Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wong Mei Kei @ Jalan Pudu

Those who knows how to read the chinese words on the sign board please correct me..i think what it is.. Well this is again a very outdated post..if the food was an indication on how long this was either be rotten or processed and exrected out of my body into the sewers and probably travelled down south to Australia by now..shows how lazy i am or if you want to look it from a different angle, yes i eat alot. Warning, what we have here is a delicious mouth watering picture of roast for all my muslim readers..just avoid the picture if you find it offensive..

There are meant to be fair to you thus the prices are displayed..Dont bother tryint to squint because i certainly didnt..

That day we had roast chicken and duck..unfortuntately the duck was swimming within my stomach walls before i realise my camera was still in my pockets..

The signature dish that costs me a bloody bomb @ RM 45!!! This is ridiculous!!! What kind of pig did they use man? Anyways it was good for the first few pieces then it just got honestly abit disgusting with all the fats oozing in your mouth from all angles..Wah i cannot take it anymore..I guess i will stay away from roast pork forawhile...a decent 6 out of 10 eventhough this shop is famed for their roast pork..scared me away with their outrageous pricing though..


Lilia Edlina said...

heh appreciate the disclaimer put earlier.. :) managed to make a skip on this one this time. (definitely not because offended whatnot okey. dont get me wrong. its more like, u know, its religious wise).

zewt said...

hahahaha... to me, the best siew yok place is very near my office. it's inside a residential area... at the corner. not much fats... definitely cheaper than 45.