Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bonjuk @ Desa Sri Hartamas

(picture taken of their website)

After a very heavy meal..obviously you got to balance it off..just like yin and yang..i have virtually slept the whole day..and probably according to my stop watch, i have another half an hour before my medicine will kick in and i will be in deep slumber till tommorrow..sadly yes, i will be stepping back into office..seating at home sick isnt exactly a very good feeling..and to tell you the truth..i miss the porridge here..exactly the kind of homely food that i would like since i am down with flu..

I think once again, this place needs no introduction, Bonjuk..the korean place that serves healthy food in the form of porridge and bibimbap..Does healthy means no taste and no good? Lets find out..

The Spicy Octopus Bibimbap..You pay and extra RM1 or 2 for the hotpot version..lots of vegetables and plenty of octopus also..stir everything together and you have such a homely meal..tons of carbs and protein too..

Going to be a place that specializes in porridge, one must order porridge..its just like you go into a sushi bar and dont order sushi or to a seafood restaurant and order chicken and beef.. The Ginseng Chicken porridge..served teo-cheow style..meaning you can still see the rice grains.. this porridge is exactly what you want to eat on a cold rainy day..the chicken breast is thinly sliced and the ginseng is not as bitter as one would think..

Along with the main dishm they serve kim chi and a type of cold beef that tasted like tuna to me hehe.. They are pretty attentive and will refill your kim chi whenever you finish everything..

I have another weakness and it is porridge and i like the korean style..very unique and something special..definitely will come back for their more unique ones like pumpkin porridge.. A solid 8 out of 10..and i think this is halal i reckon..address is
No. 18, Ground Floor, Jalan 25/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2300 2302

Open daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm,
Monday to Saturday (close on Sunday)

Well i am sick so this is as short as sweet as it will get..Their website has the comprehensive menu with a description of each porridge..I think they are starting to do delivery within the Hartamas area as well!..Prices start from RM 13-22 and they currently dont charge service tax and thats 15% saved..What else?

Oh yeah on another friend and I are looking to do another joint blog..we are thinking of humour..but there are tons of blogs out there who do we are clueless..what shall we blog about? Our main intention is to entertain as many people as we can..make fun, get people to laugh, and feature plenty of happy hours as we the question is..what do you guys see in a blog? Do you keep going back because of...? Appreciate all the comments..

Ninja Jones @ Northpoint, Mid Valley

Well despite my flu attacking me at full speed and i have to go through the pain every time i swallow my saliva as i am doing this post..the show must go on..after all i am dedicated to my blog..and the ultimate aim was to at least do a post a day and rest on my weekends..which seems to be the trends nowadays with every blogger..

So without further ado, i present you my mega block bluster of not only 1 meal but 2 meals of Ninja Jones all in 1! To tell you the truth, i fell in love with this place, the ambience , the variety of food and the interesting waiters dressed in ninjas..makes you feel that you are risking your lives just to have a good meal..

The interesting thing about this place is that they serve alot of affordable wagyu dishes..ala carte dishes start from RM48 and the set is around RM52..which is cheaper then any other place that i had my hands on.. Being a wagyu lover, they have hit my weak spot and this will always be on top of my list for japanese food..
The ambience upstairs.. The dim lighting though was bad for me..had to use flash on my pictures..although i did my best to photoshop using picasa..

Salmon Sashimi..This is the close up picture of the one i posted up earlier in the week. RM 25 for 5 slices..this was very fresh..simple decoration..though the wasabi had a rougher texture..not sure what they did with it..but it was definitely very good..

The sashimi platter (RM130)..This costs us a bomb! But it came with many varieties and with my favourite Amaebi! The meat was so firm and sweet..and so was the rest of the sashimi..the tuna, octopus, salmon, snapper and etc..definitely on par with some of the high class restaurants.

In terms of maki (meaning rolls), this is the spider roll (close up)..meaning soft shell crab roll.. wrapped with avocado as well.. this seems to be the trend with japanese maki..having avocado inside..i was introduced this kind of style when i was in australia where avocados are pretty cheap and regularly eaten by the seems the trend has spread to here..but is it really authentic Japanese? or fusion?

