Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One of my proudest poker moments..

During the recent rounds of poker that i have played, luck was always not on my side. I will always limp in by calling big blind to only see that i have hit nothing and nowhere near hitting anything. The safe side of me would then ask me to check and subsequently fold. All the sharks on the table would eye me and transfer stack after stack of chips from my pile to theirs, until yesterday night.

In simple words, we always play texas hold em. I know this is meant to be a food blog but poker has recently been one of my "in" things at the moment, courtesy of my friends in the UK. We each get 2 closed cards and make the bet, pre flop. After the flop whereby three communal cards are revealed, another round of betting is involved. Another communal card comes out in the "turn" and obviously another round of betting. The last communal card is the "river" and the best 5 card combination wins. If you go heads up, your 2 close cards are revealed.

Poker is not all about luck, you see. Provided you are daring enough, chances are you will find players playing as if they had hit something big but actually have nothing. Acting skills and making poker faces are very crucial as well good mental maths skills and also being able to guess what the opponent cards are is an additional bonus.

One of my lucky moments came yesterday night. I had King and Jack (mix suit) and limped in with big blind (40 cents). The flop came out K,Q and J. I had hit my 2 pair but chances are someone could have hit the straight with a Ace and 10. Everyone laughs at the flop because if you limp in, chances are you have crap cards. Testing the water, i put in a RM 1 bet to fish out the real players. Only one person calls me. The turn comes out to be a 4 or 7, irrelevant to the game. I put in a tempting RM 2 bet and the person re-raise me to RM6. Sensing that he could either have slow played me with a straight or might have hit something on the turn, i did what everyone does in Poker once too often, i called all-in. After all i was satisfied that there was already RM10plus in the pot, and i could just take that and be happy. It was RM40 to play for him. Oops, i think i might have over bet.

The exciting moment comes when he thinks hard and start asking his friends for advice. I gave him a blank face which normally means i have a good hand because i am crap at acting. I suspected that he might have also hit 2 pairs but only on the turn so it wont win me. My friends say i was trying to steal the pot with maybe the King pair. He asked for more time as everyone was agitated by the long wait till the next game. Finally my heart skipped a beat when he said, i follow.

I opened my cards as he shakes his head and put down his cards. I had won one of my biggest pot in my short-lived career after one of my another infamous victory when i hit the Ace Flush fighting another 2 smaller flushes (that would be another story)..

I know this may be weird but i am trying to explore topics of different variety when i dont have enough food to blog about. Do let me know, if this deters you from reading then maybe i should publish this in my alter-ego dying blog.

Till then, adios *smiling with pride*..


Firehorse said...

Wah Poker ah? I dunno how to play wor can only play fishing game nia and "pot" with my grandmarder.
Since I am new here I kenot answer your question as to whether I am deterred from reading or not, to me just post whatever your heart desires and whether ppl like or not like its their problem :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

firehouse: judging that i have already written the article 1 day d..n u r the 1st to comment haha..i think i got my answer..after i shouldnt encourage gambling hehe..but thanks for dropping by..u will see this is actually a main stream food blog..

Paprika said...

Wah, channeling Mr Chow in God of Gamblers is it? I like to play poker but my poker face is paper thin! I can't contain my excitement when I have a good hand! hahaha. Always good to explore other topics.

ling239 said...

erm... dun mind lar but no nice picture to see wor... :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

paprika: yeah i want to be the next chow sing chi!..haha..i should play poker with u then..

ling239: wait i try to take pictures of the chips..

迷迭香 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ling239 said...

tot u will show ur winning cards hahahaaaa.......:p

AngryYoungChild said...

i dont mind. =P

FireHorse said...

Errr I FireHORSE la, as in kuda api not FireHOUSE as in balai bomba ;o)
Food blog? I got no problem coming then as I love food. So where is dis "alter-ego dying blog" of yours, can go vsit wan or not?

Seaqueen said...

Hmmm...Poker eh. Never played it. Even after your explaination with all the jargons don't think I'd take it up anytime soon. Hhahahaha!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: hahaha..i just lost a couple of big hands yesterday...boohoo..

angryyoungchild: cool!

firehorse: oops..wrong alter-ego blog? its abit dead at the moment..

seaqueen: yeah its not easy to understand..but once u start..u never stop!

fatboybakes said...

nipples, is this allowed? blogging about unfood items on a foog blog? snigger...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: well hahah its my call..isnt?? no no?

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