Sunday, July 8, 2007

Banquet @ Bangsar Village 2

After failing to match with i was meant to deliver last week with my previews coupled with my unexpected schedule this coming week, i thought i better deliver this review to all my readers before people starts to think i am just "all talk and no action" haha.. After all, you always have to manage not only your expectations, but your reader's expectations.. so without further ado i do not want to "potong steam" any longer and i present to you the latest venture from the same owners as Cafe Cafe..

The concept is similar to a cafe, but delivers a full course menu both asian and western cuisine. The way i look at it, they seem to be joining the niche market of those existing places like marmalade and delicious by ms read.. Well with competition, hopefully we should get better prices and food..

So although i was probably one of the earliest to know about this place when i first read about the article in the Star two weeks before their opening, i realise i was probably one of the slowest to finally set foot in the place..

Banquet, will i have a banquet here? I wouldnt mind..Maybe the next outlet will be called Cravings?

The Chandeliers seemed to have carried on from Cafe Cafe with the white decor which makes the whole restaurant bright and clean, not sure over the years, how they are going to upkeep the "whiteness"..

The baby green trees remind me of an early christmas..anyone wants to give me that hunky Canon 400D DSLR for Christmas?

Starting off with a salad with beef bacon, thin pear slices and a hidden poached egg that was i need confirmation whether it is poached in red wine like their signature dish in Cafe Cafe..any feedback? At RM 29 (USD 8 plus), it definitely wasnt cheap but it was definitely damn good though!..With what seemed to be a mustard based dressing, this was a hearty start to a meal or for the girls, a good lunch..

The egg is in the middle..squint hard and you will be rewarded..

After my first encounter of foie gras at Nobu London followed by Ninja Jones and subsequently disappointed at Cafe Cafe because they didnt have any during my visit; i ordered the Pan Fried Foie Gras served with a side salad and a reduced balsamic vinegar dressing.. the two small pieces of sin costs me RM 45 (USD 13).. which basically requires no teeth whatsoever, just melts in your mouth and slithers down your throat.. it never fails to amaze me thats for sure..

After scanning through the main menu side, you realise that none of their main dishes come cheap..unless you are looking at the asian section.. Since it was just a lunch, you cant possibly order a steak, could you? Well after many mentions about the butter fish, its as stupid as turning left when the person tells you to turn right.. so butter fish it was and for a steal @ RM 25 (USD 7)!..True enough, you could taste the freshness and the tangy sweet sauce was just addictive.. there were many complaints about the sides, honestly if such a good main, its definitely hard to serve a side that could match anyone's expectation.. To me? Its just fine as it is..

Scanning the dessert menu, i remembered the article mentioned that they serve the best "Tiramisu" in town.. well i had a few and i wanted to confirm that fact.. True enough it was damn good despite the hefty price tag of RM18 (USD 5).. Doused in what seemed to be rum, lots of it, it was essentially a very strong alcoholic dessert but it turned out good.. all the ingredients were there for a good tiramisu.. i hearted it eventhough it was a damn small serve..

1F-28, Bangsar Village II,
2, Jln Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 K.Lumpur.

Tel: 2282 3228

I honestly did not have any complaints with what i ordered, definitely will go back to try a few more items..but as of now i strongly recommend it because i would give this a score 8.5 out of 10.. with the alcohol involved i am doubting it is halal although i am pretty sure no pork is involved.. The only complaint would be not serving me bread so i could finish it off with the foie gras sauce and the butter fish sauce..


Paprika said...

Food looks good. Sigh, I really need to go try it out for myself soon. You would've liquidised the tiramisu and drank it in one shot if it was up to you right?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

well, glad to see ur post finally up, nipples. thanks for giving us ur take on all those dishes. ur pics are great, btw. :-)

zewt said...

hmmmm.... how come i never see this place when i was there?

eh... july coming to an end... ready to feast together?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

paprika: well nope i prefer to eat it tiramisu anytime..

ll: well now its time to find more dishes to try..thanks..the pics turned out quite fine..

zewt: In BV2..on the same floor as delicious.. haha give me a forever ready..

Big Boys Oven said...

Sounds great, it will be my next stop.

Jackson said...

their food kinda pricey but i will definitely give them a try soon!

boo_licious said...

Ooh, thanks. Will do Banquet this week and hopefully this time round, service is better.

MeiyeN said...

glad to hear that you enjoyed da food here! i absolutely love da butter fish k... so so yummy! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbo: it will be one of my future stops..haha

jackson: remember to go with ur 4 wives that only can "banquet"..

boo: call me la if i m free hehe..

meiyen: haha dont worry floggers usually have the same/similar taste buds..which is normally good taste buds

xiu long bao said...

ooo...goodie! dying to visit banquet after meiyen started the rave...the tiramisu is toooo expensive, can get one main for that price.

leo said...

pics look good! =) macro mode at its best huh...

still can't see the egg tho..