Very well decorated and plated..looks so good until i didnt had the heart to dig in..You know if you are not drooling by now..i think you better get a medical check up..because i am drooling as i type..!

The caterpillar roll also features the creamy avocado on top in thin slices..shows off the skill of the sushi chef i guess..inside is wrapped with unagi that was on the chewy side..

Salmon skin salad..with a light vinegar based dressing..this was refreshing to eat..and the crispy salmon skin was a great combination with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes..

The foie gras teriyaki style (RM48).. Truthfully this is why i originally signed up for the Klue event..the foie was so smooth and so full of body and texture..melt in your mouth..creamy..suited the sauce was just heavenly..haha..made me laugh like a small kid as if he just received a remote control car..

This is the wagyu beef set..comes with garlic rice..miso soup..salad..for RM 52..this is slightly more chewier then the wagyu beef cheeks in Max!.. Had a better bite abit like a steak..but the marbled meat was again so melt in your mouth..even if you only have half your teeth remaining..this wouldnt be a problem for you to polish up..

One of the other Wagyu dishes is this..cant remember the name..but there have a picture of this under their Wagyu menu..once again this was a pleasure to try and eat this..chewy and again letting you enjoy the fatty texture of the beef..RM 48 is all it takes to enjoy such an orgasm from me..

Grilled mushrooms..another very refreshing was good and i basically ran out of words to describe this..i think i need to read the thesaurus more..

Finishing off is a saba shioyaki.. this was on par with the one i had in Zipangu.. which goes on to say this is on par with one of the best in town..

I think i have said enough..this deserves a highly commendable 9.2 out of 10..Feel free to disagree or agree but i wouldnt budge out of my score..Yes the price is slightly on the steep sides with sashimi..but ala carte dishes provided you know how to order accordingly, it can be very affordable since it has such a great ambience.. I dont think i spotted any pork dishes to be honest..will come back to you on that one, my dear halal readers..

Now where is this i hear? Its at Northpoint where the new condos are in Mid Valley..either park there or walk over from Mid Valley across the pedestrian bridge..Easy! Ok time to take my medicine and prepare for another long long nap..Yes i didnt blog yesterday night because i had a record 11 and the half hours of sleep..its been a while..well deserved..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yut Kee @ Jalan Dang Wangi

This place needs no introduction as you guys all know its famous for their Hainanese cuisine..set in a very run down corner retains the "feel" for the early 1960s.. imagine your grandfathers and grandmothers sipping on kopi o munching on a piece of kaya toast along with some half boiled eggs..yes despite the long queue going in and the packed still oozes that kind of charm when you step in.. For those clueless people..this place is just before the Jalan Dang Wangi police station and the street after Heritage Row..As the police station is so nearby..park along the yellow line at your own risk! I got my first saman here and i will remember forever dearly..

There are famous for a few me its all their "babi" offence to my halal readers..but thats exactly what this is called.. Roti Babi.. Bread with a filing of pork and also lap cheong..deep fried with a thin batter of egg..this is very lovely as a side dish..

This baby is probably their signature dish, The Hainan Pork Chop..gravy is generously served all over two pieces of pork chops..served alone with some potato wedges, onions, tomatoes and peas.. this is so lovely that i can never have the heart to order the chicken or the beef version..

They do serve plenty of other "tai chow" items with a Hainan touch to it.. and they also serve a decent Ngau Lam Mee..for the light eaters..the roti bakar and organic half boil eggs is a great tea break as well.. Lovely place albeit the very busy crowd.. Also on your way to the counter if stomach space allows, their swiss rolls is pretty decent as well..A very decent 8.5 out of 10..

