Sunday, March 18, 2007

Marmalade @ Sri Hartamas

This place needs little introduction as it has been frequently blogged about by food enthusiasts for their healthy options. Colourful salads seem to be the main attractions and it was certainly very appealing to me especially for someone who chooses their veges .. So back to main point..a review..yes..its been awhile but here you go..eaten awhile ago..

Their colourful salad (RM 19) certainly not cheap with lots of different coloured capsicums, avocados, veges i hope..and chicken cubes..a delicious main or a side to share..aids with digestion and avoiding constipations haha..

The mysterious sandwich..Any guesses? I know there was something wrong with picture..Anywayz its a smoked salmon filling..not overfilling till i cant put it in my mouth in 1 go..but could have filled it up abit more..tastewise it was good healthy bread and no complaints on the filling..RM 14-18?

Pasta cooked in some cream sauce that i forgot..Carbonara perhaps? Definitely no complaints when i stole a bite..the healthy alfafa n asparagus makes it look like a healthy option..but the cream part..i leave it for you guys to decide...its again around the 15-20RM price range..

The Chicken stew...Hearty home cooked food style..something you want to eat on a bloody cold winter night..but how often is cold not created by air conditioning in Malaysia? Well the stew is basically a thickened up version of chicken soup with chicken bites..definitely comfort food..

Well this place despite its steep prices is a nice small cafe to eat in for a quick healthy bite..if you want there are desserts and Coffee Bean is just around the corner as well for a ice blended if you think this is just too healthy for me..But definitely worth a go especially after festival events when you just pig on anything that moves or dont move for that matter..Worth a decent 8 out of 10..soon when i realise all my ratings are around that mark..i am officially going to more detailed score with lots of decimals..just let me see when i feel like maths..haha..

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AnGeLiC PrInCeSs SeReNa said...

hey joe boy, I finally made a trip to Marmalade the other day for a loooong lunch (3pm to 7pm heh). I tried that salad and I loved it!! well i just decided to order it la me being a lover of avocado, then I discovered u have the picture here.

I tried another sandwich though, with mushroom fillings, it was a little too dripping wet but yumm anyways.

p.s. so when are we going on our next food hunt?
p.p.s. have I told u about Bacco's prelim verdict yet?