Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do you read?

Time to take a break from my assignment..its taking a toll on me..never in this world have i been faced with an assignment that i can barely understand..throughout my 3 years in school...has the word "difficult" received a new meaning ie impossible? Well mission impossible it is for the next week for me.. Well back to the news..Our deputy PM has finally complained that the Malays do not read enough! So for all u mat rempits and u kids who think just because you were born a Malay and receive preferential treatment in terms of Bumiputra status and cut the queue for scholarships (oops..!) this should be a smack in the face..Well even worse still..the blame is on to the TEACHERS...well i mean kudos to those who risk getting murdered to educate the kids in school but of course they are just some who are so plain lazy...get your arse up and do your job!..By the way..just a question..if they dont read enough..what makes you think they would have picked the newspaper up and read the article of your complaint?
Well just abit more rambling before i head off for dinner.. So whats the punishment for not reading books? No more libraries and tax deductions..Now i smell something fishy..where will the funds be allocated to? Shouldnt it be the opposite? More libraries and tax deductions? You are meant to encourage and not discourage! For one i have always prefered overseas mainly because they have top of the art libraries that probably doesnt smell like a dirty old basement and gives me peace to study..but here i cant seem to find a decent library mainly because its not near anywhere i stay..and two theres no promotion!..Instead i have to lie on my bed to study and do my work..causing me to be damn bloody inefficient haha..well dont worry i am not blaming anyone but myself..So lesson learnt?

You kids out there go pick up a book and read instead of riding your bikes...and those smaller ones..stop your guli playing and pick a book to read..I mean if you dont want to read a book..then read my blog!...I promise you plenty of goody proper English articles if i see a demand for some..unlike my plenty of full stops flying across the roof..oK?


Lilia Edlina said...

there u go, another brilliant topic to talk about.. :) well i am one of those who has the interest to read, but sometimes lazy to do so.. heh, hows that?

Ruben said...

Reading is fun.. just do it!