Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bongsen @ KLCC

Now the idea of going to Bonsen was actually aroused by Mei Yen entry on this place..the pictures that she took just looked too good to forgo, eventhough i have complaints from everyone that i might have put on a couple of pounds..oh well..nvrmind..lets explore this place..i stepped in at around 6 plus on a friday when everyone probably leaving work or stuck in a working nearby the area does have benefits after all..So short and sweet..this is what i saw when i opened the menu..

As pointed out, the menu is only two sides, the left and the appetizer section, a favourites (well more like the common viet staple food one would find), a chargrilled section..all those lemongrass..and a local who eat curry laksa in a french vietnamese place..unless its their style

I love rice too..i think this paper is meant to tell you how much vietnamese love their rice..hehe

My shaved ice in three colours..I think its sweet potato, cendol and red beans..and of course coconut milk..i think..but abit steep at RM 12!

The red bean only ice..came with ice cream also at RM 12!

The appetizers, 6 different kinds in total for 24rm (12rm per pax)..was served in a long dish..too long for my split into half..i reckon its quite easy to tell what is what..loved the paper rolls and i almost attempted to swallow the sugar cane hehe..

This half was abit more interesting and i loved the stuffed fish crackers..i think..which is the middle one..and the sauce that came with the meat ball was quite good..

Now..before i managed to take the pictures and put food in my mouth..the mains came! that sort of spoil everything..because i knew most of them had to be not fresh!..infact the appetizers and main course came out before the it shows how fast the food came..almost fast food style!

The beef stew that also came with white rice..(RM19?) The beef meat was so tender and melt in your mouth!..And the tendons were slightly chewy..the way its meant to be..i loved this dish..although the texture was abit too thin..akin a soup rather then a stew..and if you see properly..the oil surfaced the soup..

Chargrilled beef lemongrass style..RM19..
This beef was marinated very well..although i didnt get much of a taste..but i can dare say its very well cooked..although i still half suspect its been pre-grilled..although the beef was quite thinly cut so please proof me wrong with your super bloody big ass grill!..haha haha..

All in all, pretty expensive..RM103 for 2 persons..and it was really out of the moon cuisine you looking at..its more staple food in Vietnam..but well KLCC being an expensive place to rent for your pay for the atmosphere and do give it a try..halal by the way..for my first faithful Muslim a decent 7.6 out of 10 and time to diet! as if?


wmw said...

Hopped over from one of your comments left in my regular foodie blogs that I's almost 3 am, I have jet lag and reading your blog and the others isn't helping me much! Help!!!! Ha ha ha...

boo_licious said...

Yeah, the food here is pricy but then I noticed most viet places are. I like that platter they do - very delicious and the vermicelli bowl.

lilia edlina said...

i 'hate' reading your blog first thing in the morning.. makes me hungry for nothing. heh.

both of the drinks look delicious man. and the appertizers too.

RM103 for 2... hmmm... its like this place is not one of those where you can say "eh come lets go Bongsen for dinner".. its more towards, "hey, why dont we go celebrate [an event] at Bongsen?".

nice review, as always.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

wmw..did you end up goin for supper then? haha i would if i had to read food blogs at 3am..

boo..hmm nxt time i should take ur recommendation n go for the vermicelli bowl..

lilia..yeah..i know..i have this problem when i read back my own blog at nite.i feel hunger pangs haha..

zewt said...

been there... doesnt really like the place.