Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are you proud to be a Malaysian?

I sense that i might be stepping on very thin ice and also on many people's toes as i might be venturing on dangerous grounds. So what am i going to be talking about? About how patriotic i am?

To tell you the truth, i am not very patriotic. I am dreading life here and i want to go to greener pastures. I cant take the traffic every morning and every evening. I cant take the rude people around me. I hate the money that i am earning because it is so meagre. But i admit i am malaysian and i am not afraid to say so because after all i was born and raised in Malaysia.

What disturbed me was this famous radio station has been running ads giving us different reasons why we should be proud of who we are..and after listening to it to the number dunno what time..i think i had enough.. i cant stand the lame reasons that they sickens me that people out there are brainwashing the young with ridiculous ideas..

Still clueless? This is roughly what the ad says..

Actually..Malaysians drive like this since 1957..Proud to be a Malaysian.. Did you know Malaysians invented the word "actually"? .. Before this the English uses ... Then there was something about the rock band called "Live scorpions" in 1957 and now its "Dead scorpions"..Ending the ad with proud to be a malaysian..

Is this what we are famous and should be proud of??? For our driving??Our Rock band??? Ridiculing english words???

So what now..everytime i drive like i want to kill other people including myself, i should tell myself i am proud to drive like that because i am a Malaysian? Utter rubbish.. It also sickens me that the person changes between his fake angmoh accent and our manglish accent..Are we saying that we as Malaysians cant speak proper English and drive properly?

I dare you to look at the flag and give me a proper reason why you are proud to be a Malaysian..

This is sickening and i feel like puking..So why am i proud to be a Malaysian? Because this is the country that provided me with what i have for my upbringing..not the pathetic driving skills and definitely not the broken English we are so "famous" for..

So are you proud to be a Malaysian?

I think the nagging pain is getting into my nerves..

The End..


team bsg said...

V truly sympathise with your painful sentiments and excruciating frustrations. Just in case, if u havent then try checkin to "Malaysia Today" website and join the sometimes thousands long list of other hornnnest so-called "Presently Still Malaysians" ( only for a few more years before this word now fatally injured & endangered becomes extinct) !

cookies_cream said... I proud to be a Malaysian? Errmmm, I really have no idea about that. :P

P/S: how's your back doing? hope your recovering from it.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

team bsg: hahah its kinda upsetting isnt? making a joke out of your own country, it isnt as if we have got enough of crap from the outside world..

cookies_cream: alamak.. haha my back is nagging and i m itching to go back to the gym..

fatboybakes said...

bring back those patriotic songs, i say, like SETIA, SEJAHTERA MALAYSIA, WE WILL ALWAYS BE, PROUD TO ME MALAYSIAN, TANAH PUSAKA!!!! that'll instil some patriotism into the yoof of today!!!! [hands on hip, and wagging finger]

heh. on a more serious note, i guess the grass IS always greener. when i was your age, i'd have hopped onto the first plane out to whichever white country that would offer me a PR. i guess when you're older, you'll see that for every success story of msians in white land, there are also 5 more that can be told off here. so really, a lot of it depends on the individual. granted, your pay might be meagre, for now, but it does get better (exponentially). dont forget the very high taxes you pay in countries like oz and uk. there are always pros and cons la. ultimately, for me personally, this is home ler.

Kenny Mah said...

Hey Joe!

Interesting question there. These days (or in fact, every day, all the time), I hear people grousing about what's wrong with Malaysia. One thing after another. Thing is, I may even agree with half or more of what they're saying.

Take Malaysian driving, for example. It is abominable, but then again I guess we're all part of the problem. I know I am! ;-)

But at the end of the day, I am proud to be Malaysian. I had my Italian/Polish friends around recently for their honeymoon, and man, were they amazed with Malaysia! And half the time they were grousing about Italy, just the way we would grouse about Malaysia.

It made me realise that there isn't any place that is perfect but what is home for us, well, it really depends more on how we view it. And I have a tendency to ignore all that is lousy and bad, and only revel in all that is good and beautiful about my home. And for me, my home is Malaysia -- Not Germany or Italy or Australia though I've enjoyed those countries.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Maybe. But I feel the grass here tastes the best. ;-)

UnkaLeong said...

I always introduce myself to any foreigner, be it my colleague's or lost tourist which I help from time to time as a Malaysian first and foremost. I am proud of my heritage. Home is where the heart is, and mine's in Malaysia :)

SuLee said...

seriously, i starred at the flag for the longest time, and the yellow moon and star just reminded me it is a muslim country....

and the red and white stripes just reminded me of the americans, just how much they are proud to be americans, being patriotics and all that....

that raised the question in my head: what is the percentage of the Malaysia's population is ACTUALLy proud to be Malaysian ?