I am starting to feel sick..Woke up this morning with one of the worst sore throats i ever had..Going to bed soon..Zzzzz...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Nyonya Colours @ Bukit Raja Shopping Centre

Do you ever have that feeling of blogging away the gorgeous food that you just ate last weekend and of course some are technically being digested as we speak? Yet leave the food reviews that you were meant to do ages ago because its been a week or two since you ate it and memories clouds because you can bearly remember how it tasted? Well i couldnt resist the temptation thus i had my Just Heavenly review in no time..refer to the review below.. So therefore before my Mega Block buster review on Ninja Jones..done ala carte style..yes eventhough i missed the Klue nite..i forced my way there on separate occasions..but one should always observe the rules and line up..thus my mini feature on this place.. bear in mind that i ate it at the same time as Boo..and her write up was done a week ago..haha so its about time.. Now the outlet i ate mine was in Klang..and not the 1 Utama branch..although being franchises..quality should not differ so much.. So what i did had that nite?

Definitely colourful..lured me to the counter..

Starting off with the Cincau Ice..No complaints..not too sweet just the way i like things.. have to watch my stomach..

Bubur Cha Cha.. There are plenty of ingredients inside..strong hint of coconut milk.. well i couldnt decide whether i hated it or loved was quite at two extreme ends when i was savouring it..

The Nasi Lemak.. Well i was coconut rice..well i couldnt taste any.. the chicken tasted "ok" but was too abit cold.. only consolation was that the condiments was plenty..the sambal was sweet..and to make things worse..when i was tearing the chicken with my fork and spoon.. curry splashed all over my shirt!..Now that cant get any worse..

This seems like one of those days when everything isnt quite right..Although i heard that the kuih-muih is of decent quality and worth a try if you happen to crave for it in a shopping complex...and also the curry laksa? Not too sure..but the nasi lemak..quite sure..not really worth a try..a mediocre 6.2 out of 10..Also pretty sure its thats it for now!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just Heavenly Pleasures @ Damansara Heights

This humble place is opened by a flogger that you can almost never forget..His laughter..his voice..the friendly aura that comes with it.. So what does he open? dirty thoughts please..although what he actually does sells is as equally sinful as what you are thinking right now.. Now i am probably one of the last in line to finally pop into his place on a quiet Saturday afternoon after lunch.. but well it was worth the visit.. and instead of the usual introduction..i am introducing the first item in a slightly creative manner..

What do you get if you combine this two items?? Guesses anyone? Yes i hear a "diarrohea"? or are you gila? or omg thats two different things in the world?? Noo? Yess? But wait.. the picture is not complete..because someone..which is this person below..thought otherwise

He decided that he was going to murder everyone in the world by creating this below.. Well it could have been someone else but i am holding you, Nigel responsible..who is by the way a co-partner of Just Heavenly..

Chocolate Durian Cake..You hear me correct.. a cake that is so powderful that it has to have special containers or else it will infuse all his other cakes with durian flavours..and also at the same time create a permanent durian perfume in the whole of Damansara..looks like he doesnt comprise on quality..

You must be kidding right?? The whole cake is filled to the brim with durian!.. Not durian cream..but virtually i could bite durian flesh!..The thin chocolate coating with a tiny amount of chocolate sponge cake completes the whole picture..All yours for RM8.90..bear in mind my whole room had to smell like durian for half a day after indulging it while watching Greys Anatomy..

So you guess it right..Just Heavenly sells cakes..and lots of cakes too.. So of course being the greedy me.. i wouldnt have gone with just a piece of cake right? After all good things comes in Three stooges? Threesome? ABC? Me, myself and I?

Together with the Durian Orgasm..i think thats a better name..dont you think? Was Death by Chocolate? And Moist Banana.. equally sinful names..dont you think?

I had great fun trying to take picture of this hot babe.. Man did this piece got some of my attention.. it looked so good..that i wished i didnt had to eat it..bear in mind, Nigel you should come up with some calories with your cakes..wahahah..

Now this babe slept in my fridge for just over a day..and i felt that the banana cake was on the dry side.. Maybe the aircon was too strong..and also i didnt put it in the oven for a while..although the icing put back some moist into the cake..just my 2 cents.. now could you squeeze a thin layer of icing/cream in the middle of the cake? Now that would be great as the cake would then be moist thru and thru!..

