Sunday, March 18, 2007

J Sheekey @ Leicester Square, UK

Just realised i have another few random photos on another meal i had in a "so call famous restaurant that even my friend who studys in the States has heard of it"..thus i present J Sheekey..If you see all the bread crumbs..yes its our complimentary bread basket consisting of like 5 different kinds of bread with lots of yummy butter..way different from the crap ones we get here..

Starting off a smoked salmon dish..expected something just smoked..and not cooked as well..nevertheless served in a bed of veges and a piece of fried batter..guess what? its an EGG!..and the yolk spills out to blend with the dressing to make eating veges ever so exciting and interesting to eat..

The famous dish here is the fresh seafood grilled..but thats 20 pounds we are talking thus the cheapest option..the fish pie..filled with lots of yummy and fresh fish..well it certainly tasted fresh and with no "fishy" aftertaste served with creamy mash potatoes on the top..i want to find fish pie in KL!! 10.75 pounds only..

Guess what is this piece of fruit cake with a nice chunk of butter on the top, syrup poored all over served in a bed of custard? The dish is called Cock's i had trouble ordering this dish..Imagining tell that to your normal waitress in malaysia..there be like "excuse me, oh behave!".. or sorry? i where got cock eyes are just unique..or "sorry bang, i only got mata kerbau "egg bull's eye or sunny side up"..Well that was another 5 quid..

A decent lunch on a rainy Sunday afternoon..this was certainly under the category of comfort food..and the unique appetizer and dessert i had just opened my cock eyes to the culinary world..Ta Da..! 8.25 out of 10..there you go..2 decimal points..

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