Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wanted..! You will be rewarded well..

If you see this penguin wondering around the Island of Singapore, please capture and send it to me by hand..You can contact me via my blog..KeKeKe..

Isnt this penguin so cute..I got 10 minutes of my lunch time to go..so i thought i blog a little while but little did i know my pictures that i was meant to upload yesterday night didnt go through after the connection died..So you got to wait a while longer..So what else can you blog about i suppose since food is out of the way??

Yes..my family is a proud owner of

Looks kinda nice eh?? Infact i think thats not even an actual photo but an illustration i plucked from the developer's website..So you would have thought i be happy right??

Sigh thats when i started my complaining from the ground floor all the way up to the third floor..You see we bought the corner unit but based our decision on the intermediate show room..Now there was alot of day dreaming when we were told the corner unit was around 1200sq ft bigger..

so i imagined my room to be kinda big..well damn big actually..turned out..i got an extra tiny balcony and probably the same space..sigh..Then the living room was big..but not squared shaped..had alot of funny corners that makes you scratch your head how you will utilise the space..then the porch had a pillar that prevents your car from going into the huge grass area..which by the way would at the very least put 6 cars minimum..so we were all rambling as if we were all determined to stay in our old house and the old 1 is old..and also all run down..by the way "we" as in excluding my dad..

This poor fellow..thats when i start to regret..this old man worked his ass till his 50s to buy a house almost 650k and all he heard during the inspection was this is not big enough la..where to park my car la...why this..why that...So once again..i try to put a morale to every story..respect other people's decision..after all that 650k is not mine..i dont exactly have a say to it..eventhough eventually it will be mine..hahaha...and again..support your parents as every decision made by them is for our good..if not for who's good? The second morale of the story is you will be rewarded handsomely if you find my penguin haha..

Sigh getting emotional already..thats it for now..back to my frustrating work life..which is another entry..so stay tune..adios..


boo_licious said...

If I see that Penguin when I'm down south, will try and capture it.

Change is always scary BUT new hses are kinda fun to decorate and also furnish. Maybe all you need is a little ID or building works done to the hse.

P/s is that Lake Fields?

Someone who is constantly craving said...

spot on..haha..yes any lake fields owners out there? yeah i guess after 20yrs in the same house..its kinda intimidating..

Precious Pea said...

Your new house looks nice wor...better than mine la...colour concept all wrong. And also garden not as big as i thought.

boo_licious said...

I just drove past the project last week hence I know abt it or else I'll be clueless since I don't go for hse launches anymore. Heard stories abt how it was snapped up immediately. Must admit, it looks impressive from the highway.

Ruben said...

err, isnt that my penguin?