Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dome cafe @ KLCC

Yes i know, i should be eating more exotic food then stepping inside a franchise cafe..but lets not debate over that matter and let me present you a nice simple place thats available in every simple shopping what makes Dome stand out as compared to the other cafes..e.g. Starbucks..Coffee Bean..and you know..Its the kitchen and the variety of food that they serve..Unlike how the other rewards scheme..i have been a faithful fan..and you actually get great benefits if you come often enough..6rm for 1 bean..and i think you can redeem a drink with 12 beans..a cake with a 100 beans..and meals from 25-45 beans..and supposedly when i first can get 5% disc on selected Melium boutiques like its too rich for my blood..yes i am getting very talkative because i got like 5 minutes more before i got to go and finish off my work for tommorrow..haha..

Starting off with a nice cup of Cappucino (Skim milk on request)..Honestly, its caffeine to me..but to my mom..she claims its one of the best..

Mushroom soup..It has to be one of the best around and i m not exaggerating..but they have an issue with the temperature they bring a boil to the soup..its just bearly "warm"..thats the only down..
Garlic Bread..a serve of 4 pieces..nice and not too overpowering till your breath stinks..

A close up of the new seafood salad which was just put on the menu..The salad of prawns, fish and mussels put on a bed of salad which was honestly too stingy..bearly any leaves..with balsamic vinegar and they also serve separately thousand island..

Thought i let you see the whole thing..

One of my favourite breakfast items..Egg hollandaise..Poached eggs with chicken ham topped with hollandaise sauce (egg yolk and mayonnaise essentially)..packed with my protein and the spinach leaves makes my vege count..and of course the turkish bread to fill me up..

Their signature dish..guess whats inside??

Creamy mushroom,chicken and corn...also served with a side of steamed veges..with lots of coated butter hehe..

So thats sums it up..its one of those cosy overpriced cafes that mainly serves coffee but offers a variety of food that you can eat along with it..the quality is always there i guess..oh yeah..DOME cardmembers actually get preferential seating thus skipping the queue during packed periods..well that was ages back..not sure though its a decent 7.5 out of 10..

PS: I have been playing around with how my pictures should be taken and would like to get some advice..close up? or the whole dish? or just the main ingredient? different angles? All comments are welcome..

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zewt said...

so tempting... but no... cant do... gotta go vege for 49 days for my mom.