Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life is so "Fragile"...

Alot of times, people take many things for granted, be it food, clothing, love, care, cars, house, friends and so on..People get greedier and always ask for more and never are happy with what they have. Till suddenly, they realise that they have been shut out from all of the above and they start to regret how come no one comes in to clean my room, clothes are not ironed, food equals taking out the can opener and deciding whether its tuna or sardine tonight..its too late..

So whatever you guys own out there, be it love from your parents, care from your loved ones and the luxury of your "toys", take time and appreciate the people and things surrounding you..because one day there may not be there and even all the money in the world cant buy back the home cooked food or the nagging behind your shoulders..

One of my newer readers, zewt..his mom has passed on peacefully and it struck me that the inevitable will happen..maybe in 10,20 or 30 years..who knows? I guess i will never know how he feels to lose someone so close but i am sure your mom will be happy where she is and will not want to leave with a heavy heart...and on that note i also hope that everyone take abit of time to think about how you rebel against your mom, by threatening to leave the house or complaining her food is crap or not ironing your shirt the right way, or having that thought how come your friends have a better life then me..because one day you might regret and you shouldnt..because life is so fragile and thus you should treat it with care, just like you wouldnt throw about a glass vase because it will shatter and you will regret because you simply cant buy back the same one..


Lilia Edlina said...

i agree with u, life is so fragile.

but we tend to hurt the most, the people we love the most. how ironic.

hope we learn something from whats happening around us.

zewt said...

just want to say a word of thank you for your well wishes. truly appreciate it.

let us all learn to appreciate our mothers when they are still around.

boo_licious said...

Condolences to yr friend Zewt. Thxs for the reminder on life is fragile, we tend to forget when we go through our busy day.

Lilia Edlina said...

S.O.S !!! am stressed. going to JB next week dy. see you 'next month' ! =)