Sunday, April 15, 2007

Isthmus @ Midvalley, Northpoint

After hearing and reading about this place, the hot reviews to say the least, i couldnt resist and decided to bait my parents to this place to try during the weekend..Arent i so evil? Originally i was still wondering if i should try the Japanese restaurant opposite because of once again the hot reviews around, but it opens only at 6.30..and we were abit early at my decision was naturally made..
Greeted by a very posh yet cool place..not your usual fine dining the front as have a lounge area..and the dining area towards the end,,

Starting off with a lentil salad, the 1st bite wasnt spicy then as i mixed it properly the chili kicks in..everything matches perfectly..the sprouts (shit i cant remember the name) with the lentils and the crunchy almonds with an asian twist to the definitely kicked my appetite up..

Simply avocado was the first item that i wanted to order because its one of the items that people been talking about. So it was a tempura batter with avocado inside..abit bland at 1st..but as you dip it in the sauce..a sourish almost kiwi like sauce..everything sorts of gel together for a surprising taste..shit i m in heaven..

Din Kim Duck..I think..had a weird name that i could barely pronounce..but who cares..the duck was top notch..although my father mentioned he prefered the one in Max Kitchen..served under is green soba and a slice of porcini mushroom which to be honest seemed out of place..the red sauce had a fruity flavour that tied everything together. The bed of thai inspired salad was a good accompanyment. (RM 39)

A close up...although not a very good one..but the duck is just so good!!

The Anchovy Olio pasta...Once you stir it well..the anchovy although salty did not overpower the whole dish..the mushrooms were great as well..solid dish that shows spaghetti can be cooked in a fusion way and doesnt always require cream or bolognaise..RM 26

As my dad and i had the duck..the other main i show case here is the spring chicken..deboned..RM 29..the chicken was very well marinated and cooked..very tender as well..the sides given i did not try..but the small piece i had was just so good..probably could eat two plates if i did not have a budget..

Feeling abit guilty, we ordered only 1 dessert..the poached nasi pear with wine reduction..although the sauce did resemble more to chocolate but not too chocolate..and a scoop of black sesame ice cream...The ice cream was seriously the best i ever had..with such a powerful aroma and the after taste lingered on so long that eventually i got abit sick and had to pop a mint..the pear was well done..

I guess its been awhile since i had something nice..but this was really well no complaints at all..having dinner early..we had more then enough attention..the dishes took no longer then it probably mom and sister adored the cute waiter...well all was good..for a total bill of RM 207...This gives me no choice but to rate this restaurant at a topping 9 out of 10...stay tune in the next few weeks as i take my gf there so i can try even more yummylicious dishes...No pork served but alcohol they does that mean its halal or non halal..because i find it very awkward to if i converted to Muslim when i order thats the best i can do for you all muslim readers..


KampungboyCitygal said...

the desserts looks good..taste something like black sesame paste in KTZ??

Precious Pea said...

Wow wow wow...still trying to convince hubby to try Isthmus but i think we really over exceeded our budget this month, as a result of Max Kitchen and the RM800 duck at Sek Yuen. Maybe next hard eat hard!!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

kbcg: errr..havent try black sesame in ktz wor..but its ice cream..just that the black sesame is very strong n yea..very tasty!!

pea: haha i would ned to eat mamak all my life if i ate like u also..

as a result of eating so heavily also..i also hav to succumb to all those bloggings ads haha..ned to earn sommore pocket pls fill up the short lil survey!

boo_licious said...

It's pork free but since they serve alcohol, not halal. I like the duck and Simply Avocado items.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

well they you go..confirmed pork free but not halal..

yeah totally agree that the duck and the avocado rocks to the max..