say..thanks thanks

jessica: double thank you for the wish and praise..

jason said...

41 comments! Looks like you had a blast ;) Happy 22!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jason: record comments! haha thanks

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

OH GOD! I just had a thought! FBB could be your Dad ;-) LOL 22 ONLY AH???? EEEK! haha hope you had a fun day nips ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nigel: haha thanks! yeah i think he just might nick it..

IronEaters said...

u r only 22.. LOL. coz the side profile tt u shows us on ur blog suggests something else =P happy belated 22.