Thursday, August 30, 2007

Su Chan Deli @ Petaling Jaya

Before i start off with a proper food review which i have not done in ages, i thought i share a few thoughts about blogging. To some, blogging or reading blogs is like drinking coffee. Every morning, you have a nice big cup of freshly brewed coffee before you start off your day with work or school. When the weekend comes or there are public holidays, you sleep in and recover, thus living without coffee for the day. I find it amusing that the pattern in the amount of people that visit my blog alike to people working or drinking coffee, busy traffic during the weekdays with a dying Friday then a quiet weekend so to speak. Although tomorrow is a public holiday and probably half my readership will sleep in and cut coffee, i thought still blog about this small humble place that i tried for lunch that day.

To many, especially who loves to eat cakes and desserts, Su Chan is a famous name among many. Strangely enough, i admit that i may be either too young or engrossed in what i like to eat till the verge of not knowing about this place. This place is famous for their tiramisu and if you think the one at Alexis is great, apparently they get their supply from here. Other then serving a load of cakes, there have a menu that they change every quarter..

A mini menu of each cake they serve along with a description

An ice lemon tea with sugar by the side, just the way i like it sour and strong..

Pie Tee, a crispy open wanton skin filled with carrots and white radish. A warm core and a great way to start my meal. The only thing that surprised me was the surprisingly cold bamboo basket that they served me with..(RM 6.50 for 4 (if i am not mistaken)

When i saw Potato Rosti, i was excited. I remembered the crispy potato pancake that i first tried in Marche.. So i couldnt resist the temptation to give this a try, but sadly i was disappointed. It was not "crispy" as i was imagine and infact the opposite, soggy. When i enquired where was the sour cream that came with it, the waitress was blur and it was as if i spoke a language from outer space. She returned with indeed "sour" watery cream. Imagine watered down rich cream with lots of lemon..didnt go down too well for me.. (RM 6.50)

The Beef Lasagne on the menu came with a "thumbs up" which meant it was a house special. Indeed for Rm17, i got a rather small but very delish piece of lasagne.. I enjoyed the generous servings of cheese in and out of this dish..Served with a pickled papaya salad, it was abit mix and match as an afterthought rather then a fusion idea..

The Thai Laksa looked rich and creamy and was indeed rich with coconut with a strong hint of peanut in the soup. Somehow i couldnt bring myself to like this dish as i found the flavours very lost, not spicy enough, not distinct enough and in the end it was rather like eating noodles with a thinned version of the peanut paste that you dip your satay in (RM15). Any one care to clarify what an actual thai laksa is meant to taste like?

I quickly skipped to desserts and chose a version that seemed to have made Secret Recipe famous, the Banana Torte. The big difference from the commercialized version is the layers in between the banana and cream. What seemed to be a normal sponge layer was rather like eating a pecan and chocolate brownie thus torte perhaps? The caramel on the top was like icing on the cake, a perfect dessert..

Finally, the three Ms, the macadamia chocolate cake. A thick rich chocolate mousse with a thin layer of macadamia paste and served on top of a biscuit base. Overshadowed by the banana torte but rightfully a good dessert on its own. (RM8.90 a piece)

Overall other then a strange laksa that i was made to accustom, the cakes made up for the meal. A meal that at least deserves a 6.5 out of 10 but considering that their dessert were pretty much 1st grade, i think its reasonable to give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Address and contact details:

21, Jalan Dato Mahmud (11/4) Corner shop
Off Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-75979908/79549480

Apparently, a brand new outlet is opened in Bangsar Village 2..

PS: From now i think i shall limit my ratings to stars, 1 to 5.. easier life isnt?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bak Kut Teh @ Segambut

An area that is often visited when we are sick of the food available within a walking distance of 200 metres of our building, lies in Segambut. What you will find here is endless, from seafood noodles to Bak Kut Teh. Talking about Bak Kut Teh, this is the place we often visit.

