Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What can 19A1s do for you?

Kudos to the kids out there with double figure A1s and of course to those so unlucky to get 9As..better luck next time..dun mean to be "mean" but when did Malaysia get so kiasu to cry over 9As??? Or has A1s become the norm score to get for kids who open their textbooks to study for their exams? I honestly think that this kinda double figures A1s are getting out of hand..i mean yes i know you want freedom for kids to pile on the subjects but have you guys forget the saying "short and sweet?"

Cant the level of difficulty get any harder perhaps? or is the scoring system abit short fused? Is there a need for kids to ask each other..hey come you only got 5As? i manage to score 10As you know?

I cant help having that feeling and by no means am i jealous of the kids who have achieved such tremendous results..the feeling that they probably will fail in their next hurdle in education especially if they heading for overseas..simply because i think they will never adapt to any other system other then Malaysia. Look at one of the top scorers..the lowest score was for English..makes you wonder eh? And dont forget most of the subjects are either taught in Malay or exams were in Malay..how compatible is it in Australia or UK? I dont mean to look down on those educated locally but there seem to be something missing when i look at these people compared to those who were lucky enough to be educated in an international school. So make things more simpler..lets put it this way..

There is a need to be a balance between achievement in education and extra curricular activities. I dont see any of the top students that were published on the front page of the newspaper being mentioned for their achievement in sports or active in school activities.. I think there is a need to revamp the whole syllabus..make assignments a part of the final mark..make it a neccessity to pass a bloody fitness test to get through the education year..Make sure students are actually living a healthy lifestyle and not pouring over the books 24/7 with a cane behind their backs if they fall asleep..

Secondly ensure that these students stand a chance overseas..prepare them not to memorize books but make sure they know how to think on their feet..too often i find kids just memorize without knowing what is going on..and the truth is university studies is all about analyzing and giving your opinions and there is not a single correct answer..

So there you go..i am a perfect example of a low scoring student in high school and managed to go to university..survived and found a job..yes i am fat..but i exercised and attempted to participate in school activities..yes i only scored 4As out of 7 subjects but hey..i made it to college and saw how the local students suffered like hell because they couldnt even communicate in English and it was a breeze through for me..next up to university..i found local students again suffering from the memorizing syndrome instead of understanding the concepts..so just a word to all those people who completed you SPMs..dont stop where you are..u got to work much harder and smarter to get to the top of the ladder..

Enough of babbling..i have to go back and study myself..


zewt said...

one of those fella did say he is a school runner.

got a prophecy to tell... soon, it will be the STPM results... then, it will be annual how-come-i-straight-As-cant-get-into-uni-but-that-fella-with-no-As-can-get-into-uni argument will commence.

JustAnotherTragedy said...

SPM is cheap. I got 9A1s/11 subjects for it last yr. I dont feel like its that great at all. Some of the papers werent that easy. If I was marked properly, Id prolly score only around 60-75 but I still got an A1 for it. This guy in my class who never scored a double digit for add maths in school managed to get a C. Thats just how bad it is.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

plus many of the subjects these super scorers take are dubious, like english for science n technology, islamic studies in various courses...

aya said...

You do have your point here. A strong one even. If only the government and my ex-class mates understand this... They wont be wasting both their time and money to get two extra years unprepared.