Lastly.. I was warned i could have been murdered.. Come to think about it.. I havent stepped on the scales since i murdered another masterpiece..

Again this was another item that was not compromised when it came to quality.. it was seriously as chocolate as it could get.. the thick piece of chocolate on the top was just mind i chewed through and through..then when i put my spoon into the cake..well make it mousse.. it was chocolate through and through..only complaint was it made me look like a pig because the cake did not maintain its shape after i digged in..well to me.. because i prefer hard rock chocolate..this was sinfully good but i wished it had more of a bite to it..

Once again congratulations to this fellow on making our dreams come true!.. You read correct.. A place to get sinful yummilicious cakes which has yet to be commercialized..yes i regard this place as a branded cake..imagine a LV or a Gucci cake..rather then a more down to earth everywhere you can get MNG or Zara get the gist, dont you?

Addresses can be found at their website:
Or if you must insist:
Just Heavenly Pleasures
Lot 1.05 & 1.06, Ground Floor (opposite Chef & Brew)
Epicure, No. 1 Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-22879866 (Off. number in Bangsar)

Operating Hours : 11am -6 pm
From June onwards 11 am - 9 pm
(Closed on Sundays)

By the way this is not a sponsored post..i paid for the cakes ok.. and i think if you ask Nigel..he will kindly show you which cakes are non-alcholic for our dear halal readers..wont you? Before i sign off.. this dear place deserves a magnificent 9 out of 10..with its strong performance in my durian cake..and its "brand"..yes i am a sucker for branded stuff..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stay tuned..

The greatest has yet to come..stay tuned for crystal clear quality and big ass pictures that would instantly make you drool..prepare a bucket and a towel..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Four Seasons @ Bayswater, London

After being tagged not once, not twice but just thrice.. i guess its about time i quickly complete this tag before my memory doesnt serve me correctly..after all what i am about to blog about has been already 3 months old..

What was i suppose to blog about? A favourite food in your state or country? Well i dont exactly stay in London..but i fell in love with the place and i consider it a future state or country that i want to stay what?.. And my favourite food? Roast Duck from Four Seasons!!.. It is so famous that if you go to London, and you ask where to get good roast duck? The answer has to be Four Seasons.. lets put it this was so good that i didnt manage to take photos of it.. Now that is very rare.. so what could i do? I needed photos.. so i googled and i would like to thank the people who took the photos..all the acknowledgment to you guys..

That sweet sauce together with the thick layer of fat..and the smooth chewy duck...Its seriously heaven..the minimum requirement is to eat 1 duck deboned..if not you might as well skip it..

Even this fellow only took a picture after its almost all gone!..

Rating would be at least 9.5 out of 10.. due to the horrendous traffic getting into the restaurant..poor service..but good duck..excellent duck..whatever your thesaurus says ok? I reckon one duck was at the 15-20 pounds range? Cant really remember.. what do i do next? Because i dont want to give those people more only gives them a higher technorati rating..muahaha.. so the next thing to do tag more people!.. But what fun is it to tag food bloggers..they have plenty of photos..just dig one and they can without further ado..may the following people please complete this tag!

Zewt - As Zewt As It Gets
Kenny Mah - Life for Beginners
Lilia - Alive, and still surviving

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Get going guys!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maju Palace @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

WARNING: I have finally learnt the art of enlarging my photos..this may hog up your bandwidth and make you saliva instantly..dont cry ok?

I almost forgot about our mini floggers trip to Maju Palace until i saw Tan Kiasu's blog..oh dear me..must be too much rich food entering my without boring you guys..this is my review.. situated at Maju Junction which is along the Sogo shopping complex..this place is famous for the top guys to bring their clients for lunch..since its so near and most importantly "halal"..

Since, it was kiasu's day off and "food-4-thot" and "Tummy thoughts" actually works nearby..we trotted off for what was a sequel to Sandias..a true floggers was truly a different experience..there was more chatting..and alot of opinions of the food were voiced..this was definitely again another first as most of the time i eat with my friends..its an usual "Yeah not bad" or "Crap la.." Obviously eating with true floggers, the cameras were a must..haha that i was very used to.. I cant seem to structure my review properly..must be because i watched the UEFA Champion League Finals early morning

So without further ado..ta da..the food..

