Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help..I am going nuts..

Thought before i reveal my food reviews, i give a shoutout for help..I have been trying very hard for the past 2 hours trying to understand the concept of hedge instruments and hedge items and how they form a hedge relationship..coupled with the way they are put in a journal entry..its driving me nuts and i have just reached the end of the road..i sense that my doom is coming near..a huge chunk of the assignment is based on it and its due on the 25th..oh well i guess what has to be done has to be done..i have given up for today and hopefully my brain will somehow be smarter tommorrow as i attempt to finish up the unit and complete my online quiz which is worth a measly 2.5%..

Ok there you go..after reading this you can scroll down to my review..enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hedge instruments? hedge items? hedge relationship? think sonic the HEDGEhog. muahaha =D
(yeah i'm not helping).

you know why you have such a blockage in the brain? thats because of your stupid super bitter chocs.. =D

where's the review la weyh.


zewt said...

hedging simply means protecting your position by buying into another instrument, bet, stake, etc etc.

check out you will find everything there. just do a search.