Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sushi @ Isetan KLCC

I am always faced with a headache when i want good sushi..You either splash it in a good Japanese restaurant or you also splash it in franchises like Sushi King..So what do you have thats in the middle of these two options?..Introducing sushi from Isetan KLCC. For one, their fish looks like there are fresh and quantities are not meagre unlike some places..and the prices well..reasonable today i had some sushi cravings and chose two kinds..

Crabmeat sushi..and by no means does this tastes anything like those fake ones..this fews more authentic..creativity points given to the omelette at the bottom and some salmon roe..RM25.90 for 6 one said it was cheap..

Taking this photo was just camera couldnt focus despite on macro mode..and this was the best effort..sigh..lots of salmon roe with sea urchin although the sea urchin was less then satisfying..abit hard..abit taufu skin..RM 18.90 for 3 pieces..

Otherwise, they also cater for the people on budget..ranging from 9.90 for 6 pieces of normal sushi and then they have a higher range in quality ranging from 19.90 for 6 pieces..well better then paying RM6 a piece in some restaurants and RM5-6 a plate of miserable poor quality rubbish..

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