Monday, March 12, 2007

I am Back! and I think i got stalked!..

Yes everyone..i am finally back safe and sound in Malaysia after an awesome 9 day trip in London, Manchester and Oxford..I am down with flu and cough but i think its pretty worth it..Just a short summary for those waiting for some reviews..i have crappy pictures of a meal in Nobu London, 1 Michelin star Japanese fusion restaurant and Harrods Fish and Chips with a reputation for the best fish and chips in the world..wait for those to come soon..really soon... I have been tagged once again..and i shall get to it real a random post...

I received 3 missed calls from a number i have not seen i messaged this person and ask who is this? This is the reply..

someone..i tnk u dont knw me but absolutely i know u..

So i replied..ok how can i help you then?

nothing..i juz want 2 make sure i knw u..

This got too freaky and i gave up trying to reply to this maniac...m i being stalked??

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Lilia Edlina said...


and yeah welcome back to Malaysia! :)