Monday, April 23, 2007

Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel

Early reader of my blog might remember that my father is pretty loyal when it comes to when it comes to dim sum you cant imagine how much saliva i have to waste in order for us to try somewhere new..a loyal place of his, is Concorde Hotel..

They do it old school, the usual trolley and of after so long of ordering like as if it was ala carte..this trolley system tested my patience once in a while..

We had "cha wong"..the last time i had it..i remembered it came in two pots whereby once the tea was lightly infused, it would be poured over to an empty more such a treatment..hmmm

Char Xiu Bao..if i am not mistaken a blogger comes by that a short tribute to you..yum!

Har Gau "Shrimp Dumpling"..what you see is pretty typical hong kong dimsum..real old school..tastewise is pretty good although my tastebuds has been spoilt by even grander dim sum, so this place brings me back old memories..

Tai Chi Kau "Scallop Dumpling"

Shiu Mai Wong "King Shu Mai" haha..this are pretty luxurious..and the siu mai tastes so good since it has pork inside..i had enough of fish paste siu mai..those halal ones..uumph!

Pumpkin pastry..but to me it was more shrimp..i couldnt find my pun intended "Precious Pea"..

Cheong Fun..the dried belacan alike is parents used to ask them for a small plate of it and replace it with the usual sweet and chili sauce..

A speciality here..well at least to our family..the raddish cake..stir fry style..

Compared to the Marriott porridge, the porridge here is so fine you cant taste or feel any sort of grain...heard it so fine as if its blended..well it was all good to me..

Foo Chook..i was surprised to find a prawn inside..

Looks like although i didnt get a chance to try that awesome duck in Klang..i made up by ordering a portion of roasted duck..there was barely any fats..the skin was crispy without the it made it less guilty for me hehe..

What looks like a polo bun after an accident with char siu bao..a polo chan bao..

Just to show you proof that this is considerate to put it in all their cutlerys, bowls and plates..

Another hotel quality, albeit very old school Hong Kong dimsum..i think i had enough of luxurious Sunday it will be sometime before i post a dimsum entry again..unless i manage to find my "Char leong"...A decent 7.8 out of 10...worth giving it a try..


SuLee said...

i have two questions for you

1. How much do you weight?

2. How much do you spend daily on food?

GOSH ur lucky!!!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

i m hovering around 94-95..its bad..
well theres such a thing call "parents" family meals are on them hahaha...

well everyone is lucky in their own way..

boo_licious said...

I love char leong and fried cheong fun - it was my official food during my HK trip. Made so many numerous trips to this Causeway Bay shop.

Been ages since I ate at this place since my family don't really do the Sunday dim sum tradition. Food still looks great though.

Kenny Mah said...

I love them grain-free/perfectly blended porridge. Apparently if they do it the old school way, they use two different types of rice and hover over the pot for hours, slowly stirring the porridge. Meats & spices are put into a muslin bag that can be removed after all the flavours are infused into the porridge.

That's a lot of work but the results are Superb! :D

Thanks for asking the second question --- was wondering that myself, haha.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

muahaha..char leong aiyo..when are they going to bring it to malaysia as in on par with har gau n siu mai ar..

yes if not mistaken, there was an article way back about the porridge in they used more then 3-4 kinds of rice..

you should look at the other food blogs!..i look meagre compared to all of them haha..

Tummythoz said...

Haven't been there for d longest time either. Kind of forgot about it with the opening of so many new places to try.

sc said...

never tried dim sum at concorde before, and it does looks very old school...
looking for char leong? you can get it at ah yat restaurant (can get it at both KL and PJ branch) and this chinese restaurant in 1U (cant remember old wing). i prefer the one in ah yat though, simple and nice..

Someone who is constantly craving said...

being in m'sia, you are spoilt for food..therefore my aim is to eat as much unique food in malaysia..duno got enuf space in my stomach or not..

really??? thats it here i come..soon haha..

Precious Pea said...

Goodness....why oh why i come to your blog at this hour? I skipped breakfast this morning and now super hungry...and another hour to go before lunch time. How to survive till lunch? Tell me, HOW HOW HOW?

Someone who is constantly craving said...

drink saliva lor?? hahah...dun skip breakfast..its will only indulge further haha..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love the smooth kind of porridge, but I haven't found many places that serve that. I'll go to Concorde just for the porridge man.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

haha..they do serve in quite big i wouldnt be surprised..just order some roasted meat also can..

jason said...

One thing I notice in dim sum is... prawns are everywhere!
The fine texture of the porridge kinda made me imagine... salty dessert!! o_O

:: Nicole :: said...

OMIGOSH!! this is my FAV place to have dim sum :)

i just love the char siew boa, har gau, siew mai, pumpkin pastry, and chee cheong fun (prawn).. their prawns are REALLY fresh *yummy* and each of the har gau, there's ONE prawn.. not half but ONE! :)

Someone who is constantly craving said...

haha prawns are the essential items for dim sum..some say pork 2..haha..
giv u the challenge of coming up with seafood free dim sum and you will come up with char siu bao haha..

yes the prawns r damn friggin fresh..hmm mayb i might bump into u in the near future..

SuLee said...

well thats not too bad considering how much ur eating!

wahhhhhhhh i missed those sundays aka family day when we always go out and "explore" diff kinda food! well mainly dim sum and bah kut teh coz dad is boring

:: Nicole :: said...

y not we go for dim sum when russ is back?? hehe.. i miss dim sum!!! :(

Someone who is constantly craving said...

considering that i was once 120kgs..yeah i m happy with 94-95..but its still my ultimate aim to have a flat stomach..

i m waitin for an invitation card only..i shall wait with patience hahaha

Kenny Mah said...

120kgs? Wow. And people look at me funny when I tell them I used to be over 90kg. We should form a club of Unbelievable Former Weights...

leo said...

this is absolutely one of my favourite places to have dim sum..

non-pretentious, above average service but honest to goodness food lah...

you should check out Lai Ching Yuen in the regent, and Li Yen at the ritz carlton.. both non halal and serve excellent cantonese food coupled with astounding service.