Thursday, April 5, 2007

O Briens @ The Curve

Just a short girlfriend and i dropped by O Briens to have a quick snack before she went off for her appointment.. so what have i got to say about a sandwich bar?? Firstly, they have damn alot of choices man..pretty much more creative then Delifrance or Subway..and to me, it seems healthier..but for some reason, sandwich bars overseas always give you the impression that their sandwich takes alot of difficulty to make, and their ingredients are as fresh as it can get..but for some reason, when i saw the mess at the counter, with all the ingredients in bowls and plates..i thought to myself..what in the world will they come up with?..Lets have a look

A triple decker sandwich..a part coleslaw, one part with a crispy turkey piece that tasted like cheese and chicken filling that probably had too much mayo and too little chicken..Taste wise its pretty good..

Now this looks healthier doesnt it?..Smoke salmon favourite sandwich whereever i go..too little smoke salmon is the only complaint..

I think the fact that malaysians tend to go for rice and noodles as the staple food, we have yet to appreciate sandwiches. I definitely enjoy a healthy sandwich and the problem with O Brien is, they dont have whole grain bread..But overall, the prices are slightly on the high side, but which sandwich bar is cheap?..Subway is not as cheap as everyone thinks, MCDs is considered burgers by the way..Delifrance croissants are getting very steep as well..So a nice change i guess, definitely go back despite the score hovering between 7-7.1 out of 10...Yeah sandwiches start from around RM8-12..


Precious Pea said...

I do like sandwiches once in a while, feel less guilty and much healtier but like you say, quite on the pricey side. And also it doesn't fill your stomach that long compared to rice and noodles. I just asked my Hubby, would he like a piping hot nasi lemak with rendang drumsticks for Rm10 or a cold smoked salmon sandwich for RM10...he immediately said Nasi Lemak. Hahaha...typical Malaysian hor?

Btw, Oliver Sandwich still exist? I loves their baked potatoes..yumz!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

exactly my point..well if you try whole grain bread..i think you get some in the better bakeries..there actually last you for awhile as opposed to white bread..simple carbs vs complex carbs..

I also love my nasi lemaks too..sigh but need to lose weight la..

Not too sure about oliver that the one in the klcc food court? doesnt look appetizing at all..

tankiasu said...

Gosh I miss those humongous sandwiches they made in Adelaide! I want Turkey Ham Sandwich right now pls!!!

lilia edlina said...

i've always wanted to opt for sandwich for meals, but i agree with you, most Malaysian doesnt like sandwich. so being the minority, its hard to get the whole bunch of friends / family / whoever to go sandwich bar.

anyways, i've always thought that O Brien's sandwiches are a bit dry as compared to the Subway's. well, hence healthier i suppose. so i shouldnt complain much heh.

do you think 'chicken pullover' from mcD is healthy? lol.

boo_licious said...

The only thing I like at O Brien's is the wasabi potato chips/crisps. Yum.

Oliver's is still around but known as Super Sandwiches after a dispute with the franchise holder.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

Chicken pullover sounds damn yum you "pull over" the chicken ar? PS: For those who wants to knw..its an internal joke..its meant to be foldover..

I thought the crisps sort of defeated the purpose of healthy..but i guess this means miss boo wont go if they dont serve the chips rite?

Adelaide = Australia servings r just damn huge..yeah i nvr feel hungry in australia la..must be the size..

MeiyeN said...

once ordered da triple decker sandwich ended up couldn't finish all... think meant for sharing and no doubt, eating sandwiches feel much healhtier! :D