Monday, April 30, 2007

Appealing to all of you...

As of my humble blog received well over a 100 unique that may sounds like small fry for some..but for me its a huge achievement..ok..i m not trying to be soapy here.. i registered with some big ad being nuffnang and another one being advertlets..

You see that poll on your left <------------

Please..i appeal to all of you..i just need another 21 submissions..its just 4 short questions..doesnt take much of your time..barely 10 seconds i would i can kick off fingers crossed another ad wallet is really feeling the pain from all the eating hahaa...

To nuffnang..although the amount i earned was bearly enough to order a plate of noodle..infact cant even buy a bowl at Kin Kin..i applaud the effort you guys are going through to make things work especially for small fries like me..

Thank You...

Restarurant Kin Kin @ Chow Kit Area

As quoted from WMW "Situated in 40 Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman - at the back of the Honda showroom at the Chow Kit area"..this place promises you that it will at least numb your mouth with their ridiculously hot dried chillies..other area of your body may burn..and infact some say that this sport of eating chili pan mee actually burn more calories than you consume by seating in an extemely hot place eating a very hot plate of mee..the sweat is the proof..

I have not thought i would ever do a review on this..firstly its just a 3 minute walk from my office..we used to go there all the time..until we realise we just didnt want to go back all numb..and spicy in my stomach..and sweat all over my shirt and tie..infact i never thought it was so great until it warrant a review..until i heard all the floggers out there crave and rave about this after that flogggers gathering that nite..the next day coicidentally my gf craved for it..and off we went and two in the afternoon..thinking that it "might" be empty..little did i many people share the same cravings and at the weirdest time!..
Priced at RM is easily the most expensive plate of carbs you get in terms of get a poached egg, minced pork..and pan mee..and of course unlimited of dried chillies..some say 1 spoon is enough for an amateur..i have seen people put up to 4 spoons and survived...take at your own risk i tell you..

A very blur picture before i digged in..this is of course how it looks like..i normally cant take that much heat..but for the sake of the colour..for my review..i once again sacrificed to the community by burning my internal give you what this place truly offers..

Clear soup with Potato Leaves..So clear you can see the reflection of my cup..truly watered down man!..Normally at this stage my tongue is so burnt..that i can bearly drink this down due to the temperature..this time around..i dropped two ice cubes inside before i managed to gulp it down to get my RM 4.60 worth..

Usually this place at least earns RM 11-12 off me..two bowls and sometimes two drinks..its crazyily expensive i would say..but looking at the crowd..i am not surprised if RM 5 would even reduce the crowd at all..So looking for a 7.5 out of 10 Pan Mee that would burnt your tongue and make your lips look like Angelina Jolie?..Heres the place to go..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Food Bloggers Gathering @ Sandias, Plaza Damansara a.k.a Martell Klue RSVP

To be honest, i was actually quite intidimated by the fact that i was going to meet 30-40 odd people that i have not met before in my life, maybe a portion of them, i had some sort of conversation via the comments box..none i knew how they look like in real life unless they posted pictures of themselves on their blogs..well i knew old friend back in Adelaide..but that was it..not to be helped i was damn freaking early..quite on the spot 7.30..

First two persons i met was pioneer food review bloggers..Fried Chillies and Wai Sik Kai..basically the first two websites that talked about Malaysian food that i first visited..although its been quite a while since i dropped back caught up with the "blogs"..and of course the third humble one was or still is a guest featured in Tummy Thoughts..

Things picked up when i met a whole lot of people..well i was still abit slow..being the shy person that i am..infact i publicly announced so in the previous post..that nite was really dependent whether you would go up and say hi first..and being a relatively new blogger..i was sort of "unidentified"..until i met the people on my table..before i ramble on..Thanks to Tummy Thoughts..she was the only attentive reader of them all to tap me on my shoulder and say hi..