Confused with his own identity and not knowing whether he belonged to the original town of Klang or repackaged as the KL version, the bak kut teh is like i said, confused. Far away from its distant cousin strong herbal taste but yet again too mild to fit into the KL category, i feel the bak kut teh is very mild for me or maybe i have been having too much Klang bak kut teh, but thats just me. The meat they use though is exactly how you want it, lean is lean and fat is fat unlike places whereby the boss nods at you but when turn behind your back, he/she cuts up all the fatty and unwanted pieces and throws it all in your pot.

In addition, they also serve a totally mutated version of the original soup bak kut teh called the dry bak kut teh. In a rendition whereby all the sauce seemed to have dried up to a flavourful pork stew with dried chillis, this is a far cry better then its originator. The thick sauce accompanied by lots of self input of fresh raw garlic puts the soup version to shame and untouched.

When you think i will end at the 2 pots, this is just the beginning. This restaurant is a jack of all trades and serves up a monster of a porridge, the dried oyster pork rib peanut porridge, what a mouthful indeed. Dished up fresh, this mega pot of porridge takes at least half an hour, so do call in advance. They do not skim on the ingredients as you will see small whole pieces of dried scallops and chunks of dried oysters in the bubbling pot. A must try, i dare say.

Overall taking into consideration that the food in our area can get a bit monotonous, the rating for this place at least gets a 7 out of 10 for serving us a Jeckyll and Hyde bak kut teh and a monster pot of porridge. Price i hear? RM15 a person should do the trick.

Address and contact details:

Best way to know where this is? Give them a call. I am hopeless with the directions here because i am always blindfolded here *just kidding*.. Its meant to be just around the corner of the BMW Service Centre in Segambut in a secluded area.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luxury weekend and a last meal

Last weekend as a "normal human being" with an exam less then two weeks away, the natural thing to do is to start looking into my thick stack of files and cramping away facts such as what are risk assessment procedures, how to perform tests of controls and calculate materiality for my Audit paper. Surprisingly, i didnt and on the contrary i did something out of the blue. I headed down to Port Dickson with 5 of my high school mates, some that i was never close back in high school. The overnight trip was known as the Sausage Fest 2007, dont ask me why and i shall not elaborate further.

We stayed in luxury and surprisingly had heaps of fun with our multiple male bonding sessions. Just thought i keep this short and sweet and share a few photos with you guys..

The chalets we stayed in..well similar to those..

Eventhough the sea is so boring, you are just so tempted to shoot multiple shots..dont know what for..

This is about the best photo among the lot.. The sun set..

In the morning, the low tide is here. Apparently there are alot fishes as you can see from these man and his fishing rod..

With every food blogger mentality, i had to at least take a picture of one meal. Presenting a simple Japanese Chicken Teriyaki. Well executed but not authentic Japanese and at RM32++, it isnt exactly cheap, oh well its hotel food.

Came back sun burnt but i realised how good is life when you can wake up early and lie down on the deckchair with your study material with the sea as your background music. A brilliant holiday filled with lots of laughter.. Port Dickson, i shall be back..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Red Ginger @ North Point

The rate at the reviews being done, i might as well follow the trend. Although the main reason i am doing this review, is to display my new baby's effort. So presenting Red Ginger in the eyes of a Canon 400D. Before i forget, I would firstly like to thank Elizabeth, the owner of Red Ginger for the invite to try out the menu of this newly established joint after their first place in Damansara Heights.

Situated in North Point, a new complex besides the main Mid Valley where the new condominiums are. Apparently a trend of restaurants are popping out in this area and Red Ginger is the third place that i have tried after Isthmus and Ninja Jones.

Starting off with a kasturi pomelo drink..This was slightly tangy and sweet served with a spoonful of pomelo meat.. I would have preferred it to be slightly more tangy but overall very satisfied. If you dig deeper, you will also find cubes of surprise..

The Rojak.. The speciality of this dish lies in the prawn paste which was featured very prominently.. In addition to the fresh cubes of fruits, it was a wonderful experience.

Alas when i was about to load up the remainder of the appetizer pictures, i realised my Flickr account has reached its maximum amount of 200 photos. I am seriously contemplating on upgrading it to a Pro account, after all its 24.95 USD a year.

