Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is a mass killing necessary and can it be avoided?

Just a short post after all that rendeveous i had with malay food, shangai food, fusion food and etc..A very serious topic..

As if you guys didnt all know, there was a huge massacre of not food but human beings in US of A..Every once in a while, this always happens but this somehow made the biggest news of all time..record number of killings..and i feel the second reason was because the murderer was asian..

Not that i am racist but i feel personally it shouldnt be the headlight. Cant you just identify him by name? Why the nationality and the public humuliation to the UN secretary general who is south korean btw.

The next question is do you actually have the power to take away people's lives?

I find it sickening till the verge i feel like skipping lunch, maybe its too early but how could you innocently take away so many people with you to die..if you think life is so horrible, doesnt mean other people must feel the same.

The reasons given was depression and drums and girls..which are not valid reasons at all..does it mean because the girl doesnt love me anymore, i can take away her life? Or when i am depressed i can go ahead and shoot down a few people on the streets? You think what? Trying to reduce the population ar? Which boils down to the point of how come guns are so easily available and who in the right mind instil such killing ideas to the general public? Games? Movies? Money? I am suddenly confused..too many ideas runnning around my mind..

The conclusion is..there is no reason why you can take away people's lives, and it doesnt help that despicable ideas such as murdering for love are being potrayed in our daily lives in TV, Internet, Games and etc..Despite whether you are black or white..

Maybe i will expand on this abit later..but i am again very frustrated to see such news on the newspaper and i am probably too disturbed while fingers crossed that it wont happen at all in Malaysia..not now not in the future..


zewt said...

if you hang around those gaming centre nowadays... u will realised all the computer games are related to killing... the more gory the graphics... the better... and who are the people playing these games?

children used to feel scared when they see blood.... how they have changed.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

i guess no one had the guts to think of the consequences..just like in all games..they think they have a reset button..

xiulongbao said...

Not all ppl are sane n sober enoh to think bout whether they r entitled to take away other ppl's lives n so on...

SuLee said...

gosh the shocking news is making me sick, i bet he is one of those really smart ones!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

true its sad and sick..and probably a waste of good human brains..but the problem is such insane people exist is because of other people's doing..the media..the entertainment available..the freedom of having dangerous weapons..and the list goes on..

SuLee said...

or probably bad childhood?

poor little guy..I watched bunch of videos about him, he has been a weirdo.

Virginia Tech could ve done more to avoid this when the first two guys were killed instead of sending out emails? they should be sued by the victims' family for their negligence act.