Friday, March 16, 2007

All the noise we make..for what??

Remember recently when we made a big fuss when the toll in LDP increased by an enormous 60cents? Well we striked, we fussed about, wrote articles to the newspapers and demanded that the agreement be made public..for what? I mean firstly, the toll payments will not go down, it is basically admitting a mistake was being the next best thing being kiasus, we ask for the agreement to be made public..basically we couldnt catch the big fish and we will be satisfied with anything even the ikan billis..

So the latest news is that the concessionaire has agreed for it to be made public..but now its back to the cabinet's decision..honest to god..whatever hanky panky that was done you reckon it would be released to you citizens? So long has passed, and whatever can be changed could have been changed..But what we have allowed is..the ministry to increase their "budget" to create a special airconditioned room for the agreement to be housed at..for the public to view..OMG!..just released the damn thing online!..And warning.."just read there in our comfy chairs and tables and no pictures" says Datuk I cant be named in case i am sued..So if there was something to be come they released it? If there was nothing to hide, how come they cant release it fully?..Am i confusing or am i the one confused..anyhow..i think i have the best solution..get a PAY RISE! and we wont be arguing for an extra 60 cents each time we pass the damn toll!

The End..


zewt said...

damn right... damn damn damn right! this is exactly why i decided against hitting the govt on their decisions... cos we all know... nothing will be done. so what if you do all the demonstration and all...nothing will work la.

you in london by the way?

Someone who is constantly craving said...

hahah..i guess some1 understood what i said..was in london is correct..was there for a holiday..but i m 100% made in KL

zewt said...

thus the siew yok... haha!