Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Harlo to all my mates from London

Hello everyone..its been quick and furious but still glad i have a couple of days left in london..really enjoyed the sight of this city..understand why my mates are willing to do any rubbish degree to extend their stay..i guess it grows on you just like how australia grew on me..infact london is starting to grow on me..infact any place with an awesome place to shop and its a big city will grow on me..i am a sucker for busy cities with lots of shopping haha..well will probably update you guys on more later..rite now i need to catch up on some sleep while my 2 friends is trying their luck in the strip club..sigh my life really feels shit now lar...seeing everyone still enjoying their study life haha...and finding awesome intern jobs..their weekly pay is roughly double what i earn in Malaysia..going to go into depression soon hahahah...well stay tune as i will be back during the weekend recovering from sleep deficit and a very bad jet lag..

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Lilia Edlina said...

Knowing for the fact you are in london already enough to warrant for depression.. =D

hey you better enjoy the every bits of your trip!