I asked myself, im much as i wanted myself to be, a friend made a comment, Malaysia is a way well developed coutry compared to most of the countries in south east Asia. That made me feel good, does that mean I am patriotic?

by the way, are you serious about Malaysian invented ACTUALLY?

AngryYoungChild said...

i am proud to be a malaysian cause got alot of nice food compare to other places! Muahahaha..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: i guess i m itching to try my luck elsewhere..end of the day..its really up to me i guess..isnt? but whether i decide to go elsewhere..malaysia is still my home of course..

kenny: i guess i need to do some taste testing on the grass overseas..will let you know in the near future..

unkaleong: i will still remember those days when i introduce myself as a malaysian and they wouldnt have a clue..those dumb arse..

sulee: listen to and ask them..i doubt we are that creative lar..

angryyoungchild: damn good easy answer..haha like it..

Lee Ping (Mrs. HBT) said...

I always introduce myself as "I am Chinese from Malaysia". And I am very proud of my heritage. Malaysians are friendly folks and always make time for friends.

Bad driving is in every big cities, not just in Malaysia.

So, Kangaroo Man, don't let nagging pain get into your nerves. :) Spend precious time with your beautiful GF and loving family.

MeiyeN said...

good question! seriously, i don't know how to answer :p but for sure, am really glad that our country is free of natural disaster! just that, i don't feel proud at all when there are crime scenes everywhere, feel so scared! :(

Cirnelle said...

I've been a silent addict to your blog and finally am compeled to say something. Ironically, it took a post that is not about food to have me open my mouth. Haha!

One thing you should be proud of to be Malaysian is staring right in your face, I mean blog.... Our FOOD!

jolcy said...

well.. I have to agree with fatboybakes.. I mean the grass will always be greener on the other side... or rather it will look greener.. I mean.. when are humans ever satisfied?? I guess it will just happen wherever you end up being.. there are bound to be things to be disatisfied about.. at the end of the day.. i know i know.. there are so many things bout Malaysia to be sick about.. but then what we can do is just be satisfied with what we have and just think of the good stuff we get here.. like... i agree.. FOODDD... and also like what meiyen said.. we're free from natural disaster.. which is really important and which is why we're still standing on our grounds.. :) anyway.. you should visit my blog and listen to the Negaraku or probably you have.. well.. it's something bout our country which is kinda sad but true.. but what the heck.. we just live for ourselves lu.. enjoy our lives and who cares how sucky others try to make your life to be..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lee ping: i will be definitely be spending some time with my family..haha i stay with them..

mei yen: phew thank god no natural disaster..floods are enough..

cirnelle: is definitely a plus point..and thanks for all the silent support!

jolcy: negara ku?? haha i shall go and listen 1st..keke

fatboybakes said...

oh oh, another great reason why i think i cant live abroad, is the ease with which we can make friends here, and the spontaneity of calling on each other for a drink, meal, whatever (although in my old age i am finding this less easy, as all my peers are damn unhappening...hardly go out)...
i know for a fact that amongst the married ppl who live in australia, definitely you gotta book way in advance if you wanna go out for anything.
at the end of the day, we may gripe about the discrimination, the crime, etc etc...we have 3 options. 1. get involved, and do something about it, ie, enter politics, or something
2. just telan and bitch about it over drinks, but enjoy life la, in the process, like me
3. emigrate.....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: hahaha option 2 sounds good..but im looking forward to that option a little later in for now..malaysian i am..but i m keen to see why the grass looks greener on the other side..

tigerfish said...

Aiya...I remembered long time ago, a radio station in Sg also inviting call-in to talk about what makes Singaporeans , well, Singaporean, and there are also people saying "singlish"..."lah", "leh" "loh" mah!..I'm also using them. Just need to know when to switch to proper engrish at different audience.
I'm not Malaysian so can't comment to your point but I think many S'poreans face the same "?" ....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tigerfish: hahah i guess it happens because we are so close neighbours..the disease of not knowing who u r is spreading fast..hahah

Kenny Mah said...

Two things:

1. Do go and test the grass, bro. For some, the grass is greener, and that's fine too. To each his own, as one of my friends loves putting it.

2. Why "Kangaroo Man"? Did I miss something? ;)


jason said...