Besides the Rojak, we had the Stuffed Yau Char Kuai, the Chicken Lobak and the Red Ginger Special: Pomelo Salad.

The Stuffed Yau Char Kuai was presented in a flat form, unlike the original cylinder form. The fish paste was a delight with a faultless formula of mayo but the yau char kuai felt flat and it was overpowered by the fish paste.

The Chicken Lobak, was a surprise as it very much felt like the original pork version. Another on the street dish but enjoyed in a comfortable atmosphere.

The last Pomelo salad, featuring an abundance of pomelo flesh with a variety of chopped peanuts and grated coconut. The savoury and sweet flavours was subtle but very lovely.

Heading back to the main dishes..

A stir fry black bean beef which was a simple dish on its own with plentiful of multi-coloured peppers. The beef was rinsed in hot boiling oil before the stir fry process to retain the moisture and avoiding the beef being overcooked. Great cooking tips but i will never see myself trying out myself.

Another great dish to serve with a hot bowl of steam white rice, the salt and wine steamed chicken with red dates and wolf berries. The chicken was on the salty side but if you think one step back, the main purpose of the dish is to serve with rice. Sheer brilliance..

A horde of carbs came as this place is famous for their individual servings of noodles and rice..Kicking off with another speciality, the Dry Curry Sang Har Mee. The Sang Har was on the smaller side, after all it came with 2 whole prawns split into half. The meat was fleshy and complimented the rich dry curry sauce. The brinjals were a delight on its own or enjoyed with strands of noodles, sauce and prawn.

This was another dish that was a first for me, the Kam Heong Hor Fun. At this point, i could have lost my senses due to the overload of food but i did not appreciate this dish when i first picked at it. It wasnt served as dry as a normal Char Kuey Teow, abit on the wet side. The flavours were unlike a normal Char Kuey Teow, slightly on the spicy side but i could not identify the mild flavours. In addition, i spotted crab sticks, an item i despise because its just processed meat which spoils the whole dish as it had also fresh prawns thrown in. It was only when i was told "kam heong" paste was used, it striked me. It was truly a mix and match of flavours that created this dish, and for that i applaud the creativity of the chef. Although i think i have found other favourites to order..

To continue the carbs marathon, we were served the Red Ginger Special Fried Rice. When it was first served, it was like any normal fried rice. This is an item that i would rarely order, because to me it is a home cooked item that could be easily achieved at home, so why pay so much? I took a first bite of the rice and identified chunks of good quality salted fish. Yes it was good but why so special i asked? I was asked to take a second bite and this time i noticed there was a sweet component in addition to the plentiful salted fish; raisins. Again i reckon, another example of creativity put into good use in a such a common dish available in all parts of Malaysia.

Lastly, we had a battle of the noodles..

Ipoh Hor Fun vs The Curry Laksa

When we were taking a breather, Nigel was telling us about Elizabeth. She was trained to cook using French techniques and when coming up with broths, it appeared to be put into good use and she would use authentic methods and improve with the modern arts when she could. The result was a wonderful bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun. A soup you can drink all day long. Unlike the red oil surface you will get in the city of Ipoh, this came without but yet could fight with Kwong Heng any time. The downside is the Hor Fun. Smooth but it could be differentiated from the original. Then again, it only made sense to settle for second best as they could not ensure a steady supply from Ipoh and when the day you have to use a substitute, we as the consumers would be the only ones to be disappointed.

The creamy curry laksa was served with red raw looking cockles complimented with tofu pok, fish paste and chicken strips. Apparently the cockles were again rinsed with hot oil and sambal belacan! The soup base was again another surprise as it was creamy but yet bearable to me as i cant take really spicy food. If i could, i would be more then tempted to finish off the whole bowl if not for all the other dishes..

Address and contacts:

Red Ginger (Mid Valley)
Block A, Mezzanine Floor, Northpoint Offices
Mid Valley City, KL

Tel: 03-2287 0890

Red Ginger (Plaza Damansara)
Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara, KL

Tel: 03-2095 3118

Free or not, i will definitely pop by again with my family. As a slightly more expensive alternative to the commercialized Little Penang, what you get is essentially a more exquisite version of on the street noodles with a quieter ambience as it is situated away from the main complex. A respectable 8.4 out of 10.