Their presentation style reminds me of the parisian cafe cuisine i had somewhere along the notre dame church in paris.. hmmm =)

not my favourite type of food tho..

perhaps you could do a review of nero vivo heheeh

jason said...

That's a bunch of good shots! The salad and tiramisu looked so tempting.

tigerfish said...

Cannot see the matter how hard I try...:(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

xlb: damn was between an asian dish meaning normal noodles or the tiramisu..but of course i chose the later..

leo: *hint* its red in colour.. the 1st picture its in the middle and the 2nd picture..its lying on top of the pear slice..i shall save up money for nerovivo then haha..give me some time yeah

jason: thanks thanks..hopefully next month when my bonus comes in..i got money for the Canon EOS 400D..and i shall compare..hehehe

tigerfish: refer to leo comments..happy hunting!

fatboybakes said...

hey, nips, see lah, young ppl of today, such a good life. i didnt have my first taste of foie gras until i was nearly 30 i think. i remember the FIRST time i ever heard of it was at mango tree, when my friend ordered it, and it was like RM30, which in those days was damn a lot for a starter. heck, even today it is. you lead such a good life.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: well..its all what you perceive as good life la.. maybe i suffer behind the scenes..who knows? haha foie gras well i discovered it earlier i guess..but i dont stay in a big house and drive a big car..hahaha..and yes RM30 is damn alot for a starter..

wmw said...

Food looks good...but I like the name Nips better! LOL!

Kok said...

For lunch only you spent RM100+ ? Wah! haha! But looking at the food, it's definitely worth the price. The butter fish...slurrppp...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wmw: dont la..ok la.. i make a deal..if i ever open a restaurant i called it "nips" ok? no nipples..malaysia will never allow it..hahaha..

kok: lets put it that way..its around 30 aussies..which is quite reasonable rite? well its not a weekly thing..more like a monthly indulgence

jason said...

@_@ You're really gonna get that camera????

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jason: i think so lar..hahah i m getting a good deal..with the basic kit lens @ RM 2550..with 2gb memory card..getting them to throw in a few accessories as well..

leo said...

oh when you head to nero vivo, drop me a line :D it's been some time since i had a meal there =)

esyho said...

Hi nipples,

I've shared with meiyen, sooyin and lemongrass on my experience at the banquet recently. The food was good but the service was an utter disappointment.

Would like to share this with you and your readers too. But if you think my story is too long, do edit as you wish ya!

My colleagues and I went to The Banquet last Friday (28/03/08) for a birthday lunch. There were 18 of us and we had expected slight delays on our orders for such a large crowd. The food was good, the ambience was soothing and we were enjoying ourselves. I had even wanted to compliment the staff who served us. That was until three of my colleagues could not get their meals still, one and a half hours later.

Apparently there was a mixed up. My colleagues' orders were given to another table, a staff said apologetically. We accepted that and waited patiently. In the end, when the meals came, one of the three had only one spoonful of meehoon in her tomyam soup. She ate it anyway in frustration. We decided to talk to the manager before we would pay our bill.

A chinese man came by and a male colleague of mine briefly explained the scenario to him. The man coldly said he would only offer us free desserts and nothing else. My male colleague insisted on a service tax waiver and the man rudely uttered, "If you're not happy, you should have left earlier". He walked away after that.

We had wanted to leave immediately without paying but my manager was with us and she said we would just pay for courtesy's and for our own responsibility's sake. The Chinese man staff came again with an order form in his hand and called us liars. His reason being the time printed in the order form showed we've only been there for one hour as opposed to the one-and-a-half-hour claim we made. The other waiters were quietly looking on without clarifying the mixed-up earlier. We presumed the new order was made after the mixed-up but this would just be our assumption. It was then, that he slanderously called us, "No brainers since you can't come up with cleverer lies and you have to come up with such stupid lies". He continued on saying things like, "The waiting time is common and if you couldn't wait, you should have gone to a hawker stall". He certainly created a scene at his own outlet as our long table was in the middle of the restaurant and he was raising his voice the whole time. The restaurant was almost full with people.

In the end, we still paid the bill out of integrity. Another colleague of mine told the chinese man he will never come back to his restaurant. The chinese man said we were not welcomed there and he would not serve difficult customers like us.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i was just surfing around my own blog to see a comment that i shud hav replied to a few mths late..

now you can refuse to pay service charge and i know of a few ppl who have done is a right tat you have..(not service tax; that is remitted to the government). if i were u, i wouldnt go back too and ask for his name and tell the whole world while i was at it.