Monday, April 9, 2007

Random pictures @ London

I was never much a fan of "creative" photos..but thought that these two photos that my friend sent over was kind of can probably spot which 1 is me..

Gazing at wherever we looking at...dont remember seeing any chun chicks for that matter..

As i look into the crowd..i am wondering..where in the world is that duck rice i had yesterday ar?..

Nothing much to blog about now..Oh yeah..abit off topic..whos going for the Klue event this 27th April..shit i just remembered exams the week after and i might be on leave to study..we shall see..


boo_licious said...

Is that Cambridge in the first pix and the second pix looks like Gerrard Street aka Chinatown? Duck rice not there, it's on Bayswater and the road is not that narrow.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

close..the 1st 1 is oxford..n yeah the 2nd 1 is chinatown..haha..if too lazy to take tube to bayswater then have to find replacement in chinatown..bcoz tat wk when i was there i stayed in leicester sq..

lilia edlina said...

for a moment i couldnt identify you in the second pic... :D

tankiasu said...

Wah hunt till London? :P I wanna go London too...wanna watch the Gunners! Arrrr....senal.. *clap clap clap*

boo_licious said...

Been to Oxford before but didn't walk through colleges though. Guess Cambridge and Oxford colleges look alike.

Eh, chinatown roast duck no match. Only one place for great roast duck is the Bayswater place!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

i think so 2!..Four seasons at bayswater..anyone willing to go and bungkus a few for me..can eat a whole one at a studied in uk ?

kiasu: i visited the emirates stadium..damn impressed..but my mates made me go for a damn man united match..felt like i just betrayed my parents like that..