Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are children "controlled" or are they the one in "control"

The contraversial matter has surfaced in the newspaper today and i thought i might add my two cents since its been awhile i have touched upon the recent issues in Malaysia. Being next to Singapore, where the original bred of "Kiasus" came from, we (as in Malaysians) have somehow gone on to prove that we should be the next generation of Kiasus. Why do i say that? Just look at our KL Towers, Twin Towers and every other effort from the government or the people to make themselves the best among the best..So the issue arises, how do parents nowadays prepare their kids for the future?

I was in total shock that they currently offer engineering classes for 3 year old! On top of that, yoga classes and scuba diving for the young seem to be the norm! Am i that so out of fashion?? I was probably still sucking on my milk bottle, watching tv when i was three..

Claims from parents say that they do not in anyway control what their children's activities after school and claim that they are the one in control. But the question i pose is, arent you the ones to influence them to do what they do? And indirectly controlling them?? It is ridiculous to claim that the young know how to think for themselves, let alone we still have grown up adults wondering what to do with life and wasting their lives in drugs and alcohol. It is infact absurd to claim that kids love the sport "golf". Where does the love come from? Probably no one has mentioned he had to seat in the driving range watching his father swing his club day in and dayout? Because kids just love to emulate what their parents do, thats how they learn but that again does not mean you should purposely do things beyond what you should do just to attract interest of the kid.. My, i seem to be very angry now..

On the issue of sports, i feel that parents are so "kiasu" and always competing with other parents. If my kid score 5As, i must make my kid score 6As or if you boy plays futsal, my boy can also play tennis..Not only that with the big hype on how sports have created so many multimillionaires, kids as young as 5 are going for golf classes..why? Because parents hope to unearth the next Tiger Woods and retire in luxury..This is seriously disgusting..

The next issue is tuition..It seems ridiculous that the kid has to be fully occupied from 7am to 8pm which is technically worse then a working person..by the time they get back from several rounds of tuition and homework, all they can do is sleep or complete their homework. They are not exposed to what children are meant to do..My ideal life as a child is to receive some tender loving care from my parents, learning how to walk and interact with my parents..learning what are the things that surrounds me and not learn how to kick the ball in some net..

I reckon i can ramble on and on..and i will just close this topic off by saying..yes children are always taught that the parents always do whats best for the child, but that doesnt mean you can go overboard..give your child abit of space..learn that the course of life has to take its nature and you are no superhuman to recreate a different path for your kid. Kids will always be kids, let them roam free and do what they want..not switch on ESPN and let them watch golf and the next thing is to say..you want to play?? Very fun one..and bring him to an instructor in a driving range..Enough said..

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lilia edlina said...

somebody's craving for attention. kekeke :D

i guess when we love someone, we tend to posses that certain someone and in turn, slowly out of our concious mind trying 'change' them into someone we want them to be. it happens in almost relationship. parents-children. bf-gf. friends-friends. husband-wife. and the list goes on.

enough said.