Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nobu London @ Mayfair, London

This has got to be my proudest moment in life, stepping into a 1 michelin star restaurant despite it being a japanese restaurant. If you guys havent heard michelin stars are awarded by the frenchies to restaurants based on the food, decor and ambience and etc..In London, as far as i know there is one 3 michelin star restaurant which is Gordon Ramsays the foul mouthed chef thats always popping up on TV maybe not local TV..and all in all probably safe to say less then 30 restaurants to receive such a rating..So can you imagine how happy i was to get a chance to eat here despite the reputation that this place requires a month in advance booking to eat?? Well the photos werent great, being in a posh restaurant i wasnt going to be foolish enough to have everyone in dresses and coats staring at me taking pictures with a i got my phone out..

Starting off with a rock shrimp tempura..being slightly fusion the batter is as original as Japanese can get so they tasted authentic until the minute you either dip it into the spicy jalapeno green sauce, or the salad orange sauce and even the ponzu vinegar tasted different..a whole new experience..

Looks familar with the handrolls? Well sort of..the only distinguished feature is the seethrough layer over the seaweed which tasted abit like your vietnamese spring rolls sheet, dried and before soaked in water..Quality was awesome..they stuffed 5 different fish into the roll and the soft shell crab was not in the slightest oily..all for only around 18 pounds..aiks..

Vege Tempura..I know its abit measly but orders are in pairs..and we got a few going on...all in all i would prefer the prawns anyday..

First main that appeared, the cod fish in miso..rumoured to be marinated in miso for 5 days, firstly the cod fish used is fresh and unlike the ones you can get gives a whole new texture and the slight saltyness in the fish..omg i can eat this all day long..until my wallet burns at 24 pounds a plate..

This was recommended by my friend..another fish that i have ever heard or seen in black bean sauce...Sorry this probably wouldnt have made it other then the freshness of the fish and thoughtfulness of frying the bones as decor to the plate...the swimming oil probably from the black beans made it look abit disgusting and the dish was probably abit too subtle for my liking..but oh well its only 27 pounds..though this dover sole or sole dover or dole sover me the thumbs up as the meat texture is so unique..bouncy like a ball..

Wasabi peppered chicken..another overrated dish i guess, wasabi taste was nowhere near my buds..though i was coming down with a flu, cough and sore throat by the time dinner was served..but the chicken was cooked to perfection and like i said the taste was they say just like Japanese complaints..this was around 18 pounds..

The highlight of the evening that got my hands all shaken up so i couldnt take a perfect photo despite 3 tries...the foie gras gyoza..5 pieces for 37 first time tasting foie gras...there was a slight minced meat feeling but otherwise it was full of the tasty creamy liver that ooze and linger in my experience that would last me for sometime..because that was just RM50 a pop mate...

Lastly, i leave the best for the last..the tendorloin beef in teriyaki sauce..again the sauce was very subtle leaving the freshness of the beef to give us the highlight of this dish..served medium raw..the beef was melting enough for a few bites before it slithers down your 24 pounds i reckon that was probably one of the most worth it dish after the black cod..

The dinner was also served with a white wine that my friend choose...which was seriously too sweet till the verge of regrading it as ice wine..dessert was a special bento box containing a cake that looks way too familiar to Beard Papa chocolate cake..but with double and triple the amount of melting chocolate inside served with a scoop of green tea icecream which honestly i think my dead taste buds couldnt really pick up...All in all an excellent experience..fine dining Japanese food served without green thats unique eh? The price? 55 pounds a person, so you are looking at around 400 odd RM per person..not to mention your flight ticket there is around 3k plus..the tube there would cost you around 30rm one way there..

Phew..i think i feel less stressed and looking at the time..i think i be better off going to sleep rather then hitting the books once again..or maybe not..oh yeah..the restaurant scores a commendable 8.5 out of 10..considering my taste buds werent working properly and the oily fish with the subtle tastes..arent i such a lenient marker??


Honey Star said...

OMG you went to the superstar restaurant!! RM400 bucks for a meal :O As I know this nobu is always packed with spotted anyone there? Madonna? Elton John? Prince William?? :)

Anonymous said...

get a better camera for haven sakes