Once again thank you Elizabeth for being the gracious host.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Why did i first start this blog?

I stood up and waved at the man to come. "Boss, kira" i shouted as i was running late. Somehow or rather, without anything to focus on, i took this picture. Eventhough, i still cant figure what is so great about the picture, i still like it. Is it the 3 different colour canvas that is covering me from the rain? or the green poles that is holding the canvas that caught my attention?

I am taking a short break from my studies, and the picture i guess was there because it needs to be there, eventhough it doesnt serve the topic i would like to blog about today.

Infact the title says it all.I asked myself this question time over time, why did i start to blog? Particularly a food blog as well. When i first started, i wanted to talk to four walls and like a naive kid, a dream to conquer the mass online readership and eventually become famous. There was no structured way of getting there, i wanted to just blog what i wanted to blog about and hopefully create a love rather then hate relationship with my readers. Recently, i also had plans for a career change and it striked me that my passion for food and photography could take me one step further. How? Become a food writer? Or could i take it one step further and become even more ambitious and become a food critique?

I am never afraid to say what i want, but yesterday's dinner sparked off what i am trying to say..

Apparently, there very well could be a way to make a career out of what i am doing right now. Think about it, theres Nuffnang and Advertlets, advertising through blogs. How about advertising through food blogs? New restaurants needing some stirred interest in their food or just wanting to create some awareness. Why dont they come find a couple of us and advertise their places through food blogs? We could do a review of their food and hey presto! we could even get some moolah if the restaurants find that it works..

Lets not rush there yet, but will it work? I am not exactly the biggest food blogger in the world, i am yet an infant with just one or rather two front big teeth, still struggling to chew my food in this online world but i know that what we need will be rather recognised people that can reach more people then i can in a week in one day to advertise, but will they? Is money really about everything in the world? I personally feel they wont and hey, if not for the chance i could actually get away from the sick working world, i also wont. Why? simply because (i am pretty sure as well) the main reason why these bloggers started blogging was for the passion of food. Just look at our appetites and the love of food we have from our flawless gatherings..

Which comes to a premature conclusion. How can i make this work? I realised that this could very well mean a way out of the modern slavery world but the light is dim that i wonder if its because i am just sleepy or my eyes requires some checking. Rambling on, i think i need not go around in circles.

Yesterday, we were "invited" for a free tasting in a restaurant that you will probably see in my blog in a couple of days. Infact it was the 2nd time. The first time around, we obliged and wrote a review of the food, a true account and without the owner having to say anything. After all, what else could we do since she didnt want our money?

Back to the 2nd time, i would give a round of applause for the organiser to setup this gathering but i would like to ask one simple question. Do you think the bloggers were there because of the free food only? Or was it just a chance to meet up and chit chat, taking pictures as a passion and spending the night away with laughter? I would be very disappointed if my fellow bloggers chose the 1st, because i am definitely the latter.

Even a small kid would know that theres no free meal in this world. True enough it wasnt exactly free as i felt the atmosphere felt very obliging to say the least. I appreciate the warm welcome from the host of the restaurant but i felt like i was rather pressured by our organiser to remember every little fact that was circled around about dish A, B and C and so forth. I had to struggle to try to picture my review as it was rather bluntly said that we were to review this place "properly"..

I very well love the idea of bringing this passion of mine to another step and i sense my organiser might be too, but i guess its too premature for me at least..Let me get back to studying and sleep over it next month, i am sure this might work out, just abit more trial and error up in my head..Meanwhile i am open up to any opportunities to work with people or open up for ideas..

Have a good weekend guys and it was nice meeting up with a bunch of newly made friends..

