Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lai Po Heen @ Mandarin Oriental KLCC

I must have been talking about this place since day 1 of writing this blog, and i guess i finally have the chance to review it..and i must say almost..firstly, i didnt bring my camera and secondly my phone was about to die on me..i guess it didnt fail me because before i left, i took a picture of the entrance..albeit abit blur.. So welcome to Lai Po Heen , a favourite dim sum place for our family eventhough it is halal and they actually steam as you order..

What catches my attention is the see through windows of the kitchen, as you see the chefs in action over a plate of raddish cake or a plate of wholesome noodles.. you know the quality is rest assured and the chefs are all up to standard..

So as always dim sum that are normally done Halal style tends to lack the oomph as pork is traditionally a very common ingredient among the famous kind of dim sum like siu mai and of course, char siu bao..furthermore they are very innovative as some of their dim sum are rotated monthly or bi monthly with new fusion how did the dim sum fare this time around?..

First up, the siu mai..when you bite into actually feels like it doesnt want to be known as a siu feels and tastes rather like yu mai (fish ball)..but with a prawn kick into it..maybe its because of the tight boundaries..the colourful contrast between the green skin and the yellow skin tries to make a home run with this basket but it does indeed lacks the take this dish with the expectation of not eating a siu mai but rather a new dish..

By knowing their boundaries, this place tends to offer prawn based dim sum for example the scallop dumpling (tai chi gao)..A nice decent piece of scallop with a prawn base wrapped in a light chewy skin..this was a taste of freshness from the sea..very well done..

Next dim sum to go under scrutiny is another favourite dim sum item for the whole world, the prawn dumpling (har kau) which was once again brilliantly done..just wonderful to taste succulent prawns virtually non stop, basket after basket

Chee Cheong Fun is again another pioneer Hong Kong dim sum dish..which was once again very well done.. the skin was not overly thick and did not stuff you up unnecessarily..

Now everyone must be thinking by now..let me out of my misery and show me no more..and indeed i thought why not? Keep the suspense..after all i have way too many dim sum to i thought this is going to be a two part post..with the second half tommorow.. so more pictures and details tommorow..stay tuned..

I am evil..wahaha! promised..its now day 2..and i shall resume this post..

Continuing with steamed dim sum, here we have a vegetarian dish..with mock meat, carrots and possibly turnips..very refreshing from the overdose of prawns..

By showing off their bravery and their fusion skills, unagi was perfected with cod fish in these wonderful and surprising form of a steamed was plain delightful..

Next up, we had dumplings served with a tangy szechuan sauce..which was kicked up a notch with the slight spicyness.. it was again very refreshing as most dumplings would have been served with a double boil soup..

The fried raddish cake was so so, mainly because the dish was simple..abit too simple..fried with egg, bean sprout and raddish cake.. if there was a prawn or would have heighten the dish..

The onion cake was one of the seasonal items in Lai Po Heen, which was a decent effort from them..i still prefer the artistic version that they did in Prince Hotel

The lotus paste sesame ball.. This was very oily aftertaste..but it lacked the oomph compares to those with a sesame paste filling for some reason..bear in mind this is the original flavour..

The Mango Prawn Roll..( i guess) can clearly see the juicy sweet mango piece together with the bouncy prawns..a wonderful combination..

As we come to a close of an influx of dim sum photos.. my eyes spotted across one of their current promotions, the Nanjing cuisine.. they have specially flew the chefs from China and i wasnt about to miss out on their i quickly sampled two dishes from them..

The meat buns..this was a very unique presentation as the claypot was decently hot as you can hear the sizzle from the meat buns.. cooked to perfection..unfortunately the filling lacked the oomph compared to the ones i had in Macau way back then.. mainly because of the "pork" factor?

Lastly, the stir fry rice flour.. ( i reckon ) cooked with some seafood in a dry style..the pieces of chewy flour was simple taste to it was so homely and is life..if not what is life??

Being someone who loves dim sum and his "pork".. this place still scores a very highly commendable 8.8 out of 10..i love this place for day one with their good service and friendly waiters and waitresses..

Lai Po Heen
Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 (3) 2179 8885

The online menu

Ok..a finally phew..that was a very long review and it has been sometime since i did one like that..hope you guys enjoyed the suspense and the photos..drool on!


Lee Ping said...

very colorful, halal "siu mai" that tastes more like "fish mai".

Kenny Mah said...

*sings* Show me more, show me more! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lee ping: yeah basically thats it really..stay tune for the next part

kennymah: lazy actually..theres almost 15 pics in total..including some nanjing specialities

tankiasu said...

Save money for your marriage. Stop eating at posh places, even with discount cards! :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tankiasu: its ok..i have my finance minister for meals 1 on weekends..hahah such a luxury!

