Sunday, June 24, 2007

A preview of what the floggers and i did last Saturday..

Firstly, i had a wonderful and splendid time with a bunch of newly made friends..people that i would have never chanced upon if i had never started up this blog..attended an eye opening night @ Sandias and also a priceless night at FBB place.. the feeling is like finding a needle in a haystack.. its just so speechless.. Thanks to all the floggers and non-floggers for their prescence in JHP opening and the dinner at Max! .. And also for the number of tips on how to use my dumb blonde red camera..

So why a preview and not just blog away as i always used to? I realised i exceeded my free bandwidth that flickr just gave me..So thats another couple of days before i can blog about the weekend..

So with that i show you one of the best photos i took ever in my life..

The tuna served at Max! Kitchen..

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank my readers out there in advance for helping me achieve another milestone.. '10000' page loads (i would like to cheat myself and say visitors instead) but without you guys, i probably would have gone crazy blogging to mid-air just like the poor fellows @ Tanjung Rambutan..


sooyin said...

Wheee! First to comment...=P

The pic looks yummy! (dslr...dslr...dslr...)

Glad I got the chance to meet you and your lovely gf on Saturday!=)

Paprika said...

Very nice pic indeed! Was great to finally meet all of you. What a great Saturday night out!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Nice pic dude! Joe, your pics are large, man. Try reducing the size, and you won't exceed your free bandwidth. :-P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sooyin: yes i just drop a note in ur blog..i actually need to get price quotes now..dreaming of hugging a dslr at nite already!nice meeting up wif u!

paprika: nice meeting up wif u n mikel (is that how you spell it)?

ll: thats a problem with the damn sony cameras...reducing the size means lower megapizels though..

leo said...

nice pic! perhaps the next time you could take it at a 45 degree angle of the dish, and take more of the food, not the plate ;) increase the saturation of your shot a bit =)

And with this shot, it would be good to see whether the tuna was done right (seared outside, red inside) by slicing it through.. ;)

Cheers Joe and keep up the good work

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: no problem mate! thanks for the advice..that nite though i was fighting with 10 other cameras to take a shot.. and that tuna wasnt if i start taking a knife out i be slaughterd! haha..

Precious Pea said...

clap clap clap...very nice picture. Well done. :)

lilia edlina said...

the picture sure does look so tempting! i'm hungry now.... huhu.

Jackson said...

i heard Max is very good in serving tuna dishes... is that true??

Kok said...

10000 page loads? Wahhh! Congratulations!:)

wmw said...

Joe : Nice pic, take more, we all get better with all that practice..You can use a software program to resize your pic, and yet shoot max pixels. Or go Flickr pro...instead of getting a DSLR to save some moolah. :o)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pp: thanks thanks

lilia: dinner time!

jackson: you might have to ask paprika..i tak tahu la didnt order..

kok: thanks thanks, its crazy and exciting from now on..

wmw: cheers mate.. actually im quite serious in getting a dslr..just got tips of soo yin on which models to look out for..trying to get some quotations from some contacts..then going shopping next week to have a look around..

SuLee said...

i must admit, i usually just have tuna fish in sashimi form or canned tuna.

but I bought a big bag of tuna steaks recently and kept doing a horrible job cooking them. the one you had here- izzit kinda raw in the middle?