I also liked particularly the unofficial rule of saying hi..firstly the norm is to say your name..then there will be a pause..simply because no one knows your name..then you say..yeah i am from XXX.blogspot/ there will be a pause..two options (a) yea yea..i visit b4..nice to meet you (b)..oh shit too many blogs la..but i shall visit urs one day..

Lets see..i think i can probably go on and on..the mere fact that the secret identities behind all those wonderful blogs was was all in all a good nite of fun..So back to my roots..lets get back to food..

When you have free flow, and you need to calm your nerves to just go to a stranger and say hi..this is what you need..just a few more cups should do the trick..

Another version that failed terribly..straw seem too narrow for me to drink right through..

No its not a condom Nigel..The contents of course was chocolate..non alcohol i think..

Starting of with the was reasonable i guess..the veges seemed out of you couldnt sort of eat it together with your spring rolls aka taquitos...the sauces were good..but i preferred my sour cream..
Just another view..whichever tickles your fancy..

Main meals include either above..or fish as below..didnt try the chicken..portions were very minimal compares to huge plate they served it in..rice was heavily salted..veges seem err dunno..out of place i guess..

Substitute the chicken and you will get the fish..wrapped in foil..the fish was firm..but not firm enough..its like..the only analogy i got is breasts..but lets not go there..there maybe little kids around..

Finishing off with a dessert that had strawberry jam/sauce that was way too sweet that overkilled everything..

Luckily for the freeflow of alcohol..eventhough i had like 4-5 glasses..the value for money was there i guess..not to mention the chance to meet everyone of course..that was priceless..Ratings wise at the moment is still a poor 6.5 out of 10..may be another visit might change this abit..

Ok all those bloggers that i fail to personally talk to..or talk to..please drop me a comment..especially those that i have not actively visited..or had no clue what site you are at..looking to dramatically increase the links i have on my blog so i can keep track of this expanding blog circle..abit like my was definitely great many things i want to talk about la that nite..but cant remember i shall leave it for now...Adios..

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Obsession turn nuts!

Ever since i started blogging off with the actual intention to just rumble on and on to the four walls of the internet, things have changed quite abit..Whenever i read famous blogs and i see tons of comments on some mediocre topic or on a lame joke, i wonder to myself if everyone knew about my blog, i probably be damn famous too?..The question was how am i going to drag people to type out Where would i find such people to do so? The mere fact that i googled "lots of cravings" and i couldnt even see my blog was quite a let down..

Things turned for the better when i told some of my colleagues, i started up a blog..There was a few visits here and there..then i advertised my blog on my msn nick..yes it was starting to become lame..and finally in my toastmasters speech, i advertised to even more company staff..

Being the "kiasu" i am, as well as the attention well as obnoxious..i just couldnt think how could i get people to come to my blog just like a magnet to a needle..Then i used "statcounter" to keep track of the unique visitors i grew steadily..and it peaked..just look below...
My record was on that Monday when my blog received 103 unique visitors..then it tumbled down..

Now my obsession is growing like Venom over Spiderman..cant take this anymore..studying with my laptop switched on because i need to look ever so often in my online forum to further understanding the crap that i am studying is taking its toll..every 5 mins my hands reaches for the keyboard and updates the number of people that visits my blog..every 10 mins..i visit my own blog to look out for comments so i can reply.. then every 20 mins i am blog hopping leaving comments here and there hoping to attract more people...ARGH!!!..

This has to stop...infact i think i feel much better rambling it all out..just like those days when i ramble to the four walls of the internet..

Ok la..enough of talking cock already...just once again i think i am being too soapy..but thank you to all my readers la..i know its tough just drooling over my blog..then having to suffer from hunger for the rest of the day till meal time..btw..those food blogs that i visit very comments are sincere ok? haha..for those errr other blogs..up to you to decide you want to black list me or not least i am being honest...

Countdown..1 more day before i actually get to meet all these bloggers in real life!! know who you guys are as well...Reaching towards the end of the entry..i think i require abit more attention...below..warning is a picture of me..i am extremely shy in tap me on my shoulders tommorow in Sandias and say hi ok? This is how i look like...

