Friday, March 23, 2007

Monty Python @ London

I saw this picture when i was surfing the net a couple of days..SPAM by the way is pork..and is luncheon meat..but it reminded me of my trip to London when i caught the musical cum theatre of Monty Python and their quest to the Holy Grail..Hailing from the Spamalot (aka Camelot)..I found it funny because theres not exactly any relationship between the 2..what do you guys think? by the way i think SPAM is way better then the china luncheon meat that we get here but that being said its almost 15rm a can (saw in Isetan)..

Abit more about the was an awesome experience worth my 40 pounds..lots of funny singing..after all London is famous for all these theatres..its a journey to find the holy grail..its really funny and my friend said do catch the original tv show if you cant get hold of the live show..its all about King Arthur singing his way to find his knights..lancelot is gay in this play..his queen sings about Britney..theres lots of damn funny songs and i must say its real good as they dont use any form of microphones..

I promise i shall continue with my food escapades soon..blogging in Starbucks now..still stressed with my assignment and i just finished my first focus session..for CA...till then i will be updating abit less..well at least will continue only mid week..By the way i am glad that my visitor counts has been increasing steadily by the happy!..i mean i know at the start i wanted to do this for fun..but its gives great pleasure that with each post, theres actually someone reading it and saying this is worth reading and not just clicking on the X button..thanks alot guys..and i promise i shall explore all the restaurants i can get hold off...

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