Thursday, May 3, 2007

Restaurant Green View @ Petaling Jaya

Situated after or before depending on which way you at it..where? Rothmans roundabout in Petaling Jaya..Googling this place would get you the phone numbers and address..but since i am so brain dead..i did it for u guys

Green View Restaurant
6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7958 1076

This place is actually opened 11am - 11pm..i first visited this place when it was just two shoplots big..still no air-con i remembered..they advertised RM2o or RM 25 a kg meat crabs..and we couldnt refuse such an offer..since then..this place has grown massive..taken over almost 4 shoplots and 2 floors??.. Its amazing how they have expanded so huge!..Back to the food..their best seller are crabs..though nowadays their crabs that they sell are huge..and so are the prices.. another best seller is the sang har mee..but i had it not long cut cost..cant show it to u this time round..So lets cut the chase and show you the food..i know its just before dinner time..ideas?? ideas??

Sang mee the form of Kong Nam Mee..well prawns but a variety of everything else..small prawns..some chicken cubes..mushrooms..veges..the usual..the sang mee was fried till crispy..enjoyed..

Chao Tang Hun and Mee Hoon..its also called Tung Fun...normally we eat Tung Fun alone..ever since they ask us to ying yeung..we go ying yeung since..very fragant..especially towards the end..all the har mei...again another very solid noodle dish..yes no rice today..
Clean the palate with Kai Lan first..before we attack the sinful dish..

The preview before the main meal..Butter Mantis prawns..cut to cubes deepfried then stir fry butter milk style? This is again very nice..but i prefer my mantis prawns whole! hahaha..

Sweet and Sour Chili Crabs..I actually positioned the crab to show you how big the claw and the head was...hahaha..this shows i am serious and the same time got to be quick..because i dont want my food to get cold!..3 big crabs for RM120..ouch..inclusive of the fried man tau..this plate of can virtually lap up all the sauce with the man high tech d..use to just serve toast only..

Fried Man Tau..i think i am abit more immune to oil..thus i didnt find it very oily at all..very nice to go with the crabs..actually just the sauce..crabs must savour alone..

I think i once again achieved alot of hungry stomaches ..growl..growl..i realised..its really challenging to blog..but not got to think whether the food was good..but i usually only post nice food..because all the shit food i normally dont go back..infact i am still trying to build up my collection of reviews..still a meagre 50 compared hundreds at those more established flogs..haha got food bloggers = food blogs = flogs? i think i am talking rubbish again...

Ok...another good dinner..another good score of at least 8.5 out of 10..prove me wrong..i dont know i was just wondering what Tim at 3 meals had to go into a restaurant with a huge camera..tell them you have a food blog..i wonder if we can gather a couple of people and try to get some discounts for those huge crabs??? what do you guys think??..Imagine the bill that night was RM199...hmm half price..ok la..enough of gibberish..please wipe all your saliva now...*Goosebumps*..


KampungboyCitygal said...

man ur updating speed is like lightning..haha..i have phobia ordering sang har meen..u'll never know how much they charge u..min 20 bucks or it could be higher if they give u more prawns..

zewt said...

heard the place is pretty steep... you got half price???

less than one week and counting... where should we hit first buddy?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yes..i update as quick as lightning..haha when you have around 10 mins to slumber b4 the next question..doin a food review requires the least time n brain cells..its been awhile and i m itching to do procrastination many things to bitch about..but i cant find the relevant pics..

no la..i didnt get half price..but wondering if we go with all those big ass cameras..wonder they will throw some freebies..haha count count..i m trying to do c if anyone is up for a crazy trip up to gohtong jaya..

J.T. said...

Joe, thanks for dropping by my blog. Now, I know what you are craving... Wow! the food looks simply scrumptious.
I am living so far away and I have no chance to use your reviews as a guide to find good food to soothe my growling stomach. However, I know who, in my family, might appreciate your blog. He entertains clients a lot.
I will be visiting you again.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... was nice to visit ur blog 2..definitely like to go back to urs!..sort of similar experience when i first went over to australia for my studies..bring back similar memories..

leo said...

excellent take on greenview, i couldn't agree more.

your "flog" is unique, light reading almost to the point of entertaining. you take your readers on a personal escapade to makan and that, in my opinion is the piece de resistance.

=) great job once again and keep it up.. I shall be back for updates!

leo said...

Oh yeah, since you've done Nobu London, did you get the opportunity to head up to Zaika?

Located in High Street Kensington, it's the only Indian restaurant in the world to have 3 AA Rosettes (equivalent to 3 Michelin Stars).

I did a piece on that a while ago... Look up my blog.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... very honoured..noo i didnt get a chance to try too many london cuisine..although people said the next best place to get indian food outside of india is indeed uk..if i ever do get a chance..i definitely will drop by there..thats is when i get the "chance"..

team BSG said...

ya u r right !

Get the floggers & some together then u can negotiate/request everything 1/3 price for their free cyber publicity and promotion. Becoz their cost is 1/4 V think so good for them !

btw they are very good and quite expensive.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

you think so 2?? haha yes..i am already thinking of how to exploit this..such good fun eh? you get to blog..and you get cheap food..

sc said...

i do pop over greenview now and then, i like their steamed ma yau, herbal chicken and tau foo with gourd (seng kua)

fatboybakes said...

they have kong nam mee in greenview? yummmm, i love KNM. my family goes there quite often, and the food, well, it's usually good la, but can be inconsistent. i guess no perfect place on earth yet la hor.
wah, you dine in london eateries one ah? bow bow, not worthy.

Precious Pea said...

Greenview's crab way too big and pricey for 2 of I go to King Crab ever since i discovered that place. But personally i think greenview's herbal chicken is the best...the gravy rocks!!

Tummythoz said...

U posted d tel number early in your post. Does that mean nowadays have to make reservation or preorder before arrival? Boy, they have grown.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha we always try to go there wif the intention to just "kiu choi" e.g. order dishes and eat rice..but always cant resist the temptation of crabs.

well that dish was definitely knm..haha in london if dont dine there then dine where?

i actually haven been to king crab..knowing how loyal my father is..crabs = greenview for him

well..they open from 11am-11pm..dont go at the normal times shudnt b too bad..i always eat by 6pm 1..haha dont hav to wait..

Kenny Mah said...

*tummy growls. loudly. in office.*

Darn you, darn you. :P

zewt said...

gohtong jaya? no need to go so far la.... somewhere near will do...

jason said...

Yep, food blogs = flogs :P
That's what I labeled at my favourite folder for those blogs I'm visiting everyday include yours! LOL

Kay said...

yumma yumma! I am feeling for some mein!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well..dinner time d wat..go and eat mah..

haha..hmm let me think about it..

haha flogs..sounds kinda cool rite..thanks thanks!

yup go and eat your mee!

SuLee said...

lai yau harr!!!!!! oh gosh I MISS THOSE!!!!! and crabssssss

drooolzzzz...alright back to my boring home cooked meal :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

no ned to miss them la..its ok..they wont extinct either..haha but the crabs..hahaha u guys r so much nearer to alaska..can get the big snow crabs?

SuLee said...

yea the fact we could, esp those alaska king crabs!! they are very meaty but not as sweet as the crabs back home though?

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, crab and mantis kind of foods. Drooling.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the crabs we got r prob the indo 1s..not local either!..yeah there are definitely meatier..after tat it depends on how u cook it..

my kind of food too!..a new reader!

leo said...

Oh yeah, if you're dropping by Zaika, be prepared with some serious amount of cash.

Somewhere in a range of 120 - 200 sterling pounds per person with drinks. And make reservations! Hehe!