P/S: Readers out there, do you really trust me when i say the food is good, because i very damn think that you guys do, so i guess theres no need for me to describe what ingredients makes up the dish right?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition @ Putrajaya

Ever since i bought my baby, taking photographs has been a nightmare. Instead of looking into the screen expecting to see what i should be able to see, i have to now peep into the tiny hole with my oily face smudging the screen and my glasses fogging up. After being satisfied that my camera is now all dirty and my eye is bearly able to identify what i am photographing, i snap and my heart will skip a beat. The picture displays and its either voila! every penny well spent or omg my "sor gua" camera could do better then that. ["Sor Gua" basically means stupid and the term was ripped off a friend.] So anyways since the nightmare has started, i hardly spent time with my new baby because i would either be in heaven or in hell, abit too extreme for the faint hearted.

Finally when the MIFC started about a week ago, the man who finally "poisoned" me about a month ago invited me to take photos during the MIFC and i fully obliged. After all, i wanted to get my every penny back, in terms of pictures. So here you go guys, my pictures courtesy of team Australia..

Although this appeared to be my favourite picture on that night, it looks so so only..What do you think?

Somehow i always get the timing wrong. I will click when the fireworks are at full blown and my camera will collect the dust..

DSLRs does do wonders..

I think this is about the best shot of the night.

Now lets hope i get my mojo back for food blogging..hehe..stay tune and have a lovely weekend guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One of my proudest poker moments..

During the recent rounds of poker that i have played, luck was always not on my side. I will always limp in by calling big blind to only see that i have hit nothing and nowhere near hitting anything. The safe side of me would then ask me to check and subsequently fold. All the sharks on the table would eye me and transfer stack after stack of chips from my pile to theirs, until yesterday night.

In simple words, we always play texas hold em. I know this is meant to be a food blog but poker has recently been one of my "in" things at the moment, courtesy of my friends in the UK. We each get 2 closed cards and make the bet, pre flop. After the flop whereby three communal cards are revealed, another round of betting is involved. Another communal card comes out in the "turn" and obviously another round of betting. The last communal card is the "river" and the best 5 card combination wins. If you go heads up, your 2 close cards are revealed.

Poker is not all about luck, you see. Provided you are daring enough, chances are you will find players playing as if they had hit something big but actually have nothing. Acting skills and making poker faces are very crucial as well good mental maths skills and also being able to guess what the opponent cards are is an additional bonus.

One of my lucky moments came yesterday night. I had King and Jack (mix suit) and limped in with big blind (40 cents). The flop came out K,Q and J. I had hit my 2 pair but chances are someone could have hit the straight with a Ace and 10. Everyone laughs at the flop because if you limp in, chances are you have crap cards. Testing the water, i put in a RM 1 bet to fish out the real players. Only one person calls me. The turn comes out to be a 4 or 7, irrelevant to the game. I put in a tempting RM 2 bet and the person re-raise me to RM6. Sensing that he could either have slow played me with a straight or might have hit something on the turn, i did what everyone does in Poker once too often, i called all-in. After all i was satisfied that there was already RM10plus in the pot, and i could just take that and be happy. It was RM40 to play for him. Oops, i think i might have over bet.

The exciting moment comes when he thinks hard and start asking his friends for advice. I gave him a blank face which normally means i have a good hand because i am crap at acting. I suspected that he might have also hit 2 pairs but only on the turn so it wont win me. My friends say i was trying to steal the pot with maybe the King pair. He asked for more time as everyone was agitated by the long wait till the next game. Finally my heart skipped a beat when he said, i follow.

I opened my cards as he shakes his head and put down his cards. I had won one of my biggest pot in my short-lived career after one of my another infamous victory when i hit the Ace Flush fighting another 2 smaller flushes (that would be another story)..

I know this may be weird but i am trying to explore topics of different variety when i dont have enough food to blog about. Do let me know, if this deters you from reading then maybe i should publish this in my alter-ego dying blog.

Till then, adios *smiling with pride*..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My application to the Japanese Food Kawan Association

Dear President and existing members of the association,

I understand that the Association was formed by the honorary President Lyrical Lemongrass. It was rumoured that she writes her poems while chewing on juicy pieces of salmon belly sashimi and is actually a part time ghost writer for some of the most famous novels around , writing crucial parts for stories that involves wizards and magicians while waiting for her chicken teriyaki to be grilled.