Ok la..i am the left hand side..not the right hand side ar..dont expect a year and the half to start blogging you know..ok ok serious..its very hard trying to find a photo of yourself thats not too handsome nor too ugly..not too fat nor too skinny (because i am not that skinny)..wait wait..ok ok i think i found one... remember me ya? ok la..i think the studying has got the better of me..lets go back and study sommore..

Restaurant Kow Siew @ Pandan Indah

I remember once i mentioned that i preferred eating sang har mien which is the big prawns mee in a more deserted place rather then in fancy restaurants where the price can be abit on the high i often well not anymore come over to here..situated in Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6A or B..cant remember eventhough its bearly 2 hours since i ate only..this is a no frill place with their specialities..sang har mee, canto chow..ying yeong..and the beef kuey teow..

Find this signboard and win! Win what? Win the chance to eat here dungu..

Yau Mak with Fu Yu..With chili padis..abit too much juice..aka sauce..too watery..but the taste was definitely not watered down..

I just couldnt decide which angle was the better me decide..this one or the one below..this was of course today's cravings..the beef is damn succulent..the hor fun well its one of my favourite noodles..well actually my only favourite noodle..the egg sauce and the spring onions all play vital roles in this dish..

Clearer? More saliva coming out yet?

Well after the craving dish, here comes the main actor of the lunch..sang har mee..see the big juicy prawns?? there are bloody good and fresh too..the meat is full of bite..and "bouncy"..shit my vocabulary is out of the drains at the moment..the mee and the sauce..voila..abit salty actually..maybe previously i been eating too healthy..

Another ur keyboard all wet yet?? I am starting to explore with the angles i take of my food..but 1 thing is for sure..i love close ups..they seem more delicious this way..

RM 88 for all the above..there was 3 big prawns split into half..mind you..non halal obviously as with all classic tai chows..and definitely an awe staggering 8.2 out of10..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Topaz Cake House @ Bukit Tunku

After the visit to Pinang Masak due to my boolicious infection seems it is a deadly virus..whenever you visit her got to try the food she tried..ok..back to topic..on the same row as Pinang refer to that entry for the address and directions..btw there is also a CIMB bank i am sure the bank website would have the address..okok..back to the food..Topaz has always been well known for their when the rain poured one day..instead of heading to Hartamas, we detoured here instead..

I even got the phone number for you nice..

A drink of the day..watermelon mixed with strawberries..a tangy kick to a sweet watermelon..nice touch..

The following pictures are actually part of one plate..but the plate was humongous..thus the separate pictures..roast potatoes..abit dry..although it looks more was abit bland as well..

What seems to me as acar acar..was i guess acar comment also really..

The main part of the meal..a mixed grill consisting of lamb and we are talking..the black pepper sauce was drenched all over..really good..the fish was well fishy fishy smell..the lamb was tender and well we are talking..

Since its famous for their scones, it is abit stupid to skip dessert right?? For RM 4 this is really one of the best scones i have ever didnt taste like simple flour but had lots of what seem to me like wholemeal and it a somewhat healthy feeling eventhough i was spreading butter and jam everywhere hahaa..

Here you go...i am definitely coming back for the scone..

Since its in a somewhat high class area, the set lunch excluding the scone was RM 18.90 and the scone was RM 4..the grill fish and lamb scored back against the somewhat slacked side dishes and the scone really kicked in the winning goal for me..for the sake of the scone..this place deserves a 8 out of your lontong in Pinang Masak and jump over here for scones..!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Traffic Jams..even in Car Parks??

I have been eagerly trying to get hold of some hilarious car park pictures..but i failed to do so i guess..reason being i realised, pictures say a thousand words and make my entry look less wordy and not so boring i guess..but i guess i give up on the pictures and shall write about this topic that was in a way inspired by a new reader of mine, kenny mah..

