Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I need more moolah...

From the looks of my last two food reviews, an ordinary person would be broke right? Well the ordinary person aka me..is now broke..haha..So what can i do? I have to look for more money..i dont want any part-time jobs as a cashier or a waiter because i deem myself to be a professional..i dont want to rob or steal...i of course dont want to show you guys any flesh..well i have plenty though..So the answer is...Nuffnang and Advertlets!

Nuffnang has promised all the Malaysian Bloggers that there will be ads..but i am still waiting..very patiently..Maybe you can click on the header..it might help..help me that is..

Now the focus is on the backup..Advertlets..but that requires you to fill up a short 4 question survey which would took approximately another 10 seconds..which has probably pass by the time you are reading this exact sentence..So answer the survey please ok?

So please do me a favour..i want to eat nice food and i am sure you guys out there want to drool over the pictures of my food..so do me a favour and give me a chance to earn some moolah..remember the survey ya..

Ok..i am officially bored..i think i should study during work..because i fall asleep instantly at home..


goodshithappens said...

alamak. as much as i wanna read ur blog, it always makes me hungry..!!! haha

Boss Stewie said...

Hi Dude,

We're terribly sorry you haven't been able to receive our paid Nuffnang ads yet. Do you receive at least 20 unique visitors each day?

As long as you do, we will do our best to serve you paid ads.

In the mean time, do feel free to take advantage of the Nuffnang events we're organizing, like the first day screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Cineleisure. We have booked the entire cinema of about 250 seats so I really hope we'll be able to allocate you a seat if you're interested to come.

Thank you very much for your support of Nuffnang. You have no idea what it means to us.

-Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang

Someone who is constantly craving said...

sorry my blog seems so yummy to u haha!!

ouch..such a pleasure for mr tim himself to giv me a visit..yes i do..i get more then 20 unique visitors a day..dun worry i support u guys all the way..sorry i cant make it for the pirates of the caribbean..but definitely will make it for the next upcoming 1..

T.c said...

Alright done with the survey! Yes I agree your blog always make me hungry too. Food blog is seriously EVIL :P