Monday, March 19, 2007

Unique Fisherman @ Jalan Cheras

Been real busy here are the pictures..thought i will do this review another enjoy..Fair enough..i guess i can spare 5 mins to at least tell you where it is and how the food tastes.. Its another branch out from the Unique Seafood restaurants..dis 1 apparently is the fisherman..dun know the link between the names..with every seafood can choose ur live seafood from the massive amount of name it you have it..Situated before Leisure Mall, if you are heading from the City..on the opposite side..its huge and you shouldnt miss it..
A simple logo..for a hopefully simple meal

The Kai Lan Combo..Deep fried leaves with normal stir fry roots..Very tasty actually..the deep fried parts tasted more like dry seaweed..sort of..but good..

Scottish bamboo clams i think..these are at least 5 times the size of normal ones we eat..called chuk tang in Cantonese..the meat tastes different too..the normal ones taste like LaLa..while this tastes abit "sotongish"..or "squidish"..Tasted good with the si chiu steam..although came out not hot enough..must be seating somewhere else too long.. =(

Supposedly the main dish of the nite..Soon Hock..At almost 100pls rm..we were disappointed at the was not bouncy as i like to describe it..infact the fish tasted flat..and the meat was reckons its a different species..and i definitely saw it swimming even when it got caught in the net..but like my friend say..alive doesnt mean fresh..well thats a HKie for you..they are the experts..maybe next time i will get an opinion from him..

To round it off steam chicken in a bamboo basket..the name sounded damn exotic..but came out to be salted steam chicken which i didnt mind but felt cheated..

The pork knuckles are supposedly another speciality..meaning NON HALAL..sorry la to my muslim reader(s)...i reckon theys only one...haha...well likewise because its a new restaurant..service was abit seedy...but taste wise not bad..and being 5 mins away from my house is a huge + mark for me..So its a 7.6 out of 10 for this decent branch of Unique Seafood


boo_licious said...

My friend has been raving abt their food for a long time. Yet to make a trip there but I guess my expectations are now lower with yr review.

gil_girl said...

Hi.....i'm girl_gilr.. the fish 'soon hock' meat is not tat bouncy mayb the fish is not from the river (wild), raise in the pond so the texture is different. :)