Traffic jams are an integral part of Malaysian life. You have traffic jams when we go to work, in the afternoons because we have an equally huge part of the population bumming around as well as working and at nite when everyone is coming back from work. It is often a miracle to find no traffic jams, even at 2am we often get traffic jams, because the police are doing their roadblocks..

Recently, in view that Midvalley has just increased their parking rates and a visit to the Curve as well as the inspiration i got..i realised car parks are also subject to traffic jams!..Can you imagine one fine day, you want to do some shopping, contributing some money to the economy, and you are prevented from doing so, because the bloody car park is full!. . Shopping centres are also using that huge demand to their advantage..Mid valley has just changed their per entry rates to hourly rates..KLCC has always been cut throat with their car park rates, and we have the newcomers like the Curve stealing away the demand because its RM 1 per entry.

What proof do i have that people are actually running away from these cut throat prices? I frequent the Curve very often, and often if you noticed, there have a sign showing the amount of available parking spaces..which are often alot..500 to 800 at any time..just last Saturday..i saw 110...if that doesnt tell me something..the petrol i burnt in the car park definitely says something..

Just abit out of the topic, i often struggle to put my ideas into my blog in a structured way..but it defeats the whole purpose to babble on about something by first planning it here i am back at square one..and typing away nonsense while the idea strikes my head again..

Ok..back to business..The whole point is that car parks are often full..meaning people are going to shopping complexes spending their time All of the above involves money..but yet we always say we have no money..see the irony??

I find it ridiculous sometimes, as quoted from my girlfriend

" How come i want to spend money, also cannot ar?"

How very true..

Monday, April 23, 2007

Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel

Early reader of my blog might remember that my father is pretty loyal when it comes to when it comes to dim sum you cant imagine how much saliva i have to waste in order for us to try somewhere new..a loyal place of his, is Concorde Hotel..

They do it old school, the usual trolley and of after so long of ordering like as if it was ala carte..this trolley system tested my patience once in a while..

We had "cha wong"..the last time i had it..i remembered it came in two pots whereby once the tea was lightly infused, it would be poured over to an empty more such a treatment..hmmm

Char Xiu Bao..if i am not mistaken a blogger comes by that a short tribute to you..yum!

Har Gau "Shrimp Dumpling"..what you see is pretty typical hong kong dimsum..real old school..tastewise is pretty good although my tastebuds has been spoilt by even grander dim sum, so this place brings me back old memories..

Tai Chi Kau "Scallop Dumpling"

Shiu Mai Wong "King Shu Mai" haha..this are pretty luxurious..and the siu mai tastes so good since it has pork inside..i had enough of fish paste siu mai..those halal ones..uumph!

Pumpkin pastry..but to me it was more shrimp..i couldnt find my pun intended "Precious Pea"..

Cheong Fun..the dried belacan alike is parents used to ask them for a small plate of it and replace it with the usual sweet and chili sauce..

A speciality here..well at least to our family..the raddish cake..stir fry style..

Compared to the Marriott porridge, the porridge here is so fine you cant taste or feel any sort of grain...heard it so fine as if its blended..well it was all good to me..

Foo Chook..i was surprised to find a prawn inside..

Looks like although i didnt get a chance to try that awesome duck in Klang..i made up by ordering a portion of roasted duck..there was barely any fats..the skin was crispy without the it made it less guilty for me hehe..

What looks like a polo bun after an accident with char siu bao..a polo chan bao..

Just to show you proof that this is considerate to put it in all their cutlerys, bowls and plates..

Another hotel quality, albeit very old school Hong Kong dimsum..i think i had enough of luxurious Sunday it will be sometime before i post a dimsum entry again..unless i manage to find my "Char leong"...A decent 7.8 out of 10...worth giving it a try..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gami Korean Seafood Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas

My northern indian food cravings bought me to Pride of India, but they kindly refused me..with a very indian english " I am very sorry we have a private function"...with the heads going right and being disappointed my girlfriend suggested we try we headed for Doerae Garden, she suggested that one..up there...and since it was raining..why not?..

