Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Restaurant Ah Lit @ Sri Kembangan

According to my mother and sister, this is how its supposed to be pronounced..any other suggestions?? Well this place is well hidden in the "tiny" kampung of Serdang..or otherwise known as Sri Kembangan..directions are roughly as follows:

South City Plaza in the direction of Serdang --> Go straight and pass a BP petrol station and go straight until you see a Hong Leong on your left --> Immediately go to your right lane and turn right after the traffic light --> Go straight and on your left see a small signboard Jalan SK 3/10 and turn left..its just before a big school..go straight for 10 seconds..some may take less..you will see where i have eaten today..

This place was just recently featured in the chinese newspapers..the place is seriously no frill and its actually in a residential house..no air con..and the fan is not what it may seem..As you can see, their speciality dishes are fish head curry and their ma yau fish..have a look..have a look..just dont saliva all over ok?

Their speciality no 1..stuffed Ma Yau fish..looks like a normal fish?..Well take a look down here..

Ta da!..This is seriously a piece of art..The whole fish is deboned, the meat is made into a fish paste and stuffed back into the fish..for some reason the fins and the skin are attached back on..and if no one said anything, i think the fish was just a normal deep fried fish!
Speciality No 2: Garlic Stir Fried Snails "Shun Yong Lor"..With chili padi and curry leaves, this is a superb dish that has a creamy sauce to it..abit like your "Lai You" crabs..look for my Restaurant PJ Seafood review..
Speciality Dish No: 3..Fish head curry..it comes in small, medium and large..again another well balanced dish..the thick curry and the pieces of fresh fish head meat..along side brinjal, lady fingers and cabbage..not overly spicy like Kin Kin dried chillies but with the hot atmosphere due to the lack of fans, this packs a punch..
Speciality Dish No 4: Yam Circle with Sweet and Sour Pork "Ku Loo Yuk in Fatt Put".. A double dose of two of my favourite dishes in one!..Their sweet and sour pork is different..as you can see its strips of pork opposed to the pork balls you get..and its crispy till the verge you are eating pork crackers..damn yummy!

With all these speciality dishes, you got to take a break and eat some plain vegetables..some fibre is good for your health..Nicely done..

All this used to cost around RM70..but after the recent crowd and fame..although the dishes have increased in sizes as well..the price has gone up almost 20%!..Still if heat is not a challenge, do head down here for this sumptious and very affordable meal..there is also another speciality dish here..the Pak Cham Kai.. looks damn good..but sadly cant order..not enough people to eat..so after deep consideration, this still deserves a 8 out of 10..its been pretty consistent since the first time i ate here almost 2 years ago..Non Halal..got sweet and sour pork..what do you think? You didnt think it was vegetarian right?


SuLee said...

gosh man ur MEAN!! killing me softly here...who took care of the bill this time? (haha u know im gonna ask that question everytime)

keep eating man!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u knw my answer will always be the same..unless i publicly announce otherwise ;)

drooling yet?

Kenny Mah said...

I love SNAILS!!! There's one really good place to get snails with garlic and butter in Section 17, can't remember the restaurant name though. You know which one I'm talking bout?

xiu long bao said...

*Ahem* can also be pronounced as 'Yah Lie' in Mandarin. The food does look good, i luv yam basket, minus the oily taste.

zewt said...

if you keep eating like this.... you will not be able to see your thing down there when you look down.... know what i mean? hah!

but then again... who cares? bring me to this place man... i really wanna try the snails.

KampungboyCitygal said...

we read that on china press too..they featured the curry fish head, ma yao and steamed chicken..was about to tried it but you were way too fast..ahahha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dunno which u r talking..but i shall if u let me know abit more then to search ss17

yes food is good..yah lie or ah lit dun care la..food is good..haha

hmm good question..let me check..everything is still crystal clear..dont worry i make up by going gym..can can..1 day we can go..no probs

yes..i am fast..lightning fast..if not how to differentiate myself to the others..kidding..do try though..its got an approval chop from me..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hey guys!..10 more advertlet polls required!! please la..i beg..2 knees down..aiyah..

jason said...

*jaw dropping on da computer table, tongue sticking out*

SuLee said...

does ur parent want any god daughter or better yet, looking to adopt a daughter???

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good..i like that effect..

haha i think they can barely survive with me..let alone i got another brudder and sister to feed..

zewt said...

done your advertlets already la

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha thank u lor..my stats also dunno true or not 1..got almost 100 visitors a day..but somehow they cant waste 5 sec to fill it up..i give up on advertlets d la..

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, the fish was deboned to fish cake goodness...so moist and juicy. If I ever move back to Malaysia, I will have to move to KL/PJ (or at least maintain a house there in addition to Penang). :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its definitely a piece of art..yes u shud!..although theres plenty of food in penang to stuff!