When my friend came back from US, he was actually praising how good US was... affordable car price, convenient system in all government departments and you can even use cheque to buy chewing gums!

But somehow, he still love his own bed at home and the surrounding areas which he grew up in... and the abundance of food from different races.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kenny: sure will haha..i got a feeling i will come back and settle eventually.. kangaroo man? i think its meant to refer to me studying in australia? nickname given by lee ping..

jason: haha dont say lar..if not i want to ship my bed over d..

lilia edlina said...

Hmm.. pada pendapat saya.. mana2 kita pergi pun, kita tend to see more on the bad things.. wait until we go somewhere else, then only we'll appreciate what we have. you know, human always want for more. so yeah, i am more than proud to be Malaysian and yes, i agreed with you, i kinda sick with that advertisements you were talking about, though i like that radio station so much.

AngryYoungChild said...

Lerr, i couldnt find anything else i like about malaysia. So the only thing left is food!

So next time u got nothing to be proud of, Think about malaysia's glorious food. =D

Elizabeth said...

Oh Gosh. I've been thinking about this question for a long long time. Am i proud to be Malaysian? I used to be, you know, when we were in primary and secondary school.. How the education system 'pollute' our young minds about how proud we should be as malaysians and bla bla bla.. But as we grow up, all the things they said seem to be false.
why should we be proud of manglish? Are they saying we should be proud of being copy-cat? that we took someone else's language and make a joke out of it?
anyway, the only thing i am proud of being a Malaysian is the weather. I am so glad we don't have horrifying natural disasters. and of course, the food. cant live without the food. :)

SLACKER said...

i am proud to be Malaysian... why shouldn't i be? as much as i agree that conditions here could be better... why dont the hypocrites and so call malaysians do something about it instead of being ashamed of your homeland... instead of bitching on yer asses at mamak stalls, internet or the freakin pubs... i was born here, raised here, and am fucking proud to be a malaysian! life could be better elsewhere, it could be worse in other countries... but watever it is... Malaysia will alwiz be HOME...

SLACKER said...

btw - AYC... you got it spot on... FOOD IN MALAYSIA FREAKING RAWKS!!!!

zewt said...


hahahaha... guess i willgive it a skip then. i have to agree with u... can the radio please stop it... please fucking stop it... one of the reason why malaysia rocks was becos we have roti canai and teh tarik... WTF!

The Cooking Ninja said...

I'm not Malaysian so cannot comment on it but I can say that I'm proud to be a Singaporean ;) ... even the Singaporeans bitches about their country and I'm sure even the citizens of the greener pastures you are talking about bitches about their country ;)

hahaha...I still get the answer 'huh?' whenever I say I'm from Singapore.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lilia: yeah thats the greedy side of the human beings..yes i luv the station but hate those ads!..

angryyoungchild: roti canai and teh tarik..absolutely my idols?

elizabeth: thats why pls dont go into the manglish path..its pathetic..

slacker: that being said, i thought u r looking for greener pastures?

zewt: i m sure we are not alone when we say we hate it..but how come they dont get it 1 ar?? haha sorry lor faster then u slightly..u can always divert some traffic here..

cookingninja: hahaha..lifes a bitch and people just love to bitch i guess..

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) said...

Did you study in Australia?

In your "About Me" profile, you wrote, " to make a man pregnant and give birth...".

Man who gets pregnant is referred to as Kangaroo Man, "Dai Shu Nan Ren" in mandarin. My husband and I watched the "Kangaroo Man" movie many years ago in a theatre in Taiwan.

p/s Have you treat Kenny to a 10 course meal yet? I am leaving comments because 1) you have a nice designer banner 2) you have a nice gf.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lee ping: yes i did..haha ok thus kangaroo man..puzzle solved..kenny has been bz..still waiting for a free slot for him n me..haha..

thanks alot..the banner is courtesy of kenny btw..and on behalf of my gf *blush* thank you..

zewt said...

hahahahaha... i have decided not to blog about it for now... :P

Coketai said...

I am Malaysian! I answer this without any hesitation...I have been living aboard for decade...not because I don;t like my country, just because I want to earn a better living, have more exposure and learn the world. Frankly speaking the day I touch the foreign soil, that very moment I promise myself I will be back to Malaysia for good one day...I still think so till today ( after 12 years).

I know there were a lot of things happening in this country that piss off a lot of people but to think of it carefully...where else in this world there is a perfect country????

Just like you mention in your entry - this is the country whose brought us what we are today so look at the positive side of will get beter!!!