My first reaction was on the bad side i suppose, i didnt see any hot where was my bbq?? i opened the menu and was greeted with 2 pages of sashimi..did koreans have a different style of sashimi?? But it was past grand, they served a whole garouper raw for RM250, and the smallest serve of sashimi was RM200..then there was sushi??.. oh dear me..where was the food i used to associate with korean?? So after turning the menu upside down..we found familiar faces once again..and this is what we ordered...

Its upstairs..and this assures me i am in the right block..

The main dish served..Spicy Beef Soup..the taste was more bad then good..but being grew on me just like ajinomoto or greasy foods..haha

The ultimate..haha white rice to go with the soup of course..

It was meant to be some fish..cant remembered what or in what me it seemed to be battered lightly probably deep fried for a while..then served with a grilled hot plate.. the fish had lots of roe inside and the wasabi and soya sauce enhanced what was a very neutral seafood taste..

Hold and behold..there was heaps of appetizers that came with our meal..starting off with grilled egg?? haha wasnt very smooth unlike the jap and chinese style..

There was even a pancake that would cost me around RM 15-20 if i had to order it..there was spinach and some mushrooms..

More pickled stuff!!

This is the unmistaken symbol of Korean Cuisine..Kimchi...wah..

This was definitely a korean place with a decent quality in food but shows i guess how seafood is prepared ala the korean style e.g. the fish i ordered.. So if you want to try how koreans prepare their sashimi..and sushi..head on down to this place that deserves at least a 7 out of 10 rating..btw.. the whole meal was only RM 50! also..this place is opposite Edo Jo..the address is in that review..

Look up..

Guess what..bearly days after i made an unofficial complaint about not receiving an ad..i got this..look happy!! i m just happily waiting till the end of the week and see how much moolah i can get..thanks nuffnang!!..

albeit abit of a turn off when i first saw the word 'mati'..especially if one was to visit to find food then you see such an unlucky word..i actually clicked on it just to see who was so generous to put an add on my spot..turns out for all you naughty people out there who loves to speed to get some attention and in return you get get to pay them off online..renewal of licenses and etc..its too early in the morning and you cant expect me to write everything there is..especially this is not a sponsored post..

reviews coming soon..err at the moment it is 'a' review..from monday onwards i will be embarking on a journey to understand my stupid accounting what else..

oh yeah just received a sms..ruben i dun know how you are doing at the moment, i am sure you be fine enough to visit my to you before i meet you this evening.."Take good care my friend..and how in the world did you get yourself in an accident"..shit happens, i know..

Thats all i guess..abit bored..too early on a sunday morning i suppose

Friday, April 20, 2007

We urge you to look beyond 2020...

We are now in the year 2007, 13 years left to our vision 2020. What was vision 2020 all about? I remembered the big hype that our previous PM made about bringing Malaysia up to a premium status over our neighbouring countries and talking about the status of "developed"..Then all of a sudden as if it never came, it disappeared..

Recently, our new PM mentioned that we have to look beyond 2020..i stopped and stared at the paper at awe..i was thinking to myself..being the Malaysians we are..happy go lucky..looking beyond 5 years is probably an enormous for one..would be speechless if you ask me where i want to be in 5 years..because i havent got a clue..and to tell you the truth we are far away from being a developed country..look at our gomen..haha..the amount of critisicm can fill up mount kinabalu..our roads and our drivers are of no comment..the amount of poverty is to be seen...i can go on and on and how can we look further if 2020 seems so far out of reach?? And to ask us to look beyond further..dont kid us..i feel that beyond 2020, the whole gomen probably wouldnt be dont kid me and get on with your work..dont distract our attention..

In the words of Sammi.. "Shut up and do your work!"
So i guess this might be the end of my ranting at our gomen..because sooner or later it will just be lots of barking..and i want to blog..not bark..

[EDITED: Just realised this is my 100th post, the turn of the century...lets hope for more hundreds of entries to go..thanks alot guys haha..i actually didnt believe i already churned out a 100 posts..]

Have a good weekend guys..