Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Attention: Cam whoring pictures of myself..

I reckon this is it guys..the brainstorm behind this blog is about to appear on this entry with his face..No..i am not the Big Ben..Dont tell me you thought a clock could talk..?

If you havent noticed..the orange blob is me..infront of the Buckingham Palace..

The dark shadow is also me..behind the original London Eye..

London Bridge is falling down..Well this is the Tower Bridge or rather..

My dreamland in Oxford Circus..Where all the famous brands live in..

Pretending to be very Trafalgar Square after a visit to the National Gallery Musuem..

So there you go guys..couldnt resist myself..thats how i look you guys are all disappointed now right? muahahah

1 comment:

Chrystal said...

hahahaha..came whoring pictures..

Bumped into your blog randomly.. think i was looking for food pictures.. You make great pictures!!!