Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shanghai @ Jw Marriott

Attention everyone..dim sum galore!.. I finally managed to "con" well advice for for parents to go to another place for dim sum other then Concorde or Mandarin Oriental..two places that i have yet to do a review on actually...Presenting Jw Marriott and as the name suggests..the cuisine offered here is Shangainese...

Not your usual chili sauce and sweet sauce that greets you when you seat down..

Not your normal har gau either..but very firm and juicy..the chewy prawns were spot on..

Fried bean curd..just look how its been excess oil..and the dark vinegar sauce surprisingly suited it very well..

Again not your everyday dim sum..onion cake..something very unique and more classic then the one done in Prince Hotel..i dunno what to say..the pastry is so good..

I think i found treasure in the form of these siu long bao..the ultimate for only RM 3 a has so much soup porky smell like the one in Shangai consistency problems..its so delicately made that someone has to serve it to you with a big spoon..ARGH!! looks like i have to go to this place for siu long bao from now on..nowhere else can satisfy me..

Siu mai..looks kinda alright..tastes kinda alright..i give them credit because its really a hong kong dim sum and not from shangai..

Pei dan fish porridge..firm and fleshy fish a slightly teo cheow style porridge..

Pork ribs..chewy and sticky..abit tough..not tender..but very nice as a starter..

Fried yam cake..there seem to be a pattern of using yam instead of raddish..must be the shangai culture..the yam cake cubes was bursting with yam flavour and yam of course..i reckon 90% made out of yam and the other 10% tasty..

Almost thought i found my beloved cheong fun..aka Char leung..but the contents was rice paper with duck..abit like yao char kuey but very crunchy..

Since we didnt get enough of black sesame from yesterday Isthmus..we ordered the tong yuen..didnt know it can come in a dry version...the black sesame oozing just so fine..

Ma lai kou..sandwiched in between is ham dan custard..salty yet sweet..a nice match to both extreme ends..

No shangai meal is complete with wor tip..but this was too mini..not great..would actually preferred if there was some sort of juice when i bite through..

Polo bun..creamy custard inside..a crispy and crunchy top..i am running out of words to say..

Another meat more words..delicious..

A very refreshing meal as compared to the usual hong kong dim sum affair..its nice to try different variations of a my case dim sum..and please dont get any dirty ideas about trying to find different girlfriends..i dont want to get sniped down..the above with very good quality tea costs just under RM 200..another "wow"...this meal again deserves a topping 9 out of 10...just too good to be true..ok..i guess i have done enough pigging this weekend...have to go on diet now..

Now the amount of pork they used would probably say it is non-halal..although if you are of the campur muslim..meaning as long no pork i will eat..they have many dim sum variations that doesnt come with i guess you can still eye close..the infamous Malaysian style..


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Have heard a lot about the siu loong pau here. Must try soon.

Anonymous said...

Other places for fantastic siu long pau. Try it out and let me know what you think, in order of preference: -

1) Tu Long Restaurant - opposite Starbucks (MidValley)

2) Crystal Jade Restaurant - Lot 10

3) Dragon-I (the one in MidValley)

3) Soon to be opened - Ding Tai Fung (The Gardens). Haha- how would I know right? Generally their chains around the world (e.g. Hong Kong) serves quite good siu long pau, best in Taipei of course.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

lets c..tu long i hav yet to try..will giv it a try but i heard bad things..
crystal jade was on a very forgetable side..sort of ate it..n couldnt really tink abt it..
dragon i always had consistency issues..but i reckon the 1 in BU tasted better..
i shall await ding tai fung..but all the huge chains sort of disappoints like that one that opened in the curve..

will let you know how i grade them very soon..

Precious Pea said...

I heard the siew loong bau here is the best and i guess you confirmed it. The Ma Lai Kou looks delicious!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

u got it..confirmed with my approval stamp! lai kou also damn yummy..tink abt it..nxt time shop finish sungai wang or lot 10..can drop by just for that 2 items..wah heaven

MeiyeN said...

interesting! da fried beancurd looks crispy and yummmm...

boo_licious said...

Shanghai 10's chef is from here so similar style of xiu loong bao. Yup, this is the best in town and really worth it even though it's RM3 per piece.

I also love their tong yuen here. The dry and wet one with the fragrant osmanthus. They also do a yummy fried cheong fun, the mai lai koh is yum. They also have this melt in the mouth pork dish with pine nuts and prawns. Salted egg yolk prawns are really good too. Sadly the times I ate here, I couldn't snap pixs hence never blogged abt them.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

bottomline..haha shangai food = shangai jw marriott for me hehe..might drop by during dinner next time to try all those dishes!