Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pinang Masak @ Bukit Tunku

First of all, masak masak ignited my interest in this place mainly because she was blogging about if you dont know what it imagine a nice soup of curry with the nasi impit (like the rice cubes you order for satay) and theres some vege..and in this case..beef liver..and sotong..hmm yumm..well after that initial interest..guess what? my interest was ignited again by my friends.. Ever since i started blogging about food, they would have a read occasionally and of course hop over to other food blogs being masak masak aka boolicious..So ever since that discovery..we have been using her blog as a quest to find better meals for back to the story..the place..the place is pretty small and caters for the odd couple here and big parties around..prices arent exactly cheap..but the food is pretty decent.. for another point of view but of course not after you are done reading my review..a decent 7.5 out of 10..

Did i hear people saying paku pakis?? Whatever it was it was damn shiok..crunchy..

Tempe? Its soy well to me its like peanuts...but all squashed a tangy sauce..

According to boo..its meant to be very orange..i guess you mixed in the sotong..doesnt look so bad does it?? only complaint is if they could make it in temperature of the soup..

Another view..

I am just wondering how many people quickly clicked on the link and no one reads to the very end..thus i left all the important details up front..and i will just babble on for awhile here..actually nothing much to babble..weekend coming soon..klue event is only a week away!...meaning 1 week nearer to my exams..oh boy..well see you guys soon!


Kenny Mah said...

Hmm, but I did read till the end... ;)

What KLUE event is this anyway? I'm so out of sync. But. Yes. I like your blog, more makan blogs always a good thing. And a dry sense of humour to boot. Nice.

Consider me another reader! :)

KampungboyCitygal said...

my favourite tempe and pucuk paku..some eateries serve reli kelat paku which is a big turn off..not much interest on lontong..:p

SuLee said...

OH MY GODD!!!! your are killing me with all those pictures while im eating my maggie mee here! GRRRRRR

MeiQ said...

Gosh! Here I am in Bloody Canada and Look at Me DROOLING looking at Your BLOG!


Anyway, good luck for your exam too! =)

Someone who is constantly craving said...

haha..the Klue event is held nxt wk friday in sandias? Its a so call tasting event with free flow martell drinks..i will try to post the poster up..

haha so its pucuk paku isit?? Yeah it rocks..but i prefer my good old lontong..

don worry fellow canadians..i take you guys eat when u come bak kl ok?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

haha you face the same syndrome that I do. Everytime Boo puts up a new post, I have to go look for it, or at least something similar, to satisfy my cravings. I really hafta try this lontong, man.

Ruben said...

pucuk paku is a kind of fern.... u didnt take pics of the ulam we had u moron... that was pretty awesome!

Kenny Mah said...

Did someone say free flow? Shall await the poster then.

SuLee said...

ok thats your promise!! and i shall remember that..

yucks to pizza and cheese burger!

boo_licious said...

hmmm, how come yours is not as orange as mine? I wonder if it was that orange canopy now. Glad you liked the food.