Saturday, April 7, 2007

Restaurant "Siew Yuk" @ Segambut

Firstly, i apologise because i actually dont know the name of this place!..Famous for its "Kor For Siew Yuk" which is stir fry roast pork with dark soya sauce and abit of sugar..i have always use the code "Want to go to "Siew Yuk" place?" the next time i go..i will look out for the name..Situated somewhere in segambut..basically from the big roundabout, you enter into turn left at the traffic light..and you just go straight all the way till you see a petrol station..BHP..and a school on the turn left before the petrol station..then take an immediate right..and presto..its just a stand alone sort of open air concept restaurant..they also do mix rice for the people who are on for their wallets..So lets go through our dishes..

Teo chew steam fish..I always loved sia kap fish with this style..But the lady boss insists that all the fish she sells has to be firm..thus she has not sold a single sia kap in her place over the 20 years..The sauce was not sour enough but the fish was indeed firm..

Our signature dish..Damn nice is all i got to say..We always have to ask for a XL or two plates hehe..Shows how greedy we are..

This is the chilli sauce to accompany the foo chok below..

Fresh of the fryer..Tastes damn good but way too oily if you really insists..

Wrapping things off..A stir fry vege to provide us the fibre to digest all of the above..

There will be another taufu dish that i will add on to this entry later, [EDITED: Here you go!]

This creative yet very simple a combination of a plain omelette on top of plain tofu..yet the contrasting texture..and flavours..somehow very refreshing..nice..can do at home easy..

but just thought i show you guys what i have been eating recently haha...A very decent 8 out of frill place that serves dishes i love to it..RM67 for 3 persons..with steam this is not too bad at all...

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zewt said...

1 more month before my vege days are over... i am counting... every second of it.