Friday, April 13, 2007

Local graduates Vs Overseas graduates

We had a discussion that day about the pros and cons from graduating overseas as opposed to local universities. Both sides were very committed to their decisions on the path they chose, one being me and the other one being my friend. She prompted me again so i guess since i cant be fucked doing work, i might as well blog about this..

First of all i am in no way degrading the local graduates out there..i think some of you guys have been fantastic scholars and have made a big name for yourselves and some of you out there who maybe fall in the category i am criticizing..dont fret..i will blame it on the education dont feel bad instead just feel shortchanged from the education we provide..

So what have i got to say?? Lets look at a local graduate..They are always at a handicap when it comes to job it the first stage or the 2nd stage..the perception of those out of the interview circle would think why are the firms being picky? what so good about foreign graduates? This is what two interviewers that i my senior and one my aunt had got to say..

"No comment..Just cant make it".."They couldnt even speak a single sentence of English, What more can i say"..

I have been there myself in a group interview where a presentation had to be made in the prescence of the interviewers..It was i was using ideas of my own..then being blatantly copied away..Then the english was poor..well so what if you have straight As on paper? Its just not enough..Now again am i in no way criticising in a bad manner..because after all am i really in a position to criticise?

Well i am starting to feel really talkative so lets explore a few areas where our local graduates can thrash the overseas graduates and vice versa..

Memorizing tons of textbooks.. - Local graduates win hands down. I have been educated in a "local" college before and it isnt as if i know nuts about the local education system. Locals just win hands down because all they have to do is to memorize the whole damn textbook onto their transcript and virtually score their way to a degree. Whereas, i faced the consequences in an overseas university by almost failing the subject for attempting to memorize.

Communication - Overseas graduates win..well by a margin..Malaysia is a multi racial community so we have the expertise to communicate with a Chinese.."Hey ah Beng..Lim tey mah?" (Ah beng, lets go for a drink)..with a Malay "Ali, jom pergi minum"..or an Indian "Ah Neh Ah Neh..err i dunno how to speak indian"..Mind you basically as a Malaysian, we know how to converse with our local society. Though zoom to the future if you work in a big multinational where you have to work with people from other countries, the difference shows very easily. Locals are intimidated by the work culture and afraid to communicate whereas overseas graduates have the advantage by being exposed in another country communicating with lecturers and students from all over the world..

Open mindedness and quick thinking on their feet - Once again i apologize for being crude and on the border of being bias..but i find the students in local universities are not tested on how quick they can think on their feet and not allowed to be open minded on many issues, be it society or politics. They seem to be so narrow minded, so if they pin point a path, they fail to recognise a short cut is just by the corner or maybe a highway is around so that the journey is not as rough as theirs..They stumble if you give them a question with an open minded answer..Again, i might have just had suffered from bad experience because just that day..i asked a trainee to follow up on a phone number in the end of the day she reported to me happily that she couldnt get the person but she manage to talk to the personal assistant and she proudly show me the phone was a number in i dunno whats going on..but you got to be abit quicker to realise 3169XXXX and 8882XXXX is not from the same department..

Its so frustrating that our local education system fares so badly to either the UK system or the Australian system till the verge that students pay 4-5 times more to just go there and study. Now how come the Government wont invest, the returns are plentiful..narrow minded perhaps?

How they carry themselves - I do not mean by attempting to lift yourself, but how you potray yourself. This is mainly where i am trying to get at. I have been branded as somewhat cocky because i potray myself as somewhat confident perhaps..and yes..the truth is i love to brag..well thats either good or shows i am capable..but in truth i am just a lazy bastard always trying to think off ways to earn more money..but well isnt a good skill you can pick to play poker? But i just had an experience with a VT..shes from a local university and she was timid and shy..well thats not a bad thing but i was busy so i only had the time to have a short chat with her..turns out one..she often turn back into Malay as soon as she couldnt converse to me in English and her main concern was how come there was 1 Muslim in the whole group..i guess thats enough said rite?

Again i probably can go on and on..and i know i dont really get a crowded comment box though i seriously welcome some constructive comments here..this issue has to be addressed..It goes beyond whether because i graduated from Australia, i am better since you graduated locally but the issue escalates to the root of the problem..our local education system..

Once again..i apologize if i just made certain people hide their heads under their pillows..but am i in no way again showing that i am the best..but its just that if you guys out there ever have the chance to go go..gain some exposure to another culture, learn how to adapt quickly..because at the end of the day a degree with A stars is not enough..

And yes..i agree with my friends that alot of them didnt turn out bad..some turned out quite well..but it goes to shows just how minor they are because i dont see a whole firm of local graduates do i??


zewt said...

hey dude, what happened to your food review.

anyway, it's a brilliant entry... so brilliant that i may wanna talk about this in my blog if you dont mind. anyway, i think i did blogged about this, similar perspective not too long ago. for me, it's a fight between scoring in exams vs performing in work.

the local grads are all too results driven. they only know how to study, they cant apply. but then again, i have also noticed... mass producing of grads are also happening in UK and Aussie... for malaysians that is.

MissSHopaHolic said...

Ur damn right...... I cant wait 2 go 2 aussie!!!!

T.c said...

Another interesting entry which I totally agree on the issue!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

food review coming soon! just tried some awesome food..anywayz yeah go ahead. i think this issue not exactly new but was kind of fueled off from a conversation with a friend

praveen said...

hi there..beleive it or not, I'm a product of a local public institution of tertiary studies and I do agree on the points that you've placed forward. It's true that the majority of local uni students including the so called " top scorers" have serious issues speaking in English and communicating with each other. If thats not enough, they do not keep abreast of the current issues and have almost zero general knowledge.

As to whether I would blaim the education system a 100%.. probably not. Some courses have good curicculum and some just suck to the brim. I studied Biotechnology in my institution and I felt the curicullum was good, even better than many uni's abroad. On the other hand, some courses such as the business courses are too text book oriented hence resulting in the students becoming too rigid. In my course, we were always made to think out of the box and had to make regular presentations. It was nice to see many timid students growing up to be more confident in speaking up through out the 3 year duration of the course.

Seriously, if I wanted to go on about this issue.. I could probably write a whole book.. Maybe I should just stop right here

dazzledalie said...

hey, not all of them sucks. i am a malay, tudung-ed, speaks ok english, works in a mnc company, can adapt to foreign culture easily. don't be so mean.

aya said...

I believe you never meant to say those who graduated from local institution are less competent compared to over seas ones. But in fact, it is damn obvious how majorities differ from one another. I only completed diploma locally and i believe it all started with the structure of education even from primary schools. Eventually, even in college, no one dare to speak out or stand up. Being a fame-whore like me, i often being seen as either superior or plain cocky during my college years. After all, i got what i want...and those who kept quiet? tell me about it whether are they getting a job or what...

Anonymous said...

i really beg to differ in this case. i find ur post very generalizing.

you entirely dismissed the fact that entrants into the working world now are younger and entirely from a different generation. different thinking, different culture all together.

i am a local product, doing a twinning programme cert with a foreign uni.i can tell you that, times have changed.

i have friends who went overseas to continue our bach degrees, and we have still the same mindset and our ability to communicate is different.

therefore, the final outcome of a student does not rely only on being overseas or local. childhood, habits, peers, family all play a part.

Anonymous said...

There are some students that graduated from overseas cannot speaks English very well. Don’t be so prejudice man. don't be so positive. with your insufficient example of some local graduates.

*Nemo judex in causa sua.

Anonymous said...

you're totally bias

Boon Chuan said...

maybe there are conspiracy not to produce many smart graduates so that not many will oppose to the current government.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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