Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar @ Jalan Mesui

Prior before discovering Neroteca at my post below, my first stop was actually in Palate Palette two days ago. A place that i have problems pronouncing although i have been told its meant to be pronounced the same way but in a different spelling. Let me know what you think?

Stepping into this colourful place, which goes along the same concept of the 1st Marmalade shop in Mont Kiara of colourful decor and makes look like a kiddy area to play around but at the same time catered to the adults..or some say "the young people"..

Set Lunches comes with a selection of entrees, main courses and a drink for RM 20++.. Add another RM 5 for a dessert. A deal? Well some say Max! Kitchen might do a good job, but i, unlike Precious Pea i dont have the luxury of getting extra yabbies and lamb loin so i have yet so i thought i will leave Max! alone until i have loaded my wallet with enough money for that feast.

Starting off with what looked like a hard piece of bread, the inside was actually as soft as my pillow..which is very soft if you think about it.. and the garlic butter was a gem..i think garlic goes a long way to making your bread tastes so good..just look at the dip i had in Neroteca..

Then came a drink that you can order from the menu as long as its below RM9.. I choose the Mint Tea and never regretted..lots of mint leaves made this a very refreshing drink..

Starting off with a mushroom cappuccino.. if you look afar you would probably sip it like a normal cup of coffee..but beyond the foam was a rich non cream mushroom soup that was just nice..

The speciality salad, the prawns and avocado salad..creamy and yummy accompanied wit the lettuce leaves..A tad small but sufficient as a starter i presume..

My oxtail sheppards pie..i was expecting some bones sticking out..but i unearthed the garlic mash to find delightful pieces of oxtail meat and topped up with the was serious comfort food..just that was a tad oily towards the bottom..

The Japanese Curry Chicken Pie..the sauce had all the tastes of a curry but lacked or more like actually missing the kick of chilli..its as if you are eating curry but not eating curry..its not exactly deja vu but more on the verge of frustration..the idea of the puff on top seemed like a tacky idea rather then showing off creativity..

Add RM 5 ++, i took their signature dessert, the Green Tea Mille Feuille.. The Green Tea cream was sparsely pinched here and there on sheets of pastry that was hard to identify but very addictive until we ordered another one.. we were told to take no mercy on the dessert and mashed everything up..true enough it was awesome!..

Every start has an was a very enjoyable lunch with a relaxing ambience.. abit kiddish that might spark some old memories of a kid running around the playground..i almost felt like a kid trapped in a big body.. having remote thoughts of going back to study..sigh..i will keep that for later.. A respectable 8 out of 10, a mixture of ok food and a comfortable ambience..but hell of a time trying to find parking space and the construction next door does more bad then anything else..

Address and contact details:
21 Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari
50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: 03-21422148
Fax: 03-21432148


teckiee said...

Ahh i like that kind of bun. I like eating the soft inside then save the hard crust for the last.

babe_kl said...

am trying to avoid dat area now, the construction place is very dusty now. cant even go to my fave chap fun place :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

teckiee: hahah i just love fresh bread..thats about it..but the butter was really good..

babekl: yeah in the day, pls avoid at all cost..haha nite and wkends r pretty ok..

ling239 said...

erm... the other day when i visited Max! the American Taiwanese boss of Palate Palette was actually there too... so Max introduced us this place but we were too full to have anything for second round... so probably have to make another trip down town one of these days ~
cheers ^_^

xiu long bao said...

heard dat the tapas selection from this rest is very good. Thought of dropping by, someday...mafan lar, i dun work in KL. Can only explore on weekends. So many places, so lil time.

Jackson said...

NIpple, one week didnt read yr blog and preety dfficult for me to digest all of it. ost of yr food was super expensive.. lucky u to born in a rich family.. while i can only stuffed myself with those cheap roadside food

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: cool cool..haha its good to talk to the bosses eh..know so much more stuff..probably can get discounts too!

xlb: hmm will try to testify to that later also..yeah i during many choices..but so little space and well as money lar..

jackson: you are richer lar..and eh..what is dis? weekly? i am meant to make this blog a daily read..can give me areas of suggestions to make this a daily read for people or not?

Kok said...

You definitely know how to enjoy life. Look at all the food you had!!! haha!

Tummythoz said...

That Green Tea Mille Feuille do look like 'marie-peng' huh. But u make it sound so delicious.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kok: hahah its just set lunch kekeke.. yes i guess i do know how to enjoy life..

tummythoz: hahah it was quite good..although i know its quite simple stuff..biscuit with green tea cream keke..

Jun said...

any bigger and i wud have thought the butter was a scoop of ice-cream *dreamy look*

ling239 said...

ooo... why din i remember to ask for the VIP card argh.... wasted >.<"
do they have one ? :p

wmw said...

Been trying to go there since reading it from HoneyStar...Mmm...must make a trip there soon.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jun: hahah butter ice cream?? hmmmm

ling239: i am not sure..but u can always try to ask for one? keke

wmw: make sure u try to go there at lunch its really noisy and hard to park..

jason said...

WmW... i wanna join too!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jason: call me also ar! keke..but if u guys decide to candle light dinner i wont disturb..

leo said...

the mint tea looks like a mojito hahhaha!

Simon said...

Actually Japanese Curry is suppose to be not spicy. Maybe next time I'll suggest to Paul to add in an Indian Curry version in the menu next time when I meet him.

Ben the restaurant manager treated me a glass of ice mint apple juice. Lots of mint leave. Very refreshing. The mint and apple tasted just right.

Honey Star said...

aiyo..i wan that salad!!! Eh? got VIP card ar? I also want :D :D

Precious Pea said...

Wow, that's a lot of mint leave? Errr...but that should be really really refreshing to the throat rite?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: i reckon its almost there..minus the liquor..

simon: yeah i know its not meant to be spicy but it lacked the body..the flavour was there..but way too mild.. but hey good suggestions haha..
yeah ben was very friendly when i asked about the possibility of holding a function there..

honeystar: the salad is good..haha no vip card..but maxnetic currently gives 10% for palate palette..

preciouspea: sista..where have you been? very refreshing it was..damn good choice..

KampungboyCitygal said...

all those stuff at rm 20++ ? unbelievable..i wana go too..

Kenny Mah said...

Oh, I googled it and your blog entry came up... I'm so going this Friday... they're open on Merdeka! Whoopee! :D