Sunday, June 3, 2007

The war between Advertlets and Nuffnang...

Its been awhile since i used my creative brain juices and wrote an article that either combines some sort of ranting or dissatisfaction of life and some actual facts of life. I realised that i have been drowned in my land of Good Food recently, and its been almost 2 weeks that i have just consistently churned out food reviews, highlighting and showcasting numerous cuisines and tonnes of mouth watering food pictures. Being the "kiasu" that i am and eager to try to satisfy everyone under the sun, i decided to go "fasting" for awhile and blog about a very "hot" issue: Online advertising.

Firstly, did you realise i can actually type without my commas? Cool man! I guess one can be very serious when they want to, eh? Actually as most of you have known, i have been hit by the flu bug so eating has well not been interrupted but the eagerness to try new food definitely hit a low as i couldnt be bothered as long food could enter my mouth and satisfy my expanding stomach. So where was i? Yes, online advertising.

I got a comment that other day, suggesting that i had too many ads on my humble blog which well was very true and at the same time got me thinking as well, what is all the fuss of the ads? What was my original intention to sign up to Nuffnang? then followed by Advertlets? Was it really the dream to increase my monthly pay cheques? I guess it was, and my dreams are dashed. The truth is, my "unique visitors" is rising but nowhere near enough to earn a decent living, let alone buy me a bowl of noodles. So i guess thats the end of the story isnt? Oh no, i have been reading a few articles regarding this two fierce competitors, and i thought i might as well hop on to the bandwagon and blog about it too! After all, i am "tak hang, mo yeh zhou" ("free and nothing to do") so might as well blog about it right?

So what about the war? It seems that they have been some fierce loyal fans among the two and words have been thrown around, they have been sarcastic remarks beyond my level traded, and announcements to throw everything back into place. I for one, am a small fry so i guess even if i take sides, its not going to be of weight, unless its of physical weight. So what can i comment about the two?

1. Earnings.. To tell you the truth, i have earned 90cents for advertlets for the ads splattered all over my blog and RM3.58 from nuffnang for the "Lesen Mati" 1 week campaign sometime ago..
Nuffnang wins hehe

2. The creator looks.. Yes i declare myself a metrosexual and want to blog about how they look, can or not? Timothy from Nuffnang looks abit nerdy, but looks genuine and i guess it shows by the amount of support he has, especially the famous ones that i read like 5Xmom.. Josh from Advertlets looks abit "kuai lan" and "pai kiah" with his long hair.. more trendy and cool looking..again goes to show where his support comes from..Kinkybluefairy..
I guess everyone's born in a special way..Draw

3. Their logos.. Give me a chance to at least put a picture up on my blog right? Guess what i found??

This are the original pictures that i found at their respective websites. Who wins? Obvious answer, isnt?

4. Misc areas - For one, Timothy actually has been blogging actively and his blog is very easy to read and enjoy..Josh on the other hand, i am still searching for a blog if you have any.. Nuffnang has organised an event for the lucky 250 bloggers..Advertlets..i am still waiting for one..

Lets just say, whatever it is, i hope you guys can successfully earn your money and your career without stepping on each other toes..and if you can both give me abit of spare change, i will try my best to spread awareness to my blog and increase my number of unique visitors ok?

But end of the day what matters is what is the purpose of me putting up ads on my blog? Will i lose my readers because i look like i am so greedy pig trying to earn money where ever i can? Or is it just a distraction to my readers, and become an irrelevant eye sore for my readers?

An interesting fact is that among all the floggers, i can dare say that i am probably the only one or only ones (just in case i am wrong) to have signed up with them. Everyone seems to be comfortable where they are, which again makes me wonder why i am where i am as of now, signed up with the only two Malaysian based online advertisers..What is the answer? I havent got a clue..

What is the purpose of this entry? I havent got a clue either.. Thats the problem with me, i have a brilliant start, just like my face..then lose my plot..thats where my big belly comes in..then dont have an ending..thats where i stuffed my face till i am about to blow and forget half the facts that i am suppose to blog about e.g. phone numbers, maps, addresses, halal status and the specialities..and i once forgot the name of the place!.. Thats just who i am i guess.. Ok enough of blogging..going to sleep and going to start a brand new day tommorrow..Oh yeah Happy Monday Blues people in another 2 and the half hours! Well you have the video below the cure it, dont you?

PS: I dont know how true this is, but each click on the ad, chances are i can earn abit more for the ads that i have what is the harm of clicking on it and see what it has got for you? Nothing, its just a click..a harmless click..Click it! I tell you..! EDITED: I have been doing abit of harmless clicking.. i do get 10 cents from each click you click on ! So want to see more yummy sashimi? click away..but please also read what the ad has to say ok? Dont just blindly click away!
EDITED: I think i can still make this a more "complete" entry.. Stay tune tonite as i try to fix this up..till then just wonder what i am crapping about..ok?


Freethinker said...

Hahaha...a very neutral one on the wars...

I must say I find this post damn funny especially u brought ur belly into the picture... HAHHA

zewt said...

hey man.... why stand on the fence?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

freethinkers: well i am never meant for serious posts..always laced with humour.. =)

zewt: well because i dont see a point to choose a side to seat on.. i m actually having fun standing on the fence and seeing the whole picture..

boo_licious said...

er, I thought the purpose of this was to choose a side since you talk abt the two? You didn't also state why you put ads on yr blog? Think you left too many questions unanswered in this post that it's hanging.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

boo: i think so too..part 2 perhaps tonite? dear me my juices not working properly..

AngryYoungChild said...

Nuffnang pls..=D

Hey..Your blog make me hungry la..>.< found your blog thru zewt's blog btw..

tankiasu said...

Kekeke...seems like another attempt of yours to increase the traffic eh? Kekeke ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

angryyoungchild: haha i know..its the only downside to my blog..prevents ppl from coming pls come back ok!

tankiasu: well..i wouldnt say so..somethin to distract other ppl while i try to find some more food to review la..

Mark said...

I just put those 2 on mine... not even enough for a satay... hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats quite bad..haha i think i might get enough for a couple of satays..waiting patiently