Thursday, March 15, 2007

My most crazy about cousin at the moment..Ellen..

Just when you are exhausted mentally and physically from reading your notes and frustrated at the amount you need to understand and learn, you give up and face reality..i did the test and i scored a miserable 4 out of 7..still a pass i suppose..the questions seemed straight forward and i thought i walked away with a better mark..but oh well..ok back to the beginning before the when you are all divert your something cute and peaceful like an dear Ellen..shes a brat i tell a tender age she already knows how to pose for the camera..oh dear.. Well i guess sometimes kids teach us a lesson..learn to chill out for a moment and be like them..stress free..thought and sleep...

Time to hop to bed i suppose..

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MrDurian said...

Hey man. Don't stress so much over grades. As long as you made it is what counts. Have a great day!