"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: haha blog about it and link to me lar..wahahha

coketai: haha i need to cut the tummy is expanding at a very alarming i will haha.. thanks alot for the encouragement tai..

Anonymous said...

Hi. I stumbled across your blog when I did a search to see whether there were any websites on being "proud to be Malaysian". Because I am. And it took me to be away from good ol' Malaysia to realise just how much I love and miss Malaysia. I am a Malaysian born and bred and currently working as an expat in Australia. Let me tell you, the grass will always seem greener on the other side. And not until you are on the other side that you will realise that the grass is greener at home. I am just so tired of the number of people from Malaysia who come to Australia with the grand idea of becoming a PR. And the younger they are, the more enthusiastic about they are about the idea. Reasons to be proud to be Malaysian? Here they are top 5: (1) Malaysia is truly multi-cultural: Complain all you like about discrimination. You have not SEEN discrimination. Malaysians do not "tolerate" different cultures like people from other countries do. They get along in their own relaxed, Malaysian way and somehow... along the way, Understand their friends' culture,Learn their friends' language, and Appreciate their friends' food. If you think you can see this kind of thing happening in another country, Dream on! (2) Malaysians are honest in their interaction: Yes, we can be rude. But we are only expressing waht we really want to express. When we do not feel like saying "good morning", we don't. I miss that the most. I am just so tired of all the fake "how are you" and "how's it going?" from people who don't know you, don't care about you and who just plain don't mean it at all. (3) Malaysian food: It's the best. 'Nuff said. (4) Malaysians are so adaptable and resilient: Don't worry. Our English is not bad at all. Our accents are not as strong as the Singaporeans and our fluency is a mile and a half better than non-English speaking Europeans. We may not wear out national pride on our sleeves but put any Malaysian anywhere and he/she/it will survive. Kind of like a cockroach - but in a good way. (5) Malaysia is developed "enough" (as compared to our neighbouring countries) but not so developed that we lose our kampung charms. We have a fast-paced lifestyle and we have vibrant cities. But we do not have the nightmares of crowded-to-hell cities and exorbitant real estate. Out businesses still have room to grow. And we still have room to prosper.

Anonymous said...

Dear previous Anonymous,

Why are you in Australia? If you're so damn proud to be a Malaysian ???? Stay and serve your homeland!

I bet it is not for the money or greener pastures. By the way, down under is not a good reference for equality.

tamaulipas said...

i am just some dude working in malaysia bonded to one company because they have sponsored me to study abroad. so why did they (the sponsors including malaysian government) are too keen in sending students to study overseas? is malaysian education not up to the standards? i don't know because i have not experience studying in malaysian universities just yet, well, i'm planning to try it for my graduate studies.

And then once the students finished their study most of them do not want to come back, why? answer is simple i believe. the pay is really bad. i think i am underpaid and i do not feel like working to the maximum.

the pay is low but the prices are high. most youngters like me have dreams to be cool. but hey we just cannot afford it. especially to buy a car.

in US, the pay is USD4~5K for fresh grad but then the prices are not that high even though the petrol is not subsidized. You can get brand new car like honda accord for a mere USD20k. or any other cars that you feel like buying. 20k is nothing with salary of 5k. The installment must be very affordable.

Unlike Malaysia, the starting pay is RM2k to ~RM3k and the prices of car like honda accord is more than RM100k. Damn even the national car is priced more than 30k. So most of us are forced to drive a very basic car with nothing to be proud of. So if you are not bonded and is studying overseas, you may want to stay and work there, enjoy life while you're still young and then go back malaysia once you are old and start to feel proud of malaysia. nevertheless, many malaysians who has worked overseas are not very keen to go back.

Superwomanwannabe said...

You are not alone in feeling that there are so many things wrong with malaysia and that you should not feel proud to be malaysian

You may be overseas earning lots of money (hey good for you)- that to me has got nothing to do with being patriotic, that's just being smart!

Not proud to be Malaysian? Would you be proud to be american/english/singaporean/japanese instead??

this is your country, take ownership of it, you , we, our ancestors, all of us made it what it is. this is your negaraku, that flag is your flag, that quirks is your country's quirks, the corruption etc , the economic growth, the fantastic highways (have you been to other cities??), the hari raya, the virtues , the politeness, the lack of paparazzi, the sopan santun, the values we still hold, the food, those very essence are what made you who you are today and while you earn lots of dosh overseas, never never ever cease to be proud to be a malaysian!! And those who bash Malaysia= who would you rather be instead my dears??