The Cooking Ninja said...

u're eeevvvvillll indeed ;) When I saw the siu mai, I thought it did look like fish paste instead of meat. :) They sure look yummy and beautiful.

Cutie said...

Ooh, siew mai is definitely my favourite. It's been a while since I went for dim sum. Maybe should go this weekend. hehe...=)

teckiee said...

Ohhhhh for a pok lover... I did enjoy my "pok" meal there. Actually.. i like the place a lot. Really worth the money you pay. Service is superb too!

AngryYoungChild said...

Got Wu Kok? Got got got? u know any place in KL that sell good wu kok?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the cooking ninja: yeah it does look the part haha..its an edible art

cutie: you should!

teckiee: i love my pok 2..but the place is really good isnt?

angryyoungchild: hmmm wu kok ar..i might need my senior floggers to direct you..

zewt said...

joe... i really wanna know.. how can u afford all these????

Kok said...

you make me crave for dim sum now! Yea, you're evil! hahaha! (Just joking):P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: refer to my reply to tankiasu..go out and eat with parents got finance minister 1 mah..

kok: haha but perth you can get some kick ass dim sum isnt?

team BSG said...

those fatty oily things look like they came out from 6 star Mandarin.
No wonder they are supremely 8.8 ( but bear in mind what dear friend tankiasu said ah ). V need you extra vibrant lean & mean for many more fiere backStreets here and there also u know.

UnkaLeong said...

Wah Leow...Lau Hau Soi. *sigh* Good Dim sum is something that is hard to come by in BKK.

Kay said...

Looks really well made and delicious!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

teambsg: dont worry im read for action anytime..

unkaleong: now you know why u hav a 6 pack and i dont..BKK doesnt have good dim sum wahaha

kay: yup guaranteed!

fatboybakes said...

wow, you must earn a lot of money!!!! eating at all these fancy smancy 5 times a week. mortals like me have to save weeks to go for one luxury dinner...that also must be discount card place.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: i where got eat in these kinda places all the time..haha.. i dont have a swimming pool also.. and please..i cant even afford ur discount card btw..hahaha

Lee Ping said...

Perhaps Lai Po Heen @ Mandarin Oriental KLCC, can give you a discount since you gave them such a high mark, almost 9 out of 10.

I like the meat buns in sizzling claypot idea.

myCoffee said...

You should also try their chilled durian pancake. I think they popularized this dessert in KL. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lee ping: yeah i shud ask for a discount the next time..give them the link haha..

mycoffee: i have heard so much about it..but i reckon i over ordered this time around so there was no room least i m comforted by the fact that theres Nigel choc durian cake..

Paprika said...

my god! Thats alot of food! I haven't eaten there in awhile. Its pretty good as far as pork-free goes. Can't beat the real thing tho'!

WokandSpoon said...

Hiya. Thx for stopping by my blog! man, those closeups of the dimsum are making my mouth water!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

paprika: yeah for four persons only wahaha..thats very true..true hong kong dim sum needs pork..but then again, they would lose alot of customers as a number of them are muslims

wokandspoon: welcome..haha go ahead and drool..its ok..dont b shy

Precious Pea said...

I love their durian pancake...very very nice and must try. Eh, pls drop by my blog..your opinion needed.

Kok said...

can get is can get lah. But how to get more $ from my dad to eat dim sum? hahaha!

tigerfish said...

I like chee cheong fun with the thinnest skin and most generous fillings. :)
Were there just 3 buns in the claypot? Looks miserable but I bet the crisp charred bao is filled with juicy "meat"?

Big Boys Oven said...

Sounds good and looks fantastic. will defintely be there soon.

wmw said...

Dim sum....welcomed anytime! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pp: too late..had a late meeting till 6 plus lar..

kok: hmmm theres a way one with parents

tigerfish: yes 3 buns just like how u would serve dim sum...the juicy meat lacked the pork texture though

bbo: you should!

wmw: more like food..welcomed anytime!

leo said...

good stuff had lunch there recently.. but still lacked the oomph of pork.. but better than the other halal places..

Russ said...

That dim sum looks damn good! I miss Malaysian Dimsum so bad!!
Too bad its halal tho.. hehehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: agreed..if only we can sneak in some pork for the chefs..haha

russ: its damn good alright..

zewt said...


but it's bad... you're probably going to build quite a bit of tummy...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: yeah so b4 i start to go on puasa..we better have our meal ok?

mama bok said...

Kill me now pleaseeeeeeeeee...!!! i wanna go home...!!!!!

Ah Wan said...

Hi joe,

Nice post :)
If you are a big fan of durians, I strongly suggest that you try out their durian cakes. There are 3 pieces of cake which comes in a plate order. They taste pungent-llente! Coming from a person who dislikes durian, like myself.

Another worthy try, are their fried almond flakes prawn rolls. Delicious!

Wei Wan

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