Shark fin dumplings i reckon..firm and far so good.. i think i got the consensus from the rest that this was a good choice..

Err.. was it meant to be wor tip? This failed miserably as no wor tip is wor tip if 1stly theres no pork..and 2ndly it looks like a big wanton..

Hmm..siu mai..abit of luxury with the scallops..but that could not distract me by the fact one fell down..presentation marks plummeted..once again the missing of pork was very obvious..although i have seen worse..

Char Siew Soh..well the chicken version..the majority of us..meaning the three of them agreed that the fact there was no was lacking..but to me..well i sort of agreed..but i am on a different thinking..yes there was no pork lard used..thus the "flavour" was not so fragant..but to me..the important things is that the meat should not feel tough and the sauce must be good..the chicken used was well minced and the sauce was i passed this dish..after some deep thoughts though..

Now..Ma Lai Kou especially the ones with the custard layers in between is a Shanghai dessert..and since i had one of the best Shanghainese dim sum in Shanghai at JW Marriott..expectations were high..but alas this was dismal..they called it a thousand layer was more like one bloody thick layer cake..not fluffy..custard did no good and had no impact..worse come to worse..even Shanghai 10 performed way better in this dish..

Back to savoury food..again another dish whiched there was complaints rather then compliments..again i felt yes this is an original pork related dish..but the sauce inside plays a bigger part for me..the yam was good enough and not dried out..honestly no complaints for me..

Now the usual Har prawns dropped out from the skin by the time it reached my plate..

Char Siew Pau..i dedicate this to you..Xiu Long Bao boyfriend..although this is the halal version..again to me..this was more of a "filling your tummy" dish..expectations for this dish is normally long as it can fill me up..its all good..i rather be filled then have my wallet incinerated..

Wrapping this off was a very unique and first time dish..a mango wrapped roll..i think got prawns also..see how i have repositioned this..

Once again, it was great fun to eat with this people, i was commented that i take too long to take my photos..dear actual fact is..after 2 years of owning my camera..i still dont know how to use it properly..thats why la..the meal came up to RM25 a person.. which is fairly decent due to a 10 or was it 20% discount exclusively to some credit card which you can ask SC from Food-4-thot..A decent rating of 7.5 out of 10..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Arumugam @ Jalan Ampang

I realised that blogspot has a new feature of "auto saving your entry as a draft" and because this pictures took a hell lot of time to load, i didnt trust the function and actually publish it.. and i wake up to find some have already commented on the whereabouts..haha guess the pictures are damn yummy eh?

Its going to be hard to describe the whereabouts of this place..but imagine this stall right opposite Ampang it? Anyways.. a very dim shot of the place..

Its not much..but it gives you a feel how dark it actually is..its an open air corner stall..thats about it..

Starting off with some satay from their neighbouring was a good balance of fats and all was good so far..

Spinach actually tasted abit bland and cold..but mix it with the scored better..

Minced lamb..again this was so so..oh dear..what happened to the good food my friend promised me??

The main actor has arrived..the cheese naan..the cheese was properly distributed throughout the whole piece of naan and the naan was very could eat this one by one by one.. Next time around, i have to order the "to die for" butter naan..aiks..this is getting sinful by the second..

With every main actor, theres a main actress..the tandoori of the best marinated chicken i had so far..the chicken remained succulent although the breast meat might be abit tough, but who knows?.. Going for RM 4.50 a serve which is pretty decent..the fish done the same style goes for RM8..steep but again very very well executed..

I actually had so much fun eating at this place..that i forgot the the next step was to start googling..surprisingly most of the food blogs didnt i guess i am the first!..Although i did finally find the name and read abit of the history.. The owner of this place was trained in Northern Indian cuisine in a hotel..and i guess the quality and techniques was showned in the food..just top class..and i guess thats very true..because i walked off a very happy customer.. 8.8 out of 10..

Oh yeah..Halal food..