Friday, March 30, 2007

My Weekly Thoughts in Life Part 1

I am too lazy to think of a creative title thus the boring old rubbish that one would put if they are brain dead. So what has happened around me or about me thats worth an entry i suppose?

Firstly, i was shocked with the newspaper article regarding how despite living in a mixed community, we have kids who doesnt have a single friend that are in a different race or skin colour. To go on, the fact is they didnt seem to care? Now this is a real problem, as you all know as long as its food i will eat, despite it being cooked by another race, so chinese,indian,malay,japanese,korean i will eat as long you dont give me their shit to eat la. So it strikes upon me, will the next generation because they dont mix around, will get some rubbish rules like malay restaurant serves malays only? I dread to think that will happen, because i probably go find another country to stay. For you information, i have friends of all races, although the only indian at the moment is a chindian..but that counts right?

Secondly, i m so happy that my blog has suddenly been visited with alot of new people..maybe its because i put comments on their blog haha..maybe thats my evil idea to attract people to come welcome people..i just want to do my bit to the community to where to eat and where not to eat.. =)

Hmm, i am meant to comment on more stuff, suddenly got blockage..argh...yes..i am suppose to sound out a warning that somehow my boss managed to know that i own a small little space on the internet..hmm should i start to becareful with my words? Haha..thank god he hasnt asked me for my address..

I think its blocked..i thought there were more social issues to cover but it doesnt seem to be for my brain. Now i am just thinking of what to eat in KLCC for dinner..i saw from one of the blogs about Bongsen..sounds so good..cant wait..maybe you might have a review by the weekend..

Thats all for now folks!


boo_licious said...

How was Bongsen? Good?

Someone who is constantly craving said...

it was pretty decent..trying to upload some pics..but the food came in way too fast..suspect review shud b done anytime soon

lilia said...

hey i am back to the net space !! :) been too busy to update at the mo. will do that soon.

hey a lot of updates i can see, but have no time to read them yet. will do that soon too.