Saturday, May 12, 2007

A twisted Mothers Day

I could be no different from any other blogger by dedicating a post to the greatest kind of human being to earth and say a simple Happy Mothers Day..but instead being the obnoxious person i am and the urge to rant again as usual for attention , i have twisted this entry to a
"public announcement for the community service"..So what has Joe got to say this time around?..

I am sure by now most of the blogging community would have learnt about the passing away of a blogger's mom..and that moment i think was sad for all and of course with the recent Mothers Day that we have just gone 8 minutes in..its even worse..but that doesnt only struck me as to loving your mothers more..but instead we also have to learn how to love ourselves more..why you say? because if we dont love ourselves and love our bodies, how are we going to take care of our you want them to celebrate the next Mothers Day alone?

At this moment, is probably the biggest moment of irony..a flogger who talks about his love for food is now asking his audience to take care of themselves and look after their food intake..yes you read correct..doesnt mean i blog about food 24/7 and indulge in food most of the time , i dont exercise or dont live a healthy lifestyle..which is only partially true in my case..i sort of exercise on a irregular basis and yes a happy hour or two whenever i can squeeze in..

So with every short community announcement like you hear on the radio..please take care of yourselves..stay healthy so you can stay healthy to take care of your mom to her last of her days..and not the other way dont have to react strongly and put yourself on starvation mode..increase water intake...vegetables and fruits..less oil and fats...eating less complex carbs such as white bread and rice..all contribute less inches off your waist and more years to cherish your mom on Mothers the next time , you are faced with this...see below..

Swallow your saliva and opt for something healthier..and by no means that means nasi lemak..try fruits, cereals, yoghurt, milk or oatmeal ( i can testify oatmeal can give you plentiful of bowel movement)..and if that doesnt scare you at all...refer to scenario no. 2 below..

I warned you as well..and if you are as unimaginative as a brick wall..i.e. cant imagine how life is 6 feet under..try looking at this..

I still get shivers looking at pictures of my old days..the buttons look like they will pop anytime..i can bearly see my double chin is just grossed out..and i am happily slugging on beer..the days of XXL and 40 inches pants thank god is finally over..Phew..that shirt by the way is very is the T shirt ..the pants? I cant button because thats way too loose..

Ok..i guess whatever it is we do, please look into the long term..stay healthy = spending more Happy Mothers Day ok? By the way, to all the mothers who actually know how to surf the internet and blog..happy mothers day!


J.T. said...

Very good community announcement, Joe.
Increase water intake - which I don't do unless it is gym day!
Vegetables and fruits - which I do but not everyday, maybe 3 times a week.
Less oil and fats - where can? Must have a little bit, if not cooking a bit dry lah. Instead of peanut oil or vegetable oil, try sunflower oil or olive oil.
Eating less complex carbs such as white bread and rice - OK, doing that already. :)
That roti chanai looks so darn good at 12 midnight! ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

very bad very bad..i guess small little steps are enough to take u a long way..happy mothers day!

jason said...

Thanks for caring :P
Happy Mother's Day

Timothy said...

Yeah man. Thanks for the information and err.. realization. Now I feel much much more guilty than usual....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha well the irony part is i will still encourage eating good food..just want to make sure no 1 will go dwn my path..its not funny

T.c said...

Here in Manchester where I am self catered, how to be unhealthy leh? Haha!!!

fatboybakes said...

wow, how much weight did you lose? size 40 pants? well, at least you're tall la.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i lost from almost 120kgs to around 94-95kgs..? its now thank god a reasonable 36..