That aside, because i dont want to be seen as sucking up too much, i was hoping she officially welcome me into that hard-to-get association because i adore japanese food..with some offerings..due to the lack of fundings, i only managed to get photos..and no real food to appease her..hopefully the pictures does a good enough bribe to get in haha.. courtesy of a family meal @ Ninja Jones.. Itadakimas!

I know it is a prerequisite to enjoy sashimi.. I love all kinds..salmon being the most enjoyed..Tuna, ebi, tako, butter fish.. you order i eat..

I also enjoy dainty little makis.. Whether it is authentic or fusion. In this case, you got an unagi maki with cheese melted on the top.. which shows i m not picky in what i eat..

Adegashi tofu.. Tofu is meant to give you a good complexion and a nice smooth face as smooth as a baby's bum.. I know what kind of health effects it will bring to me.. Long live Japanese cuisine!

Even if you make a local fruit like Papaya into Japanese cuisine, i am not complaining. After all it was damn gorgeous with the beautiful pieces of seafood and overflowing cheese..

To clean things off, we have a paper steamboat with pieces of fresh garoupa slices and some assorted vegetables..the mushroom is as fresh as it can get..tastes good..

Please accept me and teach me the secrets behind those lyrical entries that you write. This will be my first step to a hopeful new career as an inspiring food writer perhaps? Or maybe a refugee who wants to get on to the next plane to Japan. Many thanks

Joe from Lots of Cravings

Monday, August 20, 2007

Highlights of the weekend and a Monday Rush

It has been a hectic weekend and for once most of the events that happened did not relate to food. I guess its about time i give my stomach a good rest and stop indulging in too much food, meaning less food reviews? I guess i do have some backup pictures here and there but knowing how picky i am with reviews, i do hope i at least puke out a review for my faithful readers.

So whats with the weekend? It started off on a slow Friday. No plans were made and i casually walked into Coffee Bean slightly before 6 and opened my books to study. Noisy conversations about renting an office and talking in foreign languages distracted me and at the same time made me feel sleepy, eventhough i had almost gulped down a large Cafe Latte. Somehow or rather, without going into a true sleep, i went through 2 hours of well, not so solid studying before i thought i called it an early Friday. Things didnt end there, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it..

I received a quick call to meet at Somo for a drink and before i knew it, i was brightened up by the acquired taste of guitar jazz by Farid Ali and Roger Wang while sipping on a cold Heineken. Before long, Zarid Abidin, a total unknown to me croon his way to the crowd with his Malay hits which was certainly an eye opener..Check it out..

When i thought my Friday would end at didnt..more calls came in from my old school mates, and it was a tough Poker session till the wee 4am..finally called it a day..winnings? RM4 in 3 hours..definitely less then Malaysia's average hourly salary.. Saturday was not too bad at all..when i went to witness the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition..check it out at

I was meant to find a friend there to borrow his tripod..ended up shooting rubbish holding my DSLR up at the sky with less then stable say its due to the stress..maybe this time around its because i havent been clocking enough hours of study so to speak..oh well if after the paper, i still get shaky hands, i am definitely going to get it checked thoroughly..

After that it was a session at Velvet, Zouk to just say hi to some old friends and say bye to some..First time i got through with no hassle and without taking out my wallet..I finally see the power of being a regular kaki..not me that is..another day ending at 4am..

Sensing flu on Sunday and popped 2 panadol before i took a nap to wake up for my Arsenal match..missed the alarm and slept comfortably till this morning when the rush came..

Knocking on my door as usual to wake me up if i cant get up, my mom asked the usual question, not time to wake up yet ar? and i will jump out of bed instantly as usual before i slump down the stairs.. Casually i looked at my phone and i saw 7.05am! Early for some, but i had overslept by 35 mins! Rushing to brush my teeth and shower at the same time, i still had my caring mom to ask me what i wanted to drink. Before i realised i had already washed my hair or not, i heard its School Holiday! Pheww...

Another 15 mins more for me to settle in peace..So that was it, i guess.. i reached work without any food reviews to post.. Feeling fresh but at the same time rushed..but oh well..Have a good Monday definitely didnt start off blue for me..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Procrastination Time..

Its the time of the period again, when i want to just sigh about life before the next person is about to comment how good my life is and starts comparing me to the skeletons wrapped with skin in Africa starving.

Recently i developed the symptom of not knowing where to pursue my career and in life. I always had the intention to try my luck in Australia but i know i am not done with Malaysia just yet, until at least until next year. I assured that where i am now, is the best place that Malaysia can offer me until it is time to say goodbye. Apparently, no was the easy answer.

Plenty of options are available at my finger tip and for once, i can actually go into a totally new field and move to my next phase of life. Since i am not exactly very happy with where i am right now, isnt this the best opportunity for once to try something that i might be brilliantly good at? But the most important question is am i ready to go on to the next phase knowing another phase of life is just around the corner?

So i thought i might explore why i am not happy around where i am. As an associate consultant, i expect to be treated like one, that is i will do the work and learn my technical stuff. Identifying and selling the firm's services, should not be my problem but the managers. Unfortunately the problem with every single firm, when the order to get more billing comes down from the Big Boss to the small bosses (managers) and the small bosses cant perform, we small fries are like the targets for shooting. In my opinion, i feel that is bull shit. Not only that i feel my team doesnt have the urge to push forward. Every year, promises and targets are made, every year i see them where they are, at the same place doing the same thing. I was told at the start of the year, the team will expand double the size by end of the year, i see no change and its already August coming into September. You think i am stupid ar? 3 months and you want to appoint 7 staff, you got to be kidding me please.

It seems then, there should not be a problem why i should leave in a split second. I wish i could.

My paper is on the 4 September and hopefully after that i can really decide whether i want to stay or leave for good. Where should i go i ponder? Should i apply for the investment banking job that my friend has always been talking about? Or a cool food writer job? Or back in the firm with a different scope i.e. Advisory? Audit? I wonder i wonder..

It will be sad though, i have made friends with my big boss and some of my seniors in my team, colleagues from every other department and even the admin people as well..Imagine trying to make friends with another new group very well knowing you might quit 9 months-12 months from the day you join..kind of crap isnt?

Dilemma eh? Why is life so complicated i wonder..For study should be the most important..and i m feeling kind of hyped up for it..lets study !!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hung Kee Wanton Mee @ Jalan Loke Yew

I pass by this shop everyday when i go to work, when the sun is young and about to rise up to the sky. This place has been here since ages ago, i suspect way before i was born so to speak. Located in one of the most mentioned road on the traffic report on radio from 7am to 9am, it is Jalan Loke Yew.

So what about Hung Kee? Notoriously known to serve cut throat prices of wanton mee so is Meng Kee char siew and Pudu siew yoke. The fact remains that if the food is good, no matter how much i charge you, my fan base will still be there. Better still, the owner makes even more money and we, foodies are also happy as they are here to stay..

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, we finally decided we were sick of venturing into another eating outlet situated in a shopping centre. We wanted something old school, something like Char siew in Tengkat Tong Shin but thats too near Sungai Wang, or Pudu Siew Yoke, wasnt sure if it was open on Saturdays, so before another option arise, i turned in and we reached outside Hung Kee, a very ancient looking shop that is famed for their springy wanton noodles..

The pickled chillies are a must in wanton mee, and the drink? Well compliments the full meal..

The plain wanton mee is served.. True enough to what people say and write, the noodles have a very springy texture and almost al-dente in western terms.. I would dare say noodles alone, there could very well be a possible battle with the HK wanton mee..

Sui Gao or prawn dumplings to accompany the noodles.. The dumpling packed a nice bite with prawns, black fungus and pork.. Got the thumbs up from my girlfriend..

The char siew and siu yoke platter.. After all we cant get the best of both worlds, we might as well settle for 2nd best.. True enough none of the meats match their respective opponents although the char siew with the fattier cut gained respect from me.. the sticky sauce and the meat was a very good combo, sinful but i liked every single bit.. The roast pork was well..ok..nothing great..

Just to wrap things up, a Kon Nam Mee (not named after the creators of Mortal Kombat, those were my days).. A bed of Sang Mee lies at the bottom and is drenched with an egg sauce and an assorted of mushrooms, peppers, baby corns, seafood and pork parts ( i think).. To me, this is just comfort food.. It is an impossible dish to screw up as i love the thick egg gravy sauce thickened by corn starch.. Nice fresh prawns are also very crucial and definitely featured here prominently..

Overall, a very old school place for some wanton mee.. Best best would be a nice plate of plain wanton mee with some of their roast meats ala char siew and maybe roast chicken or duck.. Their prawn dumplings are also very worth trying.. All that for only RM30plus (USD 10).. As this is a place that is older then me, despite its faults, it gains a reputable 7.5 out of 10.. if not how did it survive for so long?

28-5 and 28-6, Jalan Loke Yew
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Potluck @ Nigel and Allen Place

I never realised how attached i was to my blog. Although i wanted to take some leave from my blog, i couldnt let go. I would still check my blog despite having no ideas what to blog about. Looks like my writer's block wondered away as suddenly as it came.. My face litted up yesterday when i realised my stat counter hit 20000! I still remember those days when i hit the complimentary 1k, 5k and 10k..20k seemed so quick all of a sudden..I shall look forward towards my 50k mark..So without further ado, lets take a look what kind of fun i had a number of weeks ago..

Its been centuries since i had a multi-racial cuisine buffet and this seemed to be the perfect chance when i received an exclusive invite to a pot luck. The catch? Some food must come from me and it has to be home-cooked. Oh no..what have i landed myself into? The temptation was too good and i managed to re-define what was home cooked food.. I got someone to cook it for me for a small sum..hehe..still home cooked food right? So what kind of spread did we get? Its an eyeful and salivate all the way..

My dedicated cup for the night. Notice the spot.. It was obvious and on purpose..Why? I am pretty sure the comments will come in thick and fast..

Beverage of the night..Sangria.. I realised what were the true contents to a potent Sangria..Martell Cordon Bleu, Red Wine and unsweetened orange and apple juice..Lots of thinly cut fruits and ice.. Potent but i felt it was too strong and i have already been polluted with the sweeter Sangrias available outside..

Starting off with a home cooked Yam Cake.. Full of yam cubes everywhere.. That is exactly what is a good yam cake tastes like..Kudos to WMW mom..

The pattern seems familiar as Jackson turns up with his mom's secret recipe..Pork Leg Dark Vinegar.. Although i have never ventured to this kind of dishes before, i loved it immediately..

Sarawak Laksa by none other then Allen.. The ingredients used were all top class..loved the huge prawns used and this was an eye opener as this is my first Sarawak Laksa i ever had..

After the feature of our local cuisine, we wonder off to our neighbouring country's cuisine..Miang Kam! The leaves were all plucked from Teckiee's garden.. i dont think the rest of the ingredients were plucked from there though..Very refreshing!

Modelled by our floggers hands..this is how you eat it!.. I never knew we fold it this way..

Meena didnt lose out when she presented a huge tub of sweet, sour and spicy acar! By now i was so stuffed from this huge array of buffet but no regrets!

Just when i thought this will never end, i have to feature what i bought along right? A very delicious yellow ginger rice with curry chicken.. The fluffy rice and the spicy chicken was so good and i couldnt stop taking a second serve eventhough i bought it along..hehe..

Satay! This was indeed a very good appetizer as the floggers mingle and walked around with sticks of satay and peanut sauce dripping all over our faces..

Boo beef rendang! The spicyness didnt stop as a very flavourful beef dish was presented infront of our eyes.. If only we had some nasi lemak to accompany this..

Thereafter, all my pictures was attempted using my old SLR and all turned out blur or out of colour.. Special mentions to all those food without pictures!: Ming Keat Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls and Durian ice-cream, Nigel Tapai Pavlova, FBB Durian Tiramisu, Tummy Thoughts Soft Drinks and Juices, Unka Leong beverages and lots of laughter from our usual gang of floggers!

PS: Did i miss anything or anyone out?

I think i just got my blogging mojo back!..Ooohh Baby!!