Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fish & Chips @ Harrods, London

If i asked you where you had your most expensive fish and chips ever, you probably reply me..Dome? Hooked? Some fine dining restaurant, although who in the world would order fish and chips there? .. Well i can officially say i had the most expensive fish and chips ever..well at least for me that is..presenting to half finished fish and chips @ 17.50 POUNDS...After conversion, a little over RM 120..

The lady asked me kindly if i wanted bread..oh well since i was paying an arm and a leg..i might as well pay another exhorbitant rate for bread rite? Well it was free! with the creamiest butter one can find as well..!

Before i finished the awesome battered cod fish..which came with half a lemon wrapped in a thin cloth to strain the seeds..what a thoughful idea..and the best tasting tartare sauce that does not taste like an artifical paste that comes out from the supermarket bottles..served with chips..definitely fresh..and with authentic fish and must also eat with vinegar..omg..i still cant believe i just ate such a good dish of fish and chips..btw..the cod fish that they eat in UK is absolutely fabulous..anyone got any idea where i can get some??

1 comment: said...

MFM has cod fish as a choice for fish and chips..
If ur looking for grilled/unbattered, the ones at jogoya (when i tried a